How to make your hairs naturally healthy, long and strong

Beauty is in cleanliness and Hair is an obvious factor of beauty. There are quite a few important factors to make our hair grow and keep it clean and avoid the few basic hindrances in the path of a beautiful hair. We have to, first of all, take care of our hair by following these few steps.

How to make your hair naturally healthy

  • Keep your hair clean by at washing it at least twice a day, it may depend on the length of your hair.
  • Frequent trimming is another important factor in eliminating damaged edges.
  • Pamper your Hair by visit a Hair Spa, Hot Oil Massage etc. which again should be done in a correct frequency as too much of pampering also could spoil your hair quality and health.
  • The scalp should be kept healthy if required to be undergone proper medication so dandruff doesn’t attack our scalp. Proper use of shampoo which suits our hair quality is important.
  • One very important factor to keep your hair healthy and strong is proper food habits, healthy attributes from the inside is very vital. Avoiding too much junk and oily food is good for our skin, hair and is an overall health tip for all.
  • Hair should not be abused by using too much heat styling process. The Style has a mantra which is to say that “It looks good if it’s natural”. It’s better to hold the natural strength of our hair than any style you can have.

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  • Regular shampoo usage is not a good practice, which we might be inclined to do if our hair is exposed to too much heat and dust, like for professionals in media line or marketing might face these problems. It’s advisable to oil your hair on a regular frequency and uses some Hair Boosting supplements to make your hair grow in a healthy manner.
  • Hair brushing is another important factor for everyone to perform in a right manner to make our hair grow naturally.

The few factors as mentioned above can be applied to secure long healthy and strong hair. Human beings have different kinds of hair quality. Hair Bulb is the end portion of any strong long root side of hair. It is very soft compared to other parts of the hair string and generally white in color. Hair pigments are the reason for hair color. Hair texture is another important factor or part of hair quality. Hair texture can be described in three different kinds. Curly, Volume and consistency, all are important and gives a very good look if taken care of properly. Human hair is made of keratin. Straight hair means the bond is strengthened and present directly in line with one other which makes it straight in nature. In Curly hair, there may be disulfide bonds. Though there is a lot of research going on this curly nature of a hair structure. It’s more widely accepted that the shape of the hair shaft defines the curliness of the hair. Flatter hair shaft results in more curly hair.

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There are various kinds of hair and every hair has its own way of a healthy regime to follow to ensure healthy long strong hair.

  1. Straight Hair is common among Asian women and tends to be in general shiny, soft and oily in nature.

  2. Wavy Hair is fizzy in nature and is generally tough to control, it is very resistant towards styling.

  3. Curly Hair which is in general S-shaped to be precise and in tendencies towards volume and no fizziness which gives a fullness appearance.

  4. Another last type hair is kinky which is very fragile in nature.

Now that you know that we can have various types of hair, what you need to learn is that every type will hold a different way of healthy norms. Each and every type can grow into strong long hair considering the fact proper healthy ways are followed to make it happen.

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UV rays are not good for hair if exposed for too much time, therefore proper hot oil massage with good agreeable supplements should be used in a natural way to hold back the vitamins of hair so that baldness and hair fall can be avoided.


Few normal hair care to make hair grow long and strong are as follows:

  • It is said and accepted from olden times that natural oil from the grape seed is very good for hair as it makes hair grow faster. Massaging your scalp with this oil is an utmost medicine for people who want to grow their hair faster.

  • Hair growth can also be stimulated by an antioxidant mask which is a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil. It is massaged into the scalp till it becomes warm and then left on for 20 or 30 minutes post which it can be shampooed which results in strong and long hair. It is a very well-known method of hair care.

  • Essential Oil is another important healthy regime to use to get a strong long hair. Just a few drops of essential oil if mixed with any hair oil or any mask and applied at least once a week gives immense visible result soon for a strong and long hair.

  • Avoiding blow dryers is very important unless until it’s of utmost requirement. It dries up the hair and scalp which results in degradation of hair quality and hair growth.

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  • To get proper blood circulation it’s important that hair is brushed twice, once in the morning and once in evening. More and abrasive hair brushing loosens the hair root from the scalp and can lead to hair fall and also baldness, so it’s required to not go crazy with it.

These are proven ways and means to ensure long strong beautiful hair.