Over the last ten years, the feverish development of e-commerce has shaken up the business world. People who thought they’d never be able to launch a business are now running profitable operations from the comfort of their homes. While getting started in e-commerce is easy, there are still important factors to consider. Here are some mistakes which could be lethal to your e-commerce business.

Lethal Ecommerce Mistakes To Avoid

First of all, surprising your customers with shipping fees. Obviously, you need to make a certain amount of revenue keep the business afloat. At the same time, you don’t want your customers to be scared off by expensive products. Some business owners get around this problem by hiding their shipping fees until the checkout. This is not the right thing to do! Studies have shown that a huge proportion of customers will leave a website if there are surprise shipping fees. See cdn2.hubspot.net for proof. On stores where the shipping fees are clear from the start, shoppers didn’t abandon their carts nearly as much. This is often regardless of the actual cost of items. If you’re not honest with your customers from the beginning, your business will be severely crippled.

Lethal Ecommerce Mistakes To Avoid

Insisting that all your customers create an account is another big mistake. Many e-commerce store owners choose to do this by default, and for a good reason. Sign-ups are a great way to analyze the conversions you’re getting, and make your marketing efforts more targeted. However, it’s also a sure-fire way to drive down your profit margins. While some customers are happy to go to a sign-up page, others see it as a huge hassle. Someone might fill their cart with a huge order, and then go straight to your competitors when they’re asked to create an account. Instead, have at least one alternative payment. PayPal and similar companies offer inexpensive subscriptions which let you run their systems on your site. This means that more interested customers will be able to follow through with purchases.

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Finally, leaving your e-commerce store unresponsive. This is a widely known issue about modern websites. However, a massive amount of entrepreneurs still isn’t getting the message! Your target market is probably going to be looking for you on a range of different devices. If your site only functions properly on one, then you’re screwing yourself out of a lot of business. You can make your e-commerce site responsive using themes like this: makeawebsitehub.com . Alternatively, you can hire in a professional web design guru. With tablets, smartphones and now smartwatches being used to browse the web, you can’t afford to leave anything out. However, you do it, be sure to test your site afterward. Make sure all the graphics look fine, the navigation works perfectly, and most importantly that the shopping cart doesn’t have any glitches.

I apologize if this post has sent you into a panic! Every business model has pitfalls, but you can always turn things around. Avoid or eliminate all these mistakes, and your e-commerce store won’t have anything in its way.