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Is AliExpress Safe to Purchase Items or not? Check Out Some Hidden Facts And People’s Review.

Is Aliexpress Legit Site to Buy or Order Products? Find out how Reliable is AliExpress


AliExpress is infamous and has a horrible reputation for selling worthless junk online. So, the question, is it possible to get scammed? Will I receive poor quality merchandise? And the question hits the cleaning with “Is AliExpress Safe?”

Is aliexpress safe


I agree it’s not easy to stay safe while buying online. Many sites are purely to take your money away and run for the hills to turn back leaving you sad in a memory puddle of lost money!

So, stay on the safer side, you must run on your researching skills, and that’s where I come in! You have already decided to purchase something from the website but let me answer your impending question about Is AliExpress legit

If so Is it safe to buy from AliExpress? And of course to know whether they live up to what they say “is AliExpress reliable”

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When it Comes to Shopping at Aliexpress Some People Hesitate, Why? Is AliExpress Safe or Not?

Is aliexpress legit


AliExpress is a huge online retail store owned by Jack ma’s Alibaba Group, a gigantic multi-billion dollar corporation. To put it lightly, they have a record sales of 25 billion dollars on singles day. There are 79 million annual active customers contradictory to the question “Is AliExpress legit?”

I could probably buy the costliest substance on earth –antimatter (1 gram) with that amount of money.

Is it safe to buy from aliexpress

Small businesses in China can sell anything to the humongous customers around the world. The unique thing about this website is that it only serves as an e-commerce platform where the direct sale of products does not occur.

Initially, it started as a B2B trading portal, later it expanded itself into B2C, C2C and cloud computing. Most of the retailers are Chinese themselves and it offers a prevailing affiliate market program.

The partners who send the most visitors to the site have the opportunity to get the most exciting rewards too.

Is AliExpress Safe or Not?

There are 200 million monthly visits and it is available in 230 different countries. Is it safe to order from AliExpress?

Now, after the introduction aside contrary to popular belief I will say it is very safe to buy from AliExpress. I might be sounding nuts but believe it is better than eBay because of AliExpress legit buyer protection program. We’ll learn more about that below! 

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Why is Aliexpress so cheap? Does it Even Provide Good Quality Products, is Aliexpress a Legit Site?

When it comes to the specifics of AliExpress it is like a different species. AliExpress is a marketplace whereas a consumer you can purchase products from tiny businesses in China in a straightforward manner. 

Is aliexpress legit


To understand how AliExpress is cheap, you have to get your hands deep down in research and that’s what I have done for you. The fundamentals of AliExpress can be understood from the below chart I’ve found on quora-

Is aliexpress legit

From the first cart, it’s clear that one item is passed from through many retailers and wholesalers, who of course look for profits. And the end product we get will be pricier than its average price. 

Is it safe to order from AliExpress because the first scenario is avoided eliminating all the retailers reducing the burden of chain from n to 1? As AliExpress enjoys a giant consumer base they will easily buy high volumes of products with less margin making huge profits.

In simple terms-

1. The Shipping cost

It really flabbergasts me that sellers there can pitch free-shipping costs for many products. Please don’t get too excited as the offer is only for smaller and marginal products. 

Don’t expect to get much on heavy machinery. When you look into the economics of it, the shipping cost is unusually sunken compared to other countries.

Apparently, the Chinese government subsidizes shipping. Normally the packaging cost is underground because they usually wrap it in cheap plastic bags.

It’s a win-win when the sellers most of the time end up paying a few cents as shipping.

2. Buying from Manufacturers 

Secondly, because you’re directly buying goods from the manufacturers cutting out the middleman’s commission. The Aliexpress seller directly ships the order on wholesale costs. 

3. Deception in Currency Value

If you know Donald Trump then I guess you will know about the currency manipulation tactic done by the Chinese. To keep the competitive edge intact against the export nation Chinese manipulate the currency values.

Does it Even Provide Good Quality Products, and is AliExpress legit site?

Fraudulent products are a massive drain in the economy and a threat to people’s lives. Although AliExpress is safe, unfortunately, counterfeit products are infected there too.

If a product says Louboutins and $15 then yes, it’s 100% fake. But there are nuances for it. As if a guitar says Made in China, doesn’t mean it’s counterfeit.

Just because it’s on Aliexpress doesn’t mean it’s cheap and fake, maybe it is cheaply made but millions of other products are good.

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Is Aliexpress Linked With Alibaba For Being so Cheap? (Difference Between Aliexpress and Alibaba)

Do you want to know the difference between Alibaba and AliExpress then take a look at them? But before knowing the difference you must know that both of them are like siblings sharing the same parents, keeping sites like eBay and Etsy on their toes.

Is it safe to order from aliexpress


Both ALiExpress and Alibaba are owned by the Alibaba Group, which is headquartered in Hangzhou, China. Founded by Jack Ma it offers a wide variety of items available on the platform for significantly cheap. 



  • It is a B2B platform
  • It is a B2C platform
  • It needs large orders with minimum order quantity. 
  • There is no minimum order
  • You must ask a quotation regarding your order requirements.
  • You can purchase the products like in the normal eCommerce platform.
  • In Alibaba, you can negotiate the price. 
  • AliExpress prices are fixed.
  • Alibaba doesn’t offer drop shipping.
  • AliExpress provides dropshipping.

How Secure is AliExpress When it Comes to Privacy? Is it Safe to Buy or Order Expensive Things From Aliexpress?

Obviously, we all know that it is not absolutely safe to shop online. If you want to stay safe, it’s necessary to research the site from A to Z just to be sure. The four steps to buying safely on AliExpress is-

Is it safe to buy from aliexpress


1. Use Established Sellers

The easiest way to avoid running into online scams and cheaters is to find a reputable seller. If the previous customers are happy with the seller’s service then you will be satisfied too.

Check the feedback page and check for the seller’s ratings and go through reviews. AliExpress has an advanced platform to check these out.

Is aliexpress safe

Each seller in the site has a Positive Feedback percentage and you can zero in on feedback scores to look at whether the seller is authentic or not. The feedback from consumers may help you to decide whether the product actually does what the seller has given his word it would do.

2. Make Sure to Read the Product Description Carefully

The purpose of the product description is to enlighten us about the benefits and features of the product. It is the rope in which the company generates a sale.

So guys, before buying anything just make sure to read the product description carefully. See whether the details, dimensions, materials of the product, match your fantasies of owning it.

Aliexpress legit

3. Check Seller Guarantees:

As a rule, the more guarantees for the product the merrier. Sellers offer some specific safeguards to be more confident in your purchase.

There might be some products which have immense assurances but that doesn’t mean other products have the same. So before you commit, make thorough research and surf for inconsistencies. 

Sellers can provide 4 different guarantees like-

  • Returns and Refund – 

If the product does not match the description the seller promises to provide a full refund. The record time to get a refund once you cancel is 1 to 3 weeks from the date of the cancellation of the order.

  • On-time Delivery – 

 If your product does not arrive on time the seller promises a full refund.

  • Domestic Returns – 

You can send returns without worrying about shipping costs because the seller has a warehouse in the country.

  • Guaranteed Genuine –

It’s a guarantee where AliExpress itself verifies the product as genuine. Look out for these. To see which guarantee the product avails click on the Seller Guarantees tab below the product image.

4. It’s Better To Go For Pay For Delivery

COD (cash on delivery) is the mode of payment where the customer directly pays the courier person after the product is delivered. Security can be maintained in the COD because we don’t need to reveal the information about debit or credit cards.

It’s hassle-free once you cancel the product because you don’t need to wait for the amount to be refunded. Delivery arrives, just check and complete the transaction and another reason to delve into COD is no online payment fraud!

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What if you Get Scammed on AliExpress? What Action will Ali express take if some Fraud Occurs?

is aliexpress reliable


Anyone can get into an unpleasant situation in this digitized era. Seldom, icky situations happen in AliExpress, it may be the fault of customers or maybe the sellers have to be blamed for not keeping with the  agenda “Is AliExpress safe or reliable”

The good news is that the site has come up with a fantastic way to resolve any kind of issue. You can either cancel the order to get a refund or open a dispute.

is aliexpress reliable

The important condition to get this is only if the order hasn’t shipped yet. You can cancel only until the “cancel” option is available for the product. You need to fill in a questionnaire specifying the reason for it and I would recommend choosing the option of an “order by mistake”. 

Usually, it’s better to check the reliability of sellers before ordering because some sellers don’t accept the cancellation. They may deceive you that the product has already been shipped.

You don’t have to worry about getting scammed because first of all the credit card details will not be given to the seller or stealing your identity. Rest assured the payment isn’t released until you confirm the purchase.

If you get scammed, you can easily get a refund from Aliexpress tracking records. And just so you know, always check the seller’s rating before buying. 

Is it safe to order from aliexpress

Let’s end by knowing how reliable Aliexpress is when it comes to its customer’s satisfaction.

AliExpress is inviolable because it has a safe and sound Buyers Protection Program. They guarantee your purchase that if it doesn’t arrive as per the description you can get a full refund.

is aliexpress reliable


Just contact the customer support and open a dispute with AliExpress against a seller if there is a problem. And in less than 15 days you’ll get your money back.

Then don’t forget about the products being good in quality and cheap. AliExpress is safe because the prices and quality here are cheap doesn’t mean it’s useless junk. They may not be branded but if you’re looking for a replica of original brands then is the place. 

The refund and return policy have been improved, online payments are safe and you can trust AliExpress Login wholeheartedly despite many rumours claiming otherwise.

 But before that always check for these things while shopping on AliExpress.

  1. The feedback rating from the seller.
  2. The number of orders the seller has shipped.
  3. The number of reviews received. 

Check for the shipping costs as well-

Is it safe to buy from aliexpress

What do people think about Aliexpress’s safety? According to internet research and people’s case studies and people’s review.

Here are some of the reviews regarding the question “Is AliExpress Safe?”

Is aliexpress legit

Is aliexpress safe

To Wrap Up

The bottom line is AliExpress is safe to shop and buy goods. People are hesitant to use it as there are no recognized brands. And that’s exactly what they want because it’s Chinese small business targeting international consumers.

AliExpress used to have the problem of having fake stuff but not anymore. They have cleaned up their act. Be smart while buying products, I normally go through seller ratings, amount of orders by seller, and product ratings before making the final decision. 

Check the feedback from customers who have brought and take a look at the posted pictures. Ultimately, to wrap this up in a single sentence- yes, go for it.


1. Are AliExpress products fake?

No, fake products are not available on AliExpress. It has a solid brand policy. Fake goods cannot be sold here. There may be replicas but not absolute junk. All of them are merchandised and manufactured in China.

2. Is AliExpress safe to use credit cards?

Yes, it is safe to use debit and credit cards. Since their launching in 2010, they have enormously improved in customer satisfaction and safety. The buyer protection program has the back of all the customers so it is extremely safe.

3. Can I use PayPal in AliExpress?

No, you cannot formally use PayPal when buying or selling stuff from AliExpress. You need to contact the seller or request a receipt separately for using PayPal. That’s how it works.

4. Can I use AliPay For AliExpress?

Yes, Alipay is a payment mode conceived by Alibaba groups. We can use it to pay for buying and selling goods on AliExpress. You need a debit or credit card to use it. It is a similar US version of the PayPal account.

5. How Long does it take for AliExpress to deliver?

While other online stores deliver in 7- 14 days, Aliexpress typically takes about 15- 45 days to ship a product. It may vary depending upon the country or location you may live in.


If you purchased anything on AliExpress, do let us know your experience in the comment section below!!

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