Make your invitation grand with these Evite alternatives

With the rise in social interactions, people are finding new avenues to interact with friends and loved ones to spend quality time. To cater to this requirement, people also look out for novel methods to invite guests. Gone are the dreary old days of making a plain call or sending a postcard. With the development of information technology, calling upon has become digital.

Evite is one such social-planning website for creating, sending, and managing online invitations. However, one platform may not be sufficient to serve the needs of different people, and alternatives continue to evolve. Evite too has its share of competitors that have their unique selling points. Your effort to send free online invitations has become a lot easier!


Evite – an introduction and its purpose

Evite mainly works when an event organizer creates an online invitation through the website using a simple interface. The online message is commonly referred to as ‘an Evite.’ The sender enters the email addresses of planned guests, and Evite sends emails to the guests. Post this operation; the guests are categorized into four responses.

Each guest falls into one of four categories – ‘Attending,’ ‘Not Attending,’ ‘Maybe,’ and ‘Not yet replied.’ The respondents move from the ‘Not yet replied’ category to one of the three replied types and can express their additional comments. Apart from such an everyday facility, Evite scales further to engage the customers.

Hosts can turn any invitation into a fundraiser for the charity of their choice. Furthermore, hosts can track in real-time how much money their event has raised. Hosts may also send an automatic reminder email in the days preceding the event. Hosts can find out through the web site whether a guest has viewed the invitation or not.


About the aspects of look and feel, the HTML page for the invitation may have various stylistic features chosen by the host. These include setting, color, layout, and renaming the four guest categories. Hosts may also want to send guest updates when other guests respond for the event, or further intimate if the event details have changed.

Make your invitation grand with these Evite alternatives

However, it is not all ‘peaches and cream’ for Evite since it too has had its share of adversities. Evite has been involved in a legal controversy due to alleged copyright infringement by a competitor. The invitation website has often found itself at the center of criticism with reasons like not improving for years and being choked with advertisements.

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A look on how Evite works

To summarize, the process of creating an Evite involves choosing several visually appealing choices, typing text, and adding a list of guests. The formal process of sending an invite can be roughly divided into a dozen steps, each of which would be explained at length. These steps are mostly similar to all invitation sending platforms, maybe with a small change.

To begin, register on the Evite website and then log in. You can choose to send an invitation without registering, but you will not have access to the full suite of facilities. Once you log in, you will have an Evite homepage, access to past and current invites. You can also choose to save the email addresses of guests for future events.

Make your invitation grand with these Evite alternatives

Once you have logged in, click the ‘Create an Invitation’ button on the Evite homepage. There is also an equivalent ‘Create an Invitation’ section on the toolbar. Post this, scroll through the list of events available on the left-hand side of the page. As a utility, you should see ‘Featured Designs’ on the top that show you upcoming designs. If you want to create a plan for yourself, you may be the wrong person to use Evite.

Moving on, you next have to choose an occasion, for instance, ‘Game Night.’ Generally, eight pages with eight designs would be displayed. You can scroll and select a model of your choice. You also have the option to change the design using the ‘Change Design’ option. Enter the event details after you have chosen your design. These fields are rather self-explanatory and easy to use.

You then have to either use the default RSVP format or customize the fields to create your own words to indicate if guests say ‘Yes,’ ‘No’ or ‘Maybe.’ You are also presented with options that can help you receive notifications when there is a response. You can also put restrictions on the guest list.

You are then left with a small set of tasks. Choose your invitees, and you have three options to do the same. If you had made an invitation earlier, you can scroll through the addresses and choose the relevant invitee. You can preview your message to spot any glaring mistakes before finishing and sending your project. You can log in to your account and check responses.


Five best Evite alternatives which you can use in 2019

Although Evite sounds promising, there are some loopholes like lack of social media support. There is no Evite app on Facebook and no Twitter integration. In a bid to overcome some of these problems, alternatives to Evite have evolved. We will explore five best Evite competitors by analyzing what features they provide that would make you choose them over Evite.

Punchbowl stands out as one of the best platforms like Evite, using which you can plan your event from the very start to finish. Punchbowl is made practical with a beautiful and straightforward interface. The platform has a bunch of features that make it swift to check the replies of guests. Punchbowl provides a standard screen where all the information about guests is combined.

Make your invitation grand with these Evite alternatives

Firmly in line is Pingg, another platform that provides a sizeable number of templates for every occasion and festival. You can use those templates and send them via social media, email, or direct transfer. Another point of emphasis is that Pingg has listed all their options on a single page.

Anyvite is a great platform that allows you to send personalized invitations to your friends and acquaintances. The option which shines is that you can also inform someone about an event using SMS. Anyvite also has an option that allows you to organize your event and sell tickets through invitations.

Another great platform not plagued by advertisements is Purpletrail, using which you can edit every single component of your online invitation card. Purpletrail also features a big list of themes that you can use to create invitation cards for every unique occasion. Last but not least is Paperless Post, which apart from default features, provides a way to reschedule.

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Your search for the ideal invitation relaying service does not stop with Evite. While Evite once ruled the arena, there are now many other players that provide a cut-throat competition to Evite. The smart advice is to choose wisely, if you are on the lookout for a relatively simple service, minimize your expenses.

Some premium services allow a bulk of invitees using which you can host an event having thousands of guests. If aesthetics and making an invitation presentable is your requirement, you will be overwhelmed with the multitude of themes available. Such options have genuinely made the task of inviting fun and engaging activity.


  1. What are some advantages and disadvantages of Evite over other alternatives?

Note that anyone of the invitations sending service may not entirely suit your purpose. You have to look for a service that matches your requirements actively. There are a host of services available online, and a number of them offer premium services as well. Based on your budget, you can initially choose to go for the either free or paid facility.

Evite was one of the first invitations sending platform and has set a standard as a reliable service. However, Evite often suffers from a lack of customizations that other competitors offer.

2. What is Evite Premium?

Evite Premium is Evite’s paid option. In addition to providing a more professional experience for hosts and guests, Evite Premium invitations are advertisement-free while offering users many additional features. Such features are sure to enhance any event’s planning and execution.

3. What is the rationale behind the invitation service that uses PayPal?

In a nutshell, the rationale behind invitation service that uses PayPal is to enable fundraisers to collect money from guests easily. If you need to obtain or raise money for an event, you can use the contributions feature. The feature is integrated to request donations via PayPal or credit card.

4. Why does my Evite invite go to spam?

Depending on your email account’s settings, Evite emails may be auto-routing to your junk or spam folders. To combat this, make sure that Evite’s server address is added to your email address ‘Safe List.’

5. How does Evite fare compare to Paperless Post?

Evite has a higher brand recognition than Paperless Post. Evite also offers more frequent discounts and promotions than Paperless Post. Another point of distinction is that Evite also provides gift card support.