Mental Health

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health at College

College days can be overwhelming, and maintaining your mental wellness can become a real challenge. When I was a student. I considered mental health as a higher priority, and you should too. 

Mental Health

My friend was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder after she received less than expected results on her studies. But the truth is, it didn’t come out of anywhere; it sizzled and stemmed from childhood.

There are millions of students battling the same fight, and I am here today to show you a path to break away from mental illness that has been trying to grip you. Let’s Dive in!

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What is Mental Health? Why is it So Important for College Students?

Mental health constitutes our psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It is crucial at every stage of life, especially in students’ life when they are at the most vulnerable edge where hard decisions have to be made. When it comes to illness, the most common problems students face anxiety. 

mental health

Due to many assignments and essays, it can be hard to cope up with real-life and start to stress over for nothing. The essay on mental illness covers broad topics on this issue. The early warning signs taken from real-life examples for mental illness include:

  • Having low energy
  • Eating and sleeping too much or less
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Pushing people away and usual activities
  • Fighting with family and friends
  • Feeling numb and many more

Top 5 Tips To Help Students Getting Through a Rough Patch

It is very easy to overwork yourself beyond the breaking point by concentrating on writing essays, argumentative answers, submitting papers, and many more. Here are some of the tips to help you in getting through the problems head-on.


1. Value yourself

Treat yourself right with kindness and avoid self-criticism; focusing on your hobbies helps you broaden the horizon and improve mental health. Plant a garden or take piano lessons to come out of feeling down.

I know college is challenging and stressful, but when you try to put things in perspective and make free time, you’ll realize everything is going to be okay. Remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with letting things slip once in a while. Don’t be hard on yourself.

2. Seek help

Most students feel hesitation in seeking help for mental illness issues. But there is nothing wrong with getting assistance from a trained professional who can work hard to change your perspective and circumvent the problem.

Most schools make it easier to connect with therapists and psychologists to help students get through hard times if they did not find the right fit, no harm in finding other counselors.

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3. Do not isolate yourself

The more you try to isolate yourself by being fed up with putting on a brave face, the more you push people away from your world. Do not hesitate to reach out to your close finds, family members, and roommates to talk everything out.

Make sure to develop a strong support system, and it may be your family or close friends at best. It may be hard to trust, but some people do wish to see you succeed and win in life.

4. Quiet your mind

Meditation and mindfulness are the best methods to quiet the demons in your mind. It is proven to sho calming effects and improves mental health significantly, Therefore try meditation to have a broader state of mind.

Everyone wants to active high marks and impress faculty with strong essays, but is it worth losing your mental health over.

5. Take a break

No matter the workload, remember to take a break from your busy schedule. Got various topics or summaries to craft an essay on, stop running yourself into oblivion and focus on improving your body. Try to engage yourself with stress-free activities like intramural sports, movies, reading books, and other advantages.

If things escalate, talk to someone whom your tryst because keeping the illness is unhealthy and dangerous. If you talk to a consider it, it will help relieve those negative feelings pent up in mind.

The Bottom Line

During this exciting phase of life, it is evident that there is a lot on your plate. Todays’ college students stress over things and face more mental illness issues than any other college student generation.

It is best to realize that college students need help in reaching out and asking for help. This does not make you weak. Instead, it supports and pushes you out of mental health crises. There are so many real-life examples persuasive enough to make you believe in what you think is impossible.

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