It is the responsibility of every company to protect their data from any external attacks. After all, the resources present in a company’s private network are the lifeblood of the company, which means they need to be protected at all costs. It can be done through the use of firewalls and the like, but what of the internal threats? Problems that arise from endpoints that have become infected by malware, which the attacker can utilize to take and forward sensitive data to outside sources?

Is Your Egress Traffic Secure?

Just as it’s crucial that you protect your data from the ingress traffic that your network receives daily, it’s also imperative that you keep your data secure from the egress traffic as well. Even if your internal system might seem more secure than the external traffic, this doesn’t change the fact that it can still be vulnerable to leaks and exposure to malicious data. It might seem overwhelming, but thankfully there are ways to mitigate the issue and ensure that your egress security is the best that it can be for you and your company.

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What you can do to minimize the risk

One way in which you can help mitigate the threat to egress traffic would be to block any VLANs or even network segments that have no reason to be establishing any type of client connection to the Internet servers. If you’re worried about how your company is handling egress traffic, it’s also crucial to include training to ensure that they know what they’re doing with regards to overall egress security. Awareness is always the better part of prevention, and it would be wise to have end-user training – as well as an Acceptable Use Policy – to be able to mitigate these threats.

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A troubling pattern

Considering the fact that most businesses have made a move to networking as a service, utilizing features such as the virtual private cloud and VPC peering, these attacks to both internal and external traffic will only continue to rise as time goes on. There might still be companies that have their own IT department for increased security, but this trend is on a slow decline as more businesses take advantage of the cloud.

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Setting a clear precedent

It’s likely that attackers will find more devious ways to be able to leak valuable data or simply to attack your servers and be an overall nuisance. Egress traffic policies can vary depending on the company – but it’s crucial that you set a clear precedent by maintaining strict and consistent policies throughout. Investing in egress security might pile on costs that you feel could better be used elsewhere, but your company’s safety should never be taken lightly.

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To conclude, while there are plenty of external problems to worry about when it comes to managing your company’s network, the internal issues deserve just as much focus and attention. Always make sure that the data and system your company works hard to maintain is protected by covering your bases, whether ingress or egress.