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How to vlog like a pro? Things you should know about vlogging

Vlogs are the content of the moment. Many times you might have felt a little weird reading blog post and wonder if it would have been better to watch a video instead? That’s why vlog ideas are created on a broad level. 

There’s no denying that Vlog has turned the heads of many marketers, but how can you stand out when there are more than 300 hours of videos being uploaded on YouTube every minute?

learn how to vlog

Back in 2000, Adam Kontras was credited with the world’s first Vlog. Although more impressive blog entries simply accompanied these videos, “The Journey” became trendy.

Indeed it was groundbreaking for the digital world since adding video to a blog was unheard of. Hence it started gaining traction around 2005 due to the launch of YouTube.

Just like blogging and podcasting, your vlogging idea may work resonating with a unique voice and story through video content. In this article, let’s see how to vlog, how to make a vlog and some of the vlogging tips to get it off the ground!


What is a vlog? How to create a vlog? 

You might be wondering if Vlog is simply attributed to another type of video. Right? Well, You’re wrong! Vlog is nothing but a “video blog” that’s what it stands for. Whatever content you write a blog instead, you talk on a camera about it.

 how to make a vlog


How to create a vlog? It is just to cover a blog topic using a video. It includes many kinds of contents like

  • News Segments
  • Tutorials
  • Reviews (Product or Gadget)
  • Comedy Skits
  • Online Journals
  • Travel Experience

Videos have become prominent in future generations because everyone has access to editing—filming and publishing videos. The popularity of videos can be seen everywhere from television, social media, billboards, online advertisements, and even hotel menus per se.

81% of the business relies on using video as a successful marketing tool, which saw an increase from 63% last year. According to Google, it is revealed that 6 out of 10 people in the world rather watch online videos than television or any other means, and Hubspot says that 72% of the people target learning through video.

Now, it’s significant to note that there are two distinct styles of Vlog-

One is a “talking-head” video where the tripod camera stays put while the vlogger also talks about the topic. And another is “follow me around” where the clips can be filmed as the vlogger goes on about his day or week.


What are the benefits of vlogging?

As a business, you have a goal to sell more products, get immense clients, and stay in the business position and grow rapidly. So some of the best vlogging tips can be beneficial to your business. Let’s see some of the benefits of vlogging-


1. Building Audience Loyalty


vlogging tips

Vlogging has the capacity to strengthen your brand loyalty on a personal level. It doesn’t matter if you are new at this. Start vlogging on YouTube as it is the second largest search engine. People are spending one billion hours on YouTube watching videos, so uploading your content means a good start to market yourself.

2. Vlog ideas are creative

Vlog ideas are successful consistently. It easily brings out the creativity where you can discover your voice, style, and the type of content you’re familiar with. Tobe on your toes, you will have the opportunity to create unique content regularly.


3. Vlog Brings Fame and Fortune

If you see millions watching some of the popular vloggers, they have scores of followers and videos. This makes them celebrities and earns big bucks through advertising in their videos. 


how to vlog


Once your video is a hit, popular brands come to you to promote their brands where you have to wear their brands and send the traffic to their website instead.


4. Vlog Drives Traffic to Your Website

As I’ve said earlier, watching videos to gain knowledge is becoming the norm, so Vlog can be the preferred way to drive traffic to your website. To retain the current audience and make new ones use vlogging.


5.  Vlog Makes Everything More Human

Vlogging is the easiest way to share your story from scratch. As an entrepreneur or a creator, you can easily share your journey with the audience. It gives a real touch of feelings, and the audience will be more inclined to support the creators.

For Example, Behind the Brand, the channel gives you a detailed outlook on how the owners go on with their daily life from a warehouse to shipping in their business. 



Where do you vlog? Why Does it Matter?

Most of the vloggers usually post their vlogs on YouTube as there are over 2 billion users every month. Next to Google, it’s obvious that YouTube is the second largest search engine, enabling users to create their own channels without difficulty.

The endless features like streaming Live videos, producing labeled playlists, and live chat with the audience has made an ideal platform for new vlog ideas. There is no doubt you can use other leading platforms to kickstart as well, depending on the vlogging niche and audiences like Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Vlogging matters because it has the potential to build a huge fan base where you can step up your game in the competition.


Where to vlog? Does it matter if something’s in the background?

If you notice many vloggers, they usually choose to retire their piece in their own living room or bedroom. Why? Because it’s easy, and that’s ‘why it adds more human touch than any other. But you must make sure to find the right lighting with neat space in the background.


vlogging tips


If you want to go more outdoorsy, then try a reasonably quiet area like parks or your garden. Now, the background should be in a way that it doesn’t distract the viewer from your beautiful face because the centre of the attraction is, well. You! 

The following things are essential before you start to vlog-

  • Lighting
  • Filming
  • Sound Quality
  • Continuity
  • Privacy
  • Microphone

How to Create a Vlog? Some of the Best Vlogging Tips You Must Know!

Likewise, now you are perfectly acquainted with the idea of vlogging. I’m sure you want to start doing it to get rewards. Now, let’s look at the steps to create an entertaining vlog.


1. Content is Currency

I’ve read a popular book called “Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content For Web and Mobile” from my favorite Author Jon Wuebben on the importance of developing the best content to rank higher in the search engines. Well, as always, the same strategies apply to become a successful youtube vlogger. 


how to vlog


If you want a massive fan base, then cough up interesting content on the niche you like the most. The first step is to decide the relevant content like posting how-to videos, comedy sketches, interviews, or anything that you like, which can help retain the viewers. 


2. Filming vlogs

A Vlog camera is one of the most significant necessities while you perform the deed. You have to make sure the camera you use comes with high video quality and exceptional sound quality. To sound more audible, I recommend you invest in microphones as well.

Record the videos so that it isn’t too dark because if the video is not appealing to the eyes and ears, the audience won’t hang around much.


3. Edit it to Perfection

Sooner or later, you have to realize that “we live in a world where people are better at editing than their grammar,” the editing in the quote refers to photos, but oh well, you get the point. 


how to create a vlog


It’s all well and good that you have recorded the video, but now the incorrigible task is to edit it. You can find many free video editing software if you are just starting out like VSDC Video Editor and iMovie. Another task you must not ignore is asking the audience to like and share your videos, which are a fantastic way to build your content.


4. Perfect it in YouTube

An important process in vlogging is getting your content right where it needs to be and how it needs to be on YouTube. To achieve that first, you need to build the following base, as I’ve suggested earlier.


  • Establish Your Own YouTube Channel

Youtube is a fantastic platform that allows you to create your own channel. Many of my friends are already famous on YouTube! You must create an account so that you can have space where you can post the videos. 

To customize it, add your image, logo, description, and playlists. You must reply to the comments and send messages. 


  • Add Relevant Metadata to Each of Your Vlog Post

Metadata is the mother of information when it comes to your vlog. So every time you post a vlog, add metadata to rank on YouTube and Google. With that title and description that is different from the other posts, including keywords, you can automatically increase your reach.


  • Increase Your Interactivity

To increase the interactivity effectively, use YouTube cards. Youtube lets you use five cards for each of your Vlog. These cards are like annotations to your videos. These cards help you show customizable images, URL links, and calls to action.

5. Display Your Vlog on WordPress Website

WordPress is CMS that is designed to keep security in mind. It is one of the secure platforms to run your website, so now display your recent vlog ideas on your WordPress website, which is a great way to link the platforms. 

This results in the encouragement of visitors to click on the vlog to follow you on YouTube. For this, you can use WordPress built-in Embed option or copy the link and post it on the page.


Here’s How Top Vloggers Do It. 5 famous Vloggers you must know to take inspiration from!

vlog ideas


Most vloggers build their fan base and many have been able to acquire over 10 million subscribers as well. Some of the globally known demanding vloggers who are taking the online world by storm are-


1. PewDiePie

how to create a vlog


Kjellberg is a Swedish gamer known for his controversies around 2018 for some of the offensive things he said. But he possesses more than 100 million subscribers and made more than $15 million last year. His signature signing of the phrase is “ Stay Awesome.”


2. Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a social media star who built his career on the foundation of the Vine App, which is sadly defunct now. Like Kjellberg, even Logan has embroiled himself in many controversies, which lead to losing a lot of subscribers. 

 how to make a vlog

how to vlog

You can get inspiration from him as he started making videos in his backyard when he was 10 years old.


3. JackSepticEye’s 

how to create a vlog

Seán McLoughlin is known as Jacksepticeye, who has more than 23 million subscribers on YouTube. You must know that his massive following helped raise millions of dollars to the purpose of charity


4. Markiplier

 vlogging tips

Another gamer and vlogger is Markiplier, who’s managed to get more than 24 million subscribers. His videos about video games and comedy sketches have got him a loyal fanbase, where now he is able to complete his recent project “athleisure” targeting the niche of gamers.


5. Vanoss Gaming


how to create a vlog

VanossGaming Subscriber’s count stands at more than 25 million now. He is pretty popular for his featured artworks and creative comments, which made him branch out in music career and merchandise selling with his loyal fan base.


How Do you make money in Vlog?


Vloggers use their time and resources to make interesting videos, but will their vlog ideas generate enough money? Where does all the income come from anyway? There are three simple ways where you can make money from vlogging-

  • Advertising – Depends on how the viewers see or click the ads in your video site. On average, you get $3 for 1000 viewers. It doesn’t pay great, but there are other ways also.
  • Sponsorship If you have several subscribers, other businesses might choose you to mention them in the videos, and you will get paid depending on the number of expected views.
  • Affiliate MarketingThis method is easier than sponsorship as you are a vlogger, you must provide a link to a product or coupon code if your subscriber or viewer buys something you get a handsome cut.

Also read: What Are The Things Required To Become A Successful Youtuber.


According to Internet Research, Interviews, And Case Studies, What do People think About How to Make a Vlog?

Look at the screenshots, for instance, to know about the validity of vlogging-

how to vlog

vlog ideas

The BottomLine

Filming a vlog helps you to share your thoughts, stories, and opinions. So choose a perfect and quiet location where any other passerby or family members may not disturb you. Also, make sure never to reveal your house number, street names, or car plate number for that matter.



1. How long should my vlog be?

I recommend that you make the video as long as possible, as it is easier to get the audience’s attention. But ensure that your content is interesting and entertaining. If you are going to make a vlog about your grocery shopping day and how it works,  5 – 10 minutes will suffice.

2. What equipment do I  need to make vlog?

The basic equipment you need is-

  1. Vlog Camera
  2. Microphone
  3. Lighting
  4. Video editing software
  5. Tripod of Gimbal Stabilizer.

3. Which apps are best to make a vlog?

  • iMovie
  • Splice
  • Quik
  • Magisto Video Editor
  • InShot

4. How do you Talk in Vlog?

  1. Always look at the lens
  2. Smile as much as possible; it makes the viewer smile as well.
  3. Speak loudly and have something useful to say to the audience.
  4. Be confident while talking
  5. Make your story solid.

5. What are some of the good vlog ideas? 

  1. Sharing your Bucket List
  2. Talk about Goals
  3. House Tour
  4. A day in your life
  5. Facts about you
  6. Your morning and night routine
  7. Talk about your favorite something
  8. Talk about your least favorite
  9. Pranks
  10. Reviews

Do let us know if you have found this article helpful, in the comment section below!

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