Money transfer is a basic necessity that every individual relies on, and in today’s world, international money transfer is even more common. Fund transfer between friends based in different countries or official payment from a large enterprise are typical use cases. Each country has certain rules specific to its region, but by large, the fundamentals are common.

There are some key features that you have to be aware when you opt with a service provider to transfer money to a country. The most obvious feature that you look out for is the transfer fees which you try to minimize. However, there are some other tips which you would find handy – for instance, a vast selection of supported banks, payment options, and more.


Mexico has always been at the forefront of global finance. With the growing number of enterprises having their base in the country, sending money to Mexico has become prevalent. There are virtually innumerable ways to transfer funds to the Mexican region, and Western Union provides some attractive benefits of using their service.

A brief note about Western Union

Western Union has a worldwide presence and offers typical features like wire transfers, money orders, money transfers, bill payment, and transfer tracking. Western Union is a large enterprise, working on massive revenues and supporting a sizeable workforce.

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Sending money to Mexico made easy

As a multi-faceted company, Western Union offers innovative solutions to help customers make a transfer to Mexico. With an eye-catching offer of zero transfer fees when sending from a bank in the US to select banks in Mexico, the list is versatile. Western Union has made it easier when transferring from the US to the banks Banorte, Banamex, and BBVA, based in Mexico.

The process is fairly simple if the recipient has an account with the enlisted banks. The sender just has to initiate the money transfer, enter the amount, select method of payment, and enter the receiver’s bank account number. As with any service provider, there are overheads of fees and exchange rates. These subject to change without notice and is your discretion.

Western Union further elevates its service by allowing customers to send money in more than one way. You are fully empowered to send money to Mexico using mobile apps, making an online transfer, or make a payment in-person. When you pay in-person, you can do so at more than 42,000 agent locations in the US.

Western Union almost distinguishes itself when you have to send money to Mexico in the local currency. The user just pays with a credit or debit card, directly from their bank account, using Apple Pay, or with cash at an agent location. Western Union strives to provide the choice easiest to the user.

The money transfer giant has even made it convenient for stakeholders to receive in the local currency as well. Your recipient can pick up cash at more than 33,000 locations across the country. This is in addition to have their funds sent directly to all major banks in Mexico. You can avail the seamless cost estimator, which gives you an idea of the inherent fees/limits.

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Other great benefits of using Western Union

Western Union offers special exchange rates when sending for cash pickup at select agent locations in Mexico. This feature is available with the agents BanCoppel, OXXO and Famsa. When sending substantially large amounts, a lesser exchange rate would help you save on the overheads.

With many people working overseas, paying the bills of loved ones based in Mexico has been covered by Western Union. You can pay the bills either online, with a mobile application or at an agent location. Such billers typically include CFE, Telmex, and Telcel with a host of others supported by Western Union.

Western Union also provides a way to reload prepaid mobile phone minutes on Telcel, Movistar, and AT&T. The mobile application provided by Western Union is particularly handy and is available in the Spanish language also. Supporting touch identification, the mobile application provides similar such utilities that make the transfer swift.


In your search for the ideal method of sending money to Mexico, you would have stumbled upon a number of options. While it is wise to be aware of the different options available, Western Union has already set a standard in global money transfer. There can be no clear pros or cons of using a money transfer service, but you have to take care of a secure transfer yourself.

The advantages provided by Western Union starts with its robust reliability. You can be rest assured that your recipient in Mexico receives the money promptly. You are spared from a cumbersome transaction by allowing you to make payments within minutes. With such a multitude of options, making money transfers to Mexico is only a click away.