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Manage Projects With The Timeboxing Technique

Finally, humanity understood that time is worth more than anything else. In this article, I will tell you about a project management technique that will save you hours and even days of the organization, known as timeboxing.

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The timeboxing technique is used to manage projects. Unlike the Pomodoro technique, the length of time is up to you. That is, you divide the tasks into periods of time without interruptions in order to avoid procrastinating in the process.


Timeboxing consists of completing projects as long as their objectives are organized by “boxes” or time boxes. Each of those spaces should have a list of small step-by-step tasks, deadlines, budgets, and delegations if necessary.

What makes timeboxing so effective is that it encourages you to focus on the time rather than the task itself. And although it may seem like it doesn’t make sense, it turns out that when we put these kinds of limits on ourselves, we make things happen faster. It’s basically a distraction-proof method of organization. By the way, if you are getting distracted a lot and miss a lot of deadlines on your written papers, you might consider another solution too. You can find online a qualified essay writer and delegate an essay or two to this person. 

Master The Technique Of Timeboxing By Following These Suggestions

For each task you complete during the time boxes, you must analyze your performance. You will soon realize that although it seems like a strict technique, you are following your own rules of the game.

Use A Wall Calendar

The visualization of the time you have to accomplish a task is a great catalyst. If you don’t like the Google calendar, you can choose to hang one on the wall like in the old school. Timeboxing is about mapping out a work period before a deadline to complete an important project. Create a timeline that connects multiple days.

Write An Action Plan

Establish the days and hours of those days that you will work without interruptions. Make a small to-do list so it doesn’t seem like you don’t know where to start. An action plan implies that you also determine objectives, risks, and breaks. If it is a project, divide it into stages and then coordinate its application. In case it is an evaluation, create time boxes on each topic to study.

Balance Between Challenging And Simpler Time Boxes 

Once you get the hang of timeboxing, you’ll realize that everything you do in your life can be divided into timeboxes. That is why if you want to apply them to other aspects beyond work or academics, such as starting a personal project, remember to create a balance between the most challenging and those that are simple. You can draw up a monthly project. Some months should have less workload than others.

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Apply Flexibility Clauses

It may happen that due to situations beyond our control, the plans do not go the way we want. That is why you should plan flexibility clauses in case the time boxes need to be extended or reduced. This means that it is not effective to be so strict in the use of timeboxing. After you set the time, you can create reconsideration rules.

What relevant aspects could change your plans? Always keep in mind that risks exist. How much time do you have to work in contingency if necessary?

Apply The Pomodoro Technique

Combine timeboxing with the Pomodoro technique that I told you about a few months ago. It will likely help you reduce work time in case you find yourself in contingency. It’s also procrastinator-proof. While timeboxing helps you manage the time to complete a project, the Pomodoro technique helps you focus on the process.

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Give Yourself A Reward

Also, make time to celebrate your achievements. Thinking of a reward after hard work is quite motivating. The reward is not the same as breaks (which should be clearly demarcated), but a way to gloriously finish the project. You can go eat in a delicious place or allow yourself a 12-hour nap.


Timeboxing is your ally, not your executioner. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be invaded by the anxiety generated by challenges in our jobs or by a new level of academic demand. And from experience, I tell you that establishing timelines frees you from that pressure because you realize that everything has its time and space. Take one step at a time and apply the timeboxing technique in your life!

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