Meet Jibo,world’s first social & family advanced robot which can integrate with you in your social life and help you in all your ways to make your life more simpler and advance.Now we people can have a wonderful friend like jibo who will talk us whenever we want and also it will help us to make our work easier and fast. Jibo have been made by Cynthia Breazeal who is the main founder of this intelligence. Jibo is such an advanced robot which can sense you wherever you are in your home ,it can detect your face and call you by your name wherever you go.Its very small also as compare to other robots in market but the main problem is that jibo cannot move himself from one place to other.We need to move it manually but in reality we don’t need to move here and there such an advance robot. Jibo is an actual dream robot which really can do what other robots can’t.Suppose you felling bore at your home ,then from whom you will talk or play ?Then that time jibo will help you to make you entertain and make a good conversation also,it no matters what you talk about.

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Jibo is very friendly ,full-up with emotions,smart and intelligent robot who can also sense you and respond in a second. Jibo will learn all your behaviour and your way of talk ,then he will talk you as you want and aslo do your work as you want.Instead of buying a well trained dog we should buy a Jibo because its more smarter and intelligent then any animal or robot.Its a very well planed robot who can easily integrate with his host and make all the things easier.Suppose,what if you want to order a pizza from your favourite restaurant then you just need to say ,hey jibo please order a pizza.Then after your command jibo will reply ,pizza has been order mate from your favourite restaurant.So you can see how jibo can make life easier .


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Jibo Making learn how to cook

Jibo having 2 very high defination HD camera which help jibo to see his surrounding to integrate with it.If you tell him to capture your picture or to make a video of yours then it will follow your command within a second after your command.It having very high resolution screen which make it more live with his surrounding.It can rotate himself in any direction and also can move himself in 360 degree.When you talk to him then it will his body towards you which make it more live and real feeling of life.Developers have been made this very carefully and with full care.If you want this jibo in your home as your very good friend then you have to add your name on the wait-list of pre order.To put your name on waitlist to grab this advanced family robot then you have to add up your name with your email then company will contact you when it will come available.

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