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How to make money on OnlyFans as a Man

Are you addicted to porn? Are you homosexual (especially gay)? Do you also need to earn money to support yourself but are too shy to show yourself often in public? Well, we’ve got just the platform for you, which is OnlyFans. OnlyFans is a company that was founded in the UK in 2016 by Tim Stokely

OnlyFans is a subscription-based video and non-video (text and images) content provider. Creators of content on OnlyFans get paid 80% of the income earned via subscriptions, tips, and pay-per-view clicks. 

The platform had launched a video streaming platform called OFTV in 2021. Needless to say that people liked porn videos and other kinds of videos a lot more than text and pictures of any kind. 

So, OFTV became an instant hit with its target audience. Today (as of October 2023), OnlyFans has over 3 million content creators and 220 million registered subscribers/users. 

So, if you’re gay, addicted to porn, and want to earn some money online, this is “the platform” for you. Don’t worry about your queer identity being exposed if you tell people you’re on OnlyFans because there are several “normal content creators” on OnlyFans too who generate “safe content” pertaining to fields like cooking, physical fitness, music, fashion, comedy, modeling, etc.      


How you can join OnlyFans male content creators 

Now that you know about the OnlyFans platform, you might be wondering how you can start earning on OnlyFans as a man. Don’t worry. We’ll give you a step-by-step guide in this section on how to register on the platform and become one of the successful OnlyFans male creators. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Do your Homework 

Pick a niche that’s your cup of tea

As mentioned before, content creators create content for a wide array of niches on OnlyFans. You can find content pertaining to normal and popular niches like cooking, physical fitness, music, fashion, comedy, modeling, etcetera but the most popular niche on OnlyFans is porn and some currently trending sub-domains in porn are as listed.

  • Amateur.
  • Bull.
  • Hardcore.
  • Girl next door.
  • Gamer girl.
  • Hot Wife. 

The kind of sub-niche you choose on OnlyFans determines how explicit your porn content is. The more hardcore porn niches you choose, the less clothing you’ll have to wear and the more flirty and vigorous you’ll have to be to become a hit amongst your target audience. 

The kind of porn sub-niche that you choose also dictates the tone of your text/speech and your demeanor towards your audience. Just remember that you can only excel in the niche that you’re passionate about. 

Decide upon your posting frequency

Even though your subscribers will be notified by various means (mostly emails and text messages) every time you post content (of any kind) on OnlyFans, it would be more desirable if you stick to a predetermined frequency of posting. 

That way your subscribers will know when to stay tuned to your OFTV channel and will not face any inconvenience. There is just one thumb rule regarding one’s posting frequency on OnlyFans and that is that a person should not let his or her posting frequency fall below once a week lest your hard-won followers will lose interest in you and unsubscribe from your channel.


How to set up your profile on OnlyFans

Email verification

Signing up on the OnlyFans platform is similar to signing up on any other social media platform. All you have to do is provide your email address and bank details and then verify your email address by typing in the secret code sent to your email ID after 24 to 48 hours. 

Then, OnlyFans will prompt you to fill out a w9 tax form if you’re a resident of the United States. If you live anywhere else, you’ll have to fill out a w8-Ben form. Once the tax forms are filled, you’re ready to get started on OnlyFans. 

Choose an apt username and display the name

When you set up an account on OnlyFans, the platform will assign you a random and default username and display name, which you can change if you want to. We highly recommend changing your username to something that’s catchy, sexy, and portrays your niche so that people on OnlyFans can find you easily. 

It must be noted that OnlyFans allows you to change your username only once in your lifetime. So, take your time and choose an apt name that will be catchy for quite a few years to come. You should choose such a username that you won’t regret having later on. It should satisfy you and your subscribers for at least a decade. 

Your display name on the contrary is something that you can change often and anytime you want. Typically it would be better if your display name reflects your current mood and niche so that you can attract more relevant subscribers to yourself. These are two of the most useful tips on maximizing income on OnlyFans.

Choose an apt profile and banner image

These two are the “faces” that you show to people on OnlyFans. So, without a doubt, they need to be intriguing and apt for your niche. In case you chose the porn niche on OnlyFans, kindly do not post mostly or completely nude pictures of yourself. 

Remember that your subscribers and other people on OnlyFans need to pay to see you naked. Also, take a sexy picture of yourself such that it is apt for landscape orientation lest your picture will get cut off in places and your subscribers will lose interest in you. Choosing an intriguing and sexy profile and banner image for yourself on OnlyFans is one of the best ways of making money on OnlyFans as a guy. 

Write a catchy and interesting bio description

Your bio description should be catchy, sexy, and interesting. Most important of all, it should clearly state what kind of services you offer to your subscribers. Only then you’ll have a good chance of attracting a lot of interested subscribers lest your subscriber base will shrink and possibly even come to naught quickly (in a few months). 

How to set up your OnlyFans page

Choose between setting up a free page or a paid page

You can have multiple pages on OnlyFans. Some of them can be free pages and some of them can be paid pages or you can choose to make all your pages free or paid. It is interesting to note that making money on OnlyFans as a guy is possible even by setting up free pages. Remember, if you’re a starter on OnlyFans, do not charge more than USD 10 for any content lest you’ll not get many subscribers initially.  

All you have to do is create and enable the Pay Per View (PPV) filter on certain content on your OnlyFans page/s. Hence, it’s no wonder that quite a few people have become rich and successful OnlyFans male creators.  

Offer attractive discounts and bundles to get more subscribers

Everyone, whether they like porn content or not likes to get discounts on anything they spend money on. So, if you offer attractive discounts and bundles, you can get a lot of subscribers, especially in your initial days when it matters the most. 

Discounts encourage more people to subscribe to your pages and channels while bundles enable you to retain your subscribers for a longer duration (in the order of years). So, use these two baits wisely and you’ll be off to a rocketing start on OnlyFans. 

Optional but Recommended Actions

Create a customized welcome message

A welcome message is automatically sent out to your subscribers when they first subscribe to you. It would be a good idea to customize the welcome message to make a bigger appeal or impact on your potential subscribers. They may even recommend others to subscribe to you on OnlyFans if they’re impressed by your welcome message amongst other things on the platform. 

Your welcome message should be intriguing, friendly, and sexy at the same time to attract the maximum number of initial subscribers. Additionally, you can also add a free or PPV video to attract more initial subscribers. More often than not, whether you get off to a good start on OnlyFans determines whether you become one of the successful OnlyFans male creators. 

You can block viewers from certain countries as you see fit

If you don’t want your parents to find out that you’re on OnlyFans, you can block people residing in your country from viewing your profile. You can also block viewers from one or more countries if you think that they might have nefarious intentions. 

This way, you can keep your profile on OnlyFans as private as possible. Be careful about blocking viewers from the US though as roughly 43% of the people on OnlyFans are from the US. People from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany constitute the majority of the people on OnlyFans.     

How to grow your subscriber base on OnlyFans

Now that you have become one of the OnlyFans male content creators. You might be thinking of how you can expand your subscriber base on the platform. Don’t worry because we’re about to discuss just that. So stay tuned for more.

Maintain a fixed posting time and frequency

This point was discussed in the early sections of this article. If you adopt a standard posting time and frequency, OnlyFans and Google will know when to crawl your account to update your content on their servers. Thus your subscribers will be periodically updated on your posts. 

Again as mentioned before, if you adopt a standard posting time and frequency, your subscribers will know exactly when to check for updates to your content and will make themselves available during those times. 

Hence, the number of views that your content gets will not drop at any time. Last but not least, adopting a standard posting time and frequency makes life more convenient for your subscribers thus helping you earn their goodwill.  

Post in such a way that OnlyFans’s algorithm picks up your content easily

Every social media platform runs on algorithms and if you know how to use certain hacks to make OnlyFans’s algorithm pick up your content easily, you’re well on your way to becoming one of the successful OnlyFans male creators. Listed below are certain hacks that you can use to make OnlyFans’s algorithm pick up your content easily. Kindly implement them to maximize income on OnlyFans. 

  • Regularly use relevant and popular hashtags in your niche in every one of your posts. Around 3 to 5 hashtags would be sufficient. This would trigger OnlyFans to read and update your content on priority. 
  • Just like all other social media platforms, there is an apt time to post on OnlyFans and that is between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM on weekdays. If you post during this time, OnlyFans’s algorithm will pick up and update your content easily. 
  • You can try befriending other content creators in your niche. They may help you gain more subscribers if they like your approach towards them.    

Discover and befriend other creators’ followers

Rather than waiting for people to visit your profile on OnlyFans and waiting for those visitors to become your subscribers, you can visit the profiles of content creators in your niche on OnlyFans, find out who their subscribers are, and then send a friendly and steamy message to them, requesting them to subscribe to your profile. 

You may also follow them. If they notice that you’re following them, they may follow you in return. These are simple but time-tested and effective methods to expand your subscriber base on OnlyFans. 

Make your profile on OnlyFans as appealing as possible

Your profile is the face that you present to others on OnlyFan (or any other social media platform for that matter). If your profile accurately defines your niche and the services that you offer, only interested people will check out your profile. 

If the content (some posts and descriptions) on your profile is intriguing, steamy, and of high quality, relevant audiences will flock to your profile and most probably subscribe to your channel (on OFTV) and pages. In any platform, people give preference to high-quality content rather than recommendations, ads, or hyped publicity. 

Top 5 content creators who made it big on OnlyFans

If you’re looking for some inspiration to become one of the successful OnlyFans male creators on OnlyFans then these people should be an inspiration for you. They consistently produce high-quality and steamy content and have an exceptionally large subscriber base. They are also in some ways, influencers on OnlyFans. You may befriend them to increase your subscriber count on the platform. 

Bell Delphine

Bell Delphine is an expert in the sub-domains of porn such as Play Girl, CosPlay, and Hard Core XXX porn. Her demeanor towards her peers is friendly, convincing, and proactive. She has over 10 million subscribers on OnlyFans and is sought after.

Cardi B

Cardi B became popular on OnlyFans because she shares exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and intimate steamy moments with her subscribers. Her personal messages to her subscribers are cheerful, steamy, and funny. She has about 8.1 million subscribers on OnlyFans and is one of the top content creators to watch out for in 2023 and beyond. 

Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova was formerly a porn star and prior to that a sex worker before joining the  OnlyFans platform to make money. Owing to her expertise in her domain and the popularity she earned in her former professions, she has become a big sensation on OnlyFans. She has over 2 million subscribers on OnlyFans. 

Mia Malkova married fellow pornographic actor, Danny Mountain in 2014. Later in 2018, she made it known via her Twitter account that they had separated and later got divorced. Mia Malkova now resides in LA and is looking for friends with benefits.  


Tyga was formerly a full-time rap musician before he decided to turn to OnlyFans to make money. He shows his daily routine on OnlyFans along with some steamy content. Almost all of his footage depicts him playing rap music before showing some passion. Tyga has around 7.69 million subscribers on OnlyFans and has confirmed personally that he has made many millions (of dollars) via the platform. 

Ana Lorde

Ana Lorde firmly believes in keeping her body healthy and in perfect shape always. She has high self-esteem and loves herself a lot. She adopts a positive, encouraging, sexy, and empowering tone in her personal messages to her subscribers. 

She believes that everyone, whether they’re in the porn industry or not, should love their bodies and embrace the libido that comes along with them. Ana Lorde once said that this is the secret to her success in the porn industry. She has proved it by having over a million subscribers on OnlyFans. She’s definitely one of the content producers to watch out for in 2023 and beyond. 

Case studies of a few very popular content creators on OnlyFans 

Case Study 1 (Mia Malkova)

Mia Malkova has had a successful career on OnlyFans owing to her background in the porn and sex work industries. She has made it big on OnlyFans and other platforms and earns close to 10 million dollars a month. However, her career on OnlyFans and other platforms has not always been a smooth one. 

We have provided you with a link to a video clip where she confesses in an interview with a YouTuber of having awkward and slightly painful moments with one of her subscribers named Mandingo. 

Mia felt that Mandingo’s penis was too big and caused one of her legs to slightly cramp after having sex with him. Though it was not absolutely necessary, Mia underwent a minor surgery to cure her slightly cramped leg.

Case Study 2 (Wyatt Cushman)

A very popular gay content creator on OnlyFans, Wyatt Cushman has shown that making money on OnlyFans as a guy is not only possible but is a thriving industry. He has confessed to earning more than $120,000 a month on OnlyFans alone. 

When he first got an idea of how much money male content creators on OnlyFans make every month, he asked his mom whether making money on OnlyFans as a guy would be fruitful for him. 

His mom was very open-minded and supportive of him and asked him to “go for it!” Ever since then, Wyatt Cushman has made a small fortune for himself on OnlyFans and other platforms. He has even given interviews with popular YouTubers in the porn niche like Mario Adrion. Such is the mouse that Wyatt Cushman has these days.   

Our Take 

If you’re addicted to porn or are homosexual (especially gay) and if you’re too ashamed to show your face in public often but still need to earn money to make a living, OnlyFans is the apt platform for you because there are several “normal people” too on OnlyFans who produce content for “safe niches” like cooking, fitness, music, fashion, comedy, etc.

If you tell people that you’re on OnlyFans, it does not necessarily mean that you’re interested in porn. You could be producing content for any normal niche on OnlyFans too. This is the cover that the OnlyFans social media platform provides which people find very convenient. 

By producing content on OnlyFans, you can not only survive and make a living but positively thrive and become rich in a short time. You just need to follow the Men’s Guide to OnlyFans profitability described in this article to maximize income on OnlyFans.


  • Should I make all of my content on OnlyFans paid?

This is not advisable especially if you’re new to OnlyFans. People all around the world like any stuff for free. It’s a tactic that you can use to build a decent initial subscriber base. 

Even once you’ve achieved that, it is advisable to keep at least some of your content free of charge as you’d want to attract relevant audiences across the full range of the monetary spectrum. This is one of the most useful tips for maximizing income on OnlyFans. 

  • Can social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, etc. be used to promote my profile on OnlyFans?

Yes, absolutely but kindly ensure that you only promote your profile on relevant groups on various social media platforms. 

Also, stay away from strictly professional social media platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, etcetera because your promotion will not be well received on such professional platforms and your account will most likely get banned in a few days if you promote porn on such professional social media platforms. 

  • How should I engage my subscribers on OnlyFans?

Apart from providing high-quality porn content at regular intervals, you must reply to the personal messages your subscribers send you in a pleasing, satisfying, and steamy manner. 

Thanking them for subscribing to your channel, answering their requests, taking and implementing their valid suggestions, and asking them for constructive feedback periodically are effective ways to engage with your subscribers.

  • Are there any restrictions for creating an account on OnlyFans?

You must be at least 18 years of age or older to be able to create an account on OnlyFans. There is some serious pornographic content on OnlyFans which might be too much to take in for minors. 

  • Can I pay for subscriptions on OnlyFans with a prepaid card?

Yes, absolutely! A prepaid card works just like a debit card except that it’s prepaid to a certain amount. Kindly ensure that you have enough balance on your prepaid card before paying for subscriptions on OnlyFans.     


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