Prior to the 17th century and the invention of the steam engine, transporting goods and people was difficult. People had to grow and obtain all that they needed locally. Remote goods used to be carried slowly by Horse Tongas and Bullock Carts.

People had to wait for weeks on end to get the remote product that they wanted. There was also no guarantee of safe delivery. Packaging techniques were not so advanced back then, and delicate goods and perishable products did not make the journey safely most of the time. Also, only a relatively small amount of goods could be transported from place to place. 

With the invention of the steam engine in the 17th century, logistics, transportation, trade, and commerce got a big boost. Bulky goods could be transported in a concise period over very long distances. Connectivity via trade and commerce and people transportation was established. The science of logistics was born. People could get finished products (of all kinds) from remote places in a very short period of time. They no longer had to do all the supply chain processes themselves. 

Today, logistic services help both the common man and large enterprises. If all of the world’s logistics companies were to go on strike even for one day, the world’s economy, trade, and commerce would suffer badly. 

Such is the importance of logistics services today. Apart from capacity and speed, today’s logistics services offer other facilities like temperature control and safe packaging methods that guarantee safe and proper condition delivery.

temperature control and safe packaging methods that guarantee safe and proper condition delivery

Logistics services today are provided by various vehicles like trucks, airplanes, cargo ships, and goods trains. We live such a high quality of life and live in an era of instant gratification thanks to the logistics services provided by various companies (and the invention of the internal combustion engine).

If a person has bought a new house in a location far away, he or she needs logistics services to move furniture from the old house to the new home. A restaurant which makes international cuisines from exotic raw materials will need logistics services to have the raw materials delivered. A manufacturing company will need logistics services to have the raw materials (like ores, etc.) delivered to commence manufacturing. A country will need logistics services to get imported goods delivered. Therefore, logistics services play a prominent role in everyone’s life.

My experience with logistics services: Like a common man, I too found logistics services quite useful. My father got transferred to different states quite frequently in the past, and we hired a 3PL Links logistics company to transport our goods. The packing and transportation facilities provided were excellent. They have all kinds of vehicles to provide logistics service like trucks, ships, airplanes and trains with temperature control facilities. They offer special services to their clients like Full Supply Chain Solutions, Cross Border Logistics and Shipping, Temperature Control Facilities, and they have highly trained and dedicated staff. 

All of our goods arrived at their new destination in mint condition. It only took one night to transport our products from one city to the next. 

I have ordered from various e-commerce websites and most of the time, the goods arrive within a couple of days. It is incredible how some products that are only found in remote countries are transported around the world within a couple of days and in mint condition! 

Such is the speed, accuracy, and safety provided by today’s logistics services. It doesn’t at all feel like the goods are arriving from the other side of the world or any other remote country. It feels like I ordered those goods from a town close by. The world has been made a global village thanks to the logistics services provided by various companies. 

There are billions of people ordering products from e-commerce websites worldwide every day. How these companies sort such a large volume of goods in their warehouses and have them delivered to the right addresses every time is fantastic! It is done so seamlessly every time and we often don’t realise the difficulty involved in doing so. 

We have become so dependent on logistics services that we use for our daily requirements. For example, I order groceries and vegetables from mobile apps from time to time and have them delivered to my home. Logistics services have become so much a part of our daily lives that we can’t imagine a life without them these days.        

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