Making money by starting a business, investing, or beginning other ventures do not always require huge sums of cash for capitalization. It’s possible to launch a start-up business and invest with little money. There are also several income-generating ventures you can engage in without having to obtain large capital. Some of them are as follows:

Partnership specializing in services

You can start a partnership business by inviting friends or acquaintances who are professionals or those who have skills in specific fields. The partnership can provide bookkeeping, virtual assistance, social media marketing, and PR management, transcription services, content development, search engine optimization, web development, app development, or other services. The only capital outlay or initial expenditures to be incurred in this kind of business are related to the paperwork (for the registration of the business) and the establishment of the office (including the purchase of equipment and office furnishing), which can be home-based.

Money-Making Ventures that Require Little Capital


Online selling

If you are near shipping service providers, you can set up an online store and store with just a few in-demand items. There’s no need to put up a physical store and spend heavily on marketing. Everything can be done online as long as you know the ropes. You can sell at an established online marketplace or set up your independent e-commerce store. It would be advisable to do both, though. and supplement your promotions with social media marketing.

Affiliate marketing, selling assistance, and drop-shipping

For those who don’t have enough funds to produce or obtain products to sell, you can sell what other businesses are selling through an affiliate marketing, reselling, or drop-shipping setup. In affiliate marketing, you get a specific percentage of the sales made through your referral link or banner. Selling assistance is best exemplified by eBay’s Assistant or Seller program, wherein you sell the products of other stores and get a commission from the sales. Drop-shipping, on the other hand, is a supply chain management method wherein the seller does not maintain an inventory of the goods to be sold. Instead, the goods are directly shipped by the manufacturer/supplier to the seller who places an order with the seller.

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These online selling schemes require minimal capital and operating costs. They can be started with just a computer (or even a smartphone) with an internet connection. It’s also possible to hire people to do the work for you and do affiliate marketing, selling assistance, and drop-shipping for a multitude of products to have greater chances of generating sales to get commissions.

Pet care and taxi services

You can also try doing a day-care service business, but if you prefer less regulation and capital outlay, try doing a pet care or taxi service company. You can have a lodging facility for pets in a vacant lot in front of your house or in a cheap space you can find in your neighborhood. You have to truly love animals in order to succeed in this kind of business, otherwise, it would be far from enjoyable and the low capital expenditure will be offset easily by the encumbrance you would associate with the business.

Mailbox rental

This will not be suitable for everyone because it requires a location that can be perceived as a professional-sounding business address. However, if you, or people you know, are willing to rent out their mailboxes, this is a good business idea to consider. Many freelancers and online businesses are willing to pay around $18 or even higher per month to have a mailbox address that can lend some credibility to their businesses. Some of the important equipment you need to have are the mailboxes, cash register, weighing scales, parcel packaging set, and labeling and shipping supplies.

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Arcade games

They may sound like they’re from the 80s or 90s, but arcade games can be a good business idea. It’s going to cost more compared to the other options featured here, but there’s a high chance to generate steady income if you find the perfect spot and you can offer the right games that draw in patrons. You can provide the usual pinball and electronic games, but you can also offer contemporary options such as mobile and PC games. You can obtain pre-owned equipment for your arcade entertainment shop provided it is not too old or underperforming.

Online asset buying and selling

You can make money by selling your photos, graphics, video clips, articles, e-books, and other online assets. There are many marketplaces or platforms to monetize your digital content. You can also engage in website flipping or the buying of websites to be improved and sold for a higher price. Also, there’s the option to buy and sell domain names.

Take advantage of technology and the evolving and largely technology-influenced consumer preferences. The current trading and commercial landscapes are making it easier and less costly to embark on income-earning ventures. There’s no reason not to take a shot.