Internet marketing is simply marketing a product to the internet audience. Playing a role of intermediary between buyer and seller with the help of your website, blog, etc. on the internet and you get the commission for being that middle man. There are three things which you need to understand if you want to earn through the internet and those are a producer, buyer and internet marketer. There are few myths regarding internet marketing like it is a scam or fraud or you need to spam emails and do a lot of stuff at a single time but the reality is different. There are many ways to earn by using the internet and everything requires time and some basic knowledge about the ways in which you can start your own internet marketing business. Basically, internet marketing is divided into two models PPC and SEM.


‌PPC is a pay per click in which you get paid on the basis of every clicks that you get from your audience. Every time someone clicks on an advertisement on your webpage or vlog, you get paid for that click. For this, you need to sign up for one of the advertisement programs of Google, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. It requires some effort initially to signup for these programs.


‌SEM is nothing but search engine management which requires SEO knowledge and everything depends upon the traffic you attract through your unique content.
There are two more types like article marketing and affiliate marketing.
‌Article marketing is the type of internet marketing in which online articles are used to drive good traffic to your blog or website.

‌Affiliate marketing is being an affiliate to a particular product or company and promoting that product or company on your website or blog and you get a commission whenever someone purchases or visits that product or website through an advertisement on your website.

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So wondering about the ways in which you can earn money on the internet? Well, many ways… few of them are mentioned below:

‌Google Adsense and other online advertisement programs on blogs and website

If you have a blog or website, then you can enable the advertisement on your blog by signing up with Google AdSense program and with every click on that advertisement, you will get a percent of the revenue and rest will be taken by Google. More the number of visitors, more will be the clicks and so the revenue. So the content of your blog must be attractive, and your niche must be cool so that more visitors will love sharing it with their friends and family.

‌Google Adsense and other online advertisement programs on blogs and website:

‌Making money on YouTube or AdSense YouTube Monetisation

Every time someone sees the video with an ad the channel owner gets some commission and rest goes to google. There is a huge scope on YouTube for earning as there are almost 1 billion viewers. Many people want to know about many things like books, movies, gadgets, so you can make a review videos on YouTube and then advertise it and earn commission on it. Make content good, attract the viewers and earn money.

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‌Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money on the internet where you can promote your choice of product on the basis of the niche of your website. Just signup for one of the affiliate program like Amazon or Flipkart, select your own choice of product which you would like to promote and the link to purchase that product will be displayed on your website so that every time someone purchases that product by clicking the link on your website you will get a commission for that. Make sure you have a niche blog and a good number of the reader base. You can read Journal Review blog to learn everything about affiliate marketing.

‌Online tutoring

If you are good in a certain subject or a skill, then you can teach that online by making video lectures and earn profits. You can create your own courses on online video programs website.

then you can teach that online by making video lectures and earn profits


It is the best way to earn money from home. The only thing required is a good command over a language and in-depth knowledge of your chosen subject. There are websites who want to assign certain tasks on a temporary basis, and if your skills matched with their requirements, you can earn a decent amount. For online freelancing projects, you can signup on one of these websites

‌Create apps

If you are good with programming and computer languages like C++, Java, then you can create your own apps and upload it on google play store and you can monetize your app by Admob. Make sure that the app you create must provide some utility to the users and it is easily accessible.

‌Create apps

Other ways to earn money online apart from these are

⦁ ‌Publish an eBook
⦁ ‌Auction items on eBay
⦁ ‌Selling images online
There are many more ways to earn money online, you just need the skill and knowledge about the subject and your niche. ‌Don’t resort to anything unethical for quick money. Wait until you reach some huge reader base which can give you some benefit and then only do any monetary work on your blog like AdSense.
Think about the long-term results of your activities. It may be disheartening sometimes when you don’t get the results but anything worthy and good takes time and it will be difficult at times but stick to it and never give up.

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