We all need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for ranking our websites. We must know how the search engines work, and how they are changing with time. We see some bloggers out there making their blogs easily popular in less time. That’s done as they keep changing themselves to adjust with latest SEO trends. So, before anyone else jumps in, it’s better to take care of your SEO strategy.  So, be ready to catch up with the SEO industry by knowing the latest SEO trends for 2017.

latest seo trending of new year 2017

1) Long Written Data:

You would have seen that sites tend to promote longer content more. These days we tend to see both types of content – Small and Long Driven content. Longer content pages on topics receive many new visitors and tend to rank more in Google search. Long content matters a lot for ranking in Google. So, do make sure to do your homework to have more engagements, shares and higher CTR to make a great data-driven post.


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2)  Page Speed:

Page speed is a very important ranking factor in Google. If you increase your web page speed, it will help you in the increase in traffic and more watch time of users on your site. This feature is surely going to be a sure lookout in 2017.  If your site pages load within 5 seconds, then they have low bounce rates and are more convertible. You can check the average web page speed recommendations and can also check page speed online on some site.

page speed optimization infographic
3) Google’s Featured Snippets:

You would have probably searched for your queries many times in Google! Google now favours or considers a web page for a query out of the top 10 displayed results for the specific query. You can go ahead and try out for yourself! You will know what I am talking about!


So, many webmasters are seeing their web pages ranking top in the Google featured snippet. You can also get in the featured snippet, just make your content comprehensive, and make it relevant to the topic. Make sure the information you present in your article clearly describes your post title in detail. It can be done through subheadings, bullet points or tables in your post.

4) Voice Search:

This thing is grown a lot since few years. Voice search is a main ranking factor of Google, and you should surely consider it as it will have a great effect on your traffic and ranking in 2017. According to Microsoft, there will be 50% voice search mobile queries in 2020. Google has also said that it’s the Teens having most Voice searches. So, you see they are the future generations! So, keep this tip for 2017.

5) Mobile Optimization Of Site:

This is a very important tip which you must take into consideration. Internet searches on the mobile have increased a lot in number. As mobiles have now grown, and are more easy to carry, is resulting in more usage of mobiles, thus increase in internet usage also. Mobile Optimization is very important for your site, and let me make you clear that the number of mobile searches has already beat the number of desktop searches in the year 2015. This is a very important and mandatory tip to follow for 2017 for a good ranking in Google!

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6) Guest Blogging:

Getting your original content featured on some other high authority site is known as Guest Blogging. Guest posts are written in exchange of a backlink to their site/blog/work. If you’re new in the field, then recommend you to look for the site that offers free guest post, later on, when you have gained some profit, you can move on to paid guest posting websites. You can find sites for guest posting by just a search result, or you can check out on forums/groups.  So, before you approach a site for a guest post, make sure it has decent Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). Trust me, a Guest post on a high authority site related to your niche can do miracles for you. It can increase your traffic by a lot!

7) Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs):

This is the new trend in 2017! AMP was launched on February 24, 2016, by Google. Basically, AMP focuses improving the speed of web pages on, mobile devices and tablets. In the simple world, it’s an HTML page which will boost the websites load time. Google says that loading speeds can improve by 15 to 85% using AMP.  Earlier, there were bad experiences experienced by the mobile users; thus the decision for AMP was taken, which lead to increase in more number of search results, as the search results loading time was reduced. So, AMP is surely a great SEO trend of 2017, which you must see for your SEO strategy in 2017. 

8) InforGraphic on latest SEO Trends

Lastest seo trending infographic