Startups and small business, in particular, are often faced with cash flow concerns and try to do these things for themselves. We will consider some common mistakes that small business owners make with SEO and how they can be avoided.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Essentially this means how high a website is ranked when a user performs a search in a search engine. You will want your website occupying higher positions since a typical user would most likely ignore search results that are later in the queue. Most search engines make use of an algorithm that evaluates websites and presents the most scoring with premium places.

Mistakes small business owners make with SEO

The algorithm may consider several parameters, but the most important ones are quality, trust, and authority. When your website is ranked high, it facilitates more visitors and equally good business.

1.Content with inferior quality

You must be diligent in providing quality content to your product or service. For example, if your business is promoting a product, commonplace or borrowed writing will not set your product unique.

Search engines will not know if your product is way better than the rest. On the other hand, if you describe that your product can be customized and provides superior features, it would stand out.

You must work on creating a brand. Advertise in social media, get a clip of a celebrity using your product, such measures highlight your product.

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2.Websites that fare poorly on trust

Search engines generally lookout for trustworthy websites. If your website consistently gets poor reviews, the search engine learns to demote it to inferior positions.

Trust is built when several booming businesses recognize and endorse your website. If you can get authoritative websites to link to your website and likewise companies, happy customers, vendors call out that you are credible, it builds trust.

business website

3. Websites are not authoritative

Search engines usually recommend the most popular website. For example, if you can convince a search engine that your website provides the most authoritative and latest content for a product, chances are your website ranks better.

Building authoritative websites can be achieved by setting up a fan base. If more people link to your website as the place to avail quality services or products, it builds authority.

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4.Wrong keyword selection

Wrong keyword selection is the most common mistake that occurs when working with SEO. Websites that are linked with the right set of keywords are often ranked better. You need to choose the right keywords if your small business needs SEO services.

A phase of keyword brainstorming must not be neglected. A pool of people well versed with digital marketing should be consulted to optimize keywords for a website. There are good software tools for this purpose also.

choosing wrong keywords

5.No facility for mobile optimization

With the advent and widely used mobile technology, there are websites designed to work well on mobile devices. When tuning SEO, careful consideration has to be given to mobile devices also, since there is potential business from this platform too.

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6.Poor website health

You have to make sure that your website is in good working condition and there are no issues like broken, misleading or harmful links. Such issues degrade the reputation and kindle a decrease in rankings.

This implies keeping a watchful lookout on your website’s health and also making use of SEO error checker tools.

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7.Problems with website performance

Although it seems trivial, faster loading websites are often ranked better in search engine results. Certain search engines are actively working on adopting this principle. Besides, a faster loading website provides a better experience to a user using it. This can improve hit and referral rates.

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8.Poor optimization for title and meta description

The title and meta description for a page has to be clear and well optimized. These are snippets of information that a search engine displays as part of your search. These are important elements because it helps the search engine understand what your content and site want to achieve.

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9.Lack of tracking using tools

To quantify your efforts for SEO, you must use tools that give you a clear idea of how your website is faring concerning rankings. Tools like Google Analytics offers you an insight on goals like contact page visits and form fills.

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  1. Lack of analysis, optimizing and scaling

To enhance your campaign’s performance, you must periodically analyze, optimize and scale. The analysis involves obtaining a broad domain knowledge of the SEO process you have adopted so far.

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You must further work on optimizing your workflow and scaling it to perform better. Measures like solid social media presence and a multitude of high reviews are good scaling examples.


We have presented some key remedies for common mistakes that small business owners do with SEO. Emphasis should be given to the guiding principles of SEO.

SEO is not a one time task and you have to stay attentive to keep your website relevant. Such digital marketing ventures will surely boost your business to greater heights!