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Explore New Races and Latest Chapters of Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes and Download the Pdf for Free

After the release of Xanather’s Guide to Everything, the D&D game players ever thought they would get a handbook soon. So the addition of Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes came out of the blue. 

The overview in the book involves high-level threats an advanced level player needs to know of. It’s monstrous, including the information relating to the legendary wizard Mordenkainen. 


mordenkainen's tome of foes pdf


He is one of the most stubborn characters, and even his friends find him difficult to bear. He is one of those paranoid people who suffer from madness and believes that threat and evil are surrounded everywhere, constantly watching him.

Now, in this review, let me give you a snippet on what exactly does the book of Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes pdf contains and how to download the pdf easily without spending much on the whole book. 


What is Mordenkainen’s tome of foes? What is the Publication history of Mordenkainen’s Tome Of Foes?

Mordenkainen’s tome of foes is the 5th edition from the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game that came out in 2018. Mordenkainen, who is a person who will tell you that someone has to keep the cosmic energies balanced. There is someone who is always trying to get things off balance.


mordenkainen's tome of foes pdf


Mordenakinen, a strong wizard, keeps everything balanced so that nothing falls over because of the mishaps of demons and devils. Most of the players who played the character of Mordenkainen don’t think he is a cool character, as his stubbornness can overpower.

It might have been his looks too- his new hairstyle is a bald head with a trimmed goatee. Also, add to the scenario that he is suffering from madness rage convinced of evils out to get him from everywhere while he has a hard time even trusting his close friends. 

But most of all, he is one of those wizards who hacks the deep level of magic that transcends the world, almost affecting everything.


Historical Publication

Mordenkainen’s tome of foes was announced in the 2018 February. It also has an alternate cover by Vance Kelly. It won the award of the Origins Award for the best role-playing game supplement. Now, the may cost a lot, but it’s available in pdf format called Mordenkainen’s tome of foes pdf.


mordenkainen's tome of foes pdf


Now, let’s get ready to discover the truth of multiverse supplements from the powerful wizard Moredenkainen.


Why Must You Download Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes pdf? What Information Does This pdf Contain?

First of all, the book is mainly about the writings of Mordekainen, and it includes a lot of information about new creatures; basically, it’s a monster manual. It is useful for Dungeon players, but even the players can benefit from the lore section.



If you see the book, it’s divided into two parts. The first is entirely about the lore, and the remaining is all about the monsters.there is Mordenkainen note where it is pretty easy to ignore. Many commented that even if it didn’t exist, it would have mattered anyway.

His notes are pretty much going on about preserving the balance of the cosmic system. The first chapter deals with the blood war, where you can learn all about the war going on between the devils and demons.

If you’re looking for cults, you can find them in the following pages too. You can learn about running a campaign whose nemesis is a cult or anything demonic; then, this chapter would be of use for you.

Here unlike Xanathar’s guide, you won’t find any classes or subclasses but races and subraces.

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From Where Can You Download the Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes pdf? 

If you are the person who is familiar with D&D 5e, then Mordenkainen’s the best setting to get knowledge over. The guide easily helps you in creating your adventure for playing with the races and subraces.


mordenkainen's tome of foes pdf download


Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes pdf is available on the internet for free. If you just manage to research thoroughly, you can easily find them.

The Book Name: Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes pdf

Size of the Book:  119 MB

Format available:  PDF

Language     : English

Number of pages: 258 pages

Who is the author of this book?

Wizards RPG team




How Many Chapters Are There in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes Book? 

mordenkainen's tome of foes pdf download


There are 6 chapters in the Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes Book; for the fans and players of D&D lore, it contains a plethora of information. In these chapters, the first chapter includes history, new additions, and more role-playing options.

The sixth chapter includes the bestiary reference to the enemies you’ll be dealing with. The first chapter involves the glorious battle, “Blood Water.”  Here the infamous fight is between demons who are chaotic and devils who are kind of lawful mentioned perfectly in the Mordenkainen’s tome of foes pdf download. 


mordenkainen's tome of foes pdf download


The war takes place in the lower planes that are more similar to the real world Civil War. The rundown for the Lords of Nine is also informative. The bonus of this section is the Tiefling character, where you can have the option for subraces. There are double customization tools, demonic boons. There are tables. 

The special connection with the Lord of the Nines is a treat given the new abilities when you channel from where you come. 

Chapter two delves in part about Elves, it gives a narration about the drow and the deities they worship. You can get information on Corellon, the father of elves. If you were playing an elf, it would be good stuff to read and how to fight as elves.


tome of foes pdf


The third chapter is similar to the previous one, but it is full-on information about the Dwarfs: their history, culture, and the rift between Dwarf and Duergar.

The fourth chapter is about the Gith and Their Endless War; it’s all about overthrowing their master. Of course, there are subraces. The fifth chapter is “Halflings and Gnomes,” you can know a lot about as Halflings are just good folks with a bit of tradition in them.

Whereas the Gnomes are little energetic people and have fun throwing themselves into mischievous tasks. The last chapter is Bestiary- although there were some monsters in the previous chapters, the Mordenkianen’s Tome of foes pdf includes more challenging and tyrannical creatures in the sixth chapter.

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What are some of the playable races You can find in Moredenkainen’s Tome of Foes pdf?

Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes is primarily about players who look for new challenges. It includes several playable races to make your experience exotic.


tome of foes pdf



Tiefling is one of the most important races in the Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, further adding nine tiefling subraces. Each of the subraces is connected to a different ruler in the layer of hell.


mordenkainen's tome of foes pdf


If you are a player who particularly loves the character like rogues, wizards then this is the perfect fit for you.



If you want to be the most interesting subraces, then Eladrin is a good choice in the Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes pdf. They are sort of half-elves who make a living in the Feywild.


mordenkainen's tome of foes pdf download


The incredible thing is it can shift its form to match one of the four seasons. If it’s connected with the summer – bold and aggressive while if it’s winter – then it’s more generous and kind.



Sea elves have a plus 1 boost on their constitution stats, their powers to talk, swim and breathe in the water along with the ability to talk with the fish. If you want a character similar to Aquaman, then sea elves are your choice from the Mordenkainen’s tome of foes pdf.


tome of foes pdf


The Shadar-Kai are a kind of elves that reside in the Shadowfell, which is ruled by the infamous Raven queen. At first, they were just like normal elves, but living the shadow plane altered their forms permanently.


mordenkainen's tome of foes pdf download


Duergar is the race that has rifts between Dwarves; they are a kind of dark dwarf. The Duergars went in the Underdark vowing for revenge that dwarven gods abandoned them.


mordenkainen's tome of foes pdf


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What do people think about this book? According to internet research and people’s review.

Let’s see some of the reviews related to the Moredenakinen’s Tome of Foes pdf and what people think about them.


mordenkainen's tome of foes pdf


mordenkainen's tome of foes pdf download

The Bottom Line

Although the Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes pdf serves as a great supplement, it is not as great as Volo’s.

It is a good book if you want to run a nice campaign of demon and devil—the background information about the dwarves, elves, halflings, and everything. The character rating is a lot higher and gives a lot of inspiration and insight into the higher creature.



1. How Old is Mordenkainen?

If you are familiar with the D&D third edition level handbook, Mordenkainen’s age is described as around 40, although it’s true that his age is twice more. His birth is around 511 CY.

2. What level is Mordenkainen?

Mordenkainen is the 30th level. 

3. How is Mordenkainen described as?

Ordenkaine has described the peacekeeping force between the cosmic system and an enigmatic leader of the circle eight.


Disclaimer: we are not responsible for the creation of the PDF. We have just given the link found on the internet.

If you have played this game or going to, do let us know if you have found this article helpful in the comment section below!

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