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Meet WormGpt, Evil Twin of ChatGPT with No Ethical Boundaries

Is AI taking over the world? Will AI replace humans? Is AI that smart? Will AI take over the world? Will AI replace software engineers? These are some of the most frequently asked questions on Google since the launch of AI smarty Chatgpt.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a reflection of human intelligence which is based on the data that we input in its system. The database it works on is humongous. 

In this article, we will be discussing one of the bad boy AI in the town which has been making headlines since it was launched, WormGpt. We will be discussing the features, uses, misuses, and instructions to install one by one. 


Without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is WormGpt?

As the name already suggests, Wormgpt is claimed to be the evil version of Chatgpt. With various cases of online hacking and phishing, Wormgpt is quite disliked. 

Based on the GPTJ language, this AI module was fed with malicious data which has been rejected by other modules to ensure the safety of the user. The module has been developed in such a way that it can hack, send malware-laced emails, and advise on something that is illegal.


This AI module has accelerated cybercrime by manifold times. The most noticeable thing between Chatgpt and Wormgpt is that both are based on GPTJ language but Chatgpt has ethical safeguards against its misuse.

WormGpt has no ethical boundaries or limitations. Anything that is considered a “Black hat” can be done using Wormgpt. The module was discovered by an Email security provider “Slashnext” which was being displayed as an advertisement on a prominent site which is associated with cybercrime.

It has features like Unlimited Character Support, Chat Memory Retention, and Code Formatting Capabilities. The module can be used at an expense of $60 per month.

However, it is not at all advisable to try out this module because it can cause serious harm.


How, where, and why is it used?

Let’s first understand how to use WormGpt. This GPT model was developed in the year 2021 by a team known as “EleutherAI” which was then sold to cyber criminals via some online forum.


Devoid of any policies, disclaimers, or ethical limits, this model has been proven to be a hacker’s best friend. The most remarkable achievement of Wormgpt is its ability to create emails that are free of any errors. They are written in such a way that they look convincing enough.

WormGpt can be accessed through the dark web. However, one can not simply enter the world of the dark web. The dark web can only be accessible through Tor. Tor is a website that has high security and is almost untraceable.

Now that we already know how and where it can be accessed and used, let’s talk about how it is used. WormGpt is mainly used for sending malicious emails. The emails are often written in such a language that are usually mistaken to be authorized mail.

The emails usually contain links. These links can infect your device with viruses which can reveal all your personal information. Not only emails, these models can spread misinformation.


Are Chaptgpt and Wormgpt the same thing?

ChatGpt and WormGpt work in the same language i.e., GPTJ. However, both are miles apart when it comes to working. On one hand, ChatGpt helps to complete codes or find errors in codes, WormGpt on the other hand deals with everything that is unethical and can potentially be illegal as well. 

While Chatgpt with google login is trained to carry out a human-like conversation, Wormgpt usually deals with malicious conversations which helps cyber criminals carry out illegal activities.

How to use Wormgpt?

To use WormGpt, you will need to access the dark web. Accessing the dark web is not an easy task. It can not be accessed through websites like Chrome or Mozilla, only a few websites can access the dark web. Websites like Tor can be used.

Once you have entered the dark web, you will be required to search for Wormgpt. Once you have accessed it, you will be required to sign up or go on with the free trial. 


The model provides various features that are illegal. They are made in such a way that you can it to 

  • Write malicious content
  • Create undetectable malware
  • Create phishing pages
  • Create hacking tools
  • Learn how to code/hack and many other illegal activities.

The site is a gateway to various illegal activities and thus it is highly advisable to never try to access both the dark web as well as WormGpt.

What is phishing?

Each one of us has once received an email that usually talks about how our credit card validity has been achieved and that we need to renew it or how someone else is trying to access our PayPal or UPI. These are all examples of phishing emails.

Phishing is a type of cyber attack in which attackers attempt to deceive individuals into revealing sensitive and confidential information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or personal identification. This is typically done by pretending to be a trustworthy entity, often through emails, messages, or websites that appear legitimate.

However, these emails are too generic. 

  • Email phishing: Emails are sent by attackers that appear to be from a legitimate source, such as a bank, online service, or a well-known company. These emails often contain urgent requests for the recipient to click on a link, log in to an account, or provide sensitive information.
  • Spear Phishing: In this kind of email, the attackers are more specific regarding the content in the mail. To these attackers, getting a hold of the information regarding your latest purchase or your nail spa appointments is no big deal. They then use this detail in the emails.
  • Voice Phishing: According to a new article by Livemint, voice scams hits 47% of web users. In this kind of scam, the caller with the use of AI pretends to be one of the family members who are in need of help.
  • SMS Phishing: Texts are sent by the attacker which usually has links. These links, when opened, can infect your device with viruses.

How to be safe from Phishing?

Phishing can be detected if one pays close attention to some factors. 

  • Check the legitimacy of the sender: Always remember to check for legitimacy. The suspicious-looking sender’s number or email address is easy to recognize. Always remember that banks never contact you via texts or emails.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links: Clicking on suspicious links would redirect you to a page. After the page opens, it might steal the sensitive information from your device which later can be used against you.
  • Avoid sharing your personal information: Sharing your personal information on the web or to anyone can cause trouble.
  • Install double authentication factor: Double authentication will help you to add an extra layer of security.


Disclaimer: One should avoid using the Dark web because it can cause unparalleled damage.

The dark web involves using tools that make your path untraceable. They also offer you features that are unavailable on your normal browsing sites. Dark websites are usually famous for illegal activities and can land you in difficult situations.


  1. Start with installing a secure web browser. Browsers like Tor (The Onion Router) are advisable as it is difficult to be traced.
  2. Download the app and install it.
  3. Launch the Tor browser.
  4. Always add “.onion” domains. These domains can not be opened on normal browsers.

Case study

A case from Arizona has surfaced on the internet where a mother received a call and heard her daughter’s vulnerable voice. The caller made it seem like the daughter had been kidnapped off the mountain.

After a few exchanges of calls and texts, she realized that her daughter was fine and the call was a fraud one made by using AI.


WormGPT is made for the purpose of malicious use by software attackers to steal information. Cyber attacks are made easy these days using AI. WormGPT usage is not at all advisable as it can cause the loss of data from your device. 

Thus it is safe to say that Wormgpt is the evil version of Chatgpt.                                                    


  • Is it illegal to use wormgpt?

Yes, the use of Wormgpt is illegal to use. It may vary from country to country.

  • Is wormgpt free to use?

No, you may get a free trial but you need to pay $60 per month.

  • Is it safe to use wormgpt?

No, it is not at all safe to use wormgpt.

  • Can one access wormgpt using Chrome browser?

No. It can only be accessed through Tor or other safe websites.

  • Can the dark web be used through Chrome browser?

No, you will need a special browser to access the dark web.

  • Can phishing be a criminal offense?

Yes, phishing can be a criminal offense.

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