MacDroid is a solution or device used to transfer all types of data such as music, photos, videos, and folders between Mac and Android devices. We can do the transferring by just connecting the USB cable. And we can say that USB is a standard and universal cable. Thus, Macdroid is used for android file transfer.

We can always transfer various files from personal computers to android devices. It is easy to transfer by just connecting the USB cable between the two devices. Similarly, we can transfer all data types from Mac to different android devices by connecting the USB cable.


Mac is the abbreviated form of Media Access Control. The MAC address is known as the hardware id number. For network interfaces, it is a unique identifier. For most of the IEEE 802 network technologies, it is used as a network address. It is also known as the burned-in address or the Ethernet hardware address. 

There are many differences between Macs and personal computers. Personal computers are abbreviated as PCs. Macs and PCs’ main differences are Macs run on Macs OS X operating system, and PCs run on windows. There are differences in their hardware too. Macs are built only by Apple, whereas PCs are built by several companies.

Since 1984, Apple Inc is selling Macintosh products. Macintosh is a family of personal computers. It is designed, manufactured, and sold out by Apple Inc. The first successful mass-market personal computer is the original Macintosh. This successful personal computer’s main features are a graphical user interface, built-in screen, and mouse.


There are several issues while transferring data between the devices. Sometimes, Mac cannot recognize Android devices or is not able to connect with android devices. The reasons are a usually defective USB cable, lack of compatibility between different devices, or enabling that feature on the Android.


The alternative way of transferring data between Mac and PCS is using an app such as Open MTP. The app Open MTP allows users to transfer files larger than 4 GB. Another app named Sync mate is available and free to use.

MacDroid has a free 7-day full-featured trial version. Now, this is the only free version available. This free version only allows users to transfer files from Android to Mac. The pro version of Mac Droid is also available now. The cost of the pro version is $ 19.99 per year. In this pro version, it allows users to transfer data in all directions. That is, it allows transferring the data or files between Android and Mac in both directions.

After installing the MacDroid app, open the main menu, and select devices. After that, in the app menu, select a connection mode, and follow the instructions. Thus, the users can access the contents and begin to transfer the files between Mac and connected Android devices. 

Thus, we can say that MacDroid is reliable, quite easy to use for android file transfer mac