Most Amazing YouTube Tricks and Tips in 2021

YouTube no doubt tops the list of the most popular video channels globally, with over 2 billion active users. But, even though it is commonly known for videos, YouTube has in recent times included other features to keep their customers glued to them.

There are many things you can now do with YouTube, including removing those ads that probably pop up when you see a video. In this article, we shall show you some little tricks you can now do with Youtube. And, if you own a video channel, you’ll learn tips that can boost your visits and conversion rate.

7 YouTube Tricks and Tips 

#1. Increase Your Views With Customized Thumbnails

Thumbnails are your viewers’ first contact with your videos. So, if they aren’t catchy, you know what that may mean.

You need to customize your thumbnails, make them unique, and grab your potential viewers’ attention. This helps to make them view your video to the end after taking a second look.

For this purpose, “BOGY” Thumbnails are helpful. They are thumbnails that do not use the conventional colors (white, black, red), rather they use any of these four colors:

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow


If you have ever observed YouTube videos, you would notice that only 3 colors (white, red, and black) appear. Now, imagine using something different for your thumbnail. People may want to find out just what is in the video, and hence, more people are likely to click on your video.

BOGY thumbnails can make your videos stand out even amongst the ton of similar videos on YouTube.

#2. Use Cards and End Screens to Direct traffic to your videos

Cards and end screens are powerful tools to drive traffic to your video. They function more like a call to action.

Cards are clickable pop-ups in a video that can direct people to the main deal; a video or playlist. This means you can use cards to direct traffic to your video. On end screens, you can display catchy call-to-action cards in the last 30 seconds of your content.

#3. Turn YouTube Videos into a GIF

More people are beginning to find it fun using GIFs to communicate. But did you know you could create your GIF using your YouTube video?

There is just a simple trick around it:

This link leads directly to, and with your video already on the page so that you can edit.

  • Click on the options menu to edit; add effects and customize to suit you.

#4. Use a Transcript to Make Your Video Rank in Search Engine Results

Your video description and the transcript are part of the factors that determine how well your videos rank on search engines.

To add a transcript to your video: 

  • Open the video on YouTube. You will see a row of icons just below the play button, click the icon “Subtitles/CC.”

Set your language, and choose one among three different provisions for adding subtitles or closed captions to your video.

  • Upload a pre-written text transcript or a timed subtitles file.
  • Paste in a full transcript of the video, wherein subtitle timings will be set automatically.
  • Type the transcript in as you watch the video.

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#5. Create, Share, and Collaborate on Video Playlists.

Amazingly, YouTube can offer some services that your favorite sites like Spotify and iTunes offer. You can also create and share a “playlist” on YouTube.

Playlists help you to categorize YouTube videos into similar groups for easy identification and access. For example, you can have a playlist for tutorial videos and another one for movies.

To create a playlist, you can follow these easy steps.


Create a playlist on desktop:

  • Go to your Playlists page ( click: “Creator Studio” – “Video Manager” – “Playlists”).
  • Click “New Playlist”, then choose whether to keep it private or make it public, with the option provided.

Add a video to a playlist:

  • Click on the “Add to” and choose the playlist you want to add the video
  • To connect and share with your friends, turn on the ability to collaborate on playlists. This will enable those you share your playlist link with to add videos to that playlist.


Add friends to a playlist:

  • Select the playlist you wish to collaborate on, from your playlists page.
  • Click on the “Playlist Settings” option and then “Collaborate”.
  • Set to allow collaborators to add videos to the playlist. From there, you can send it to your friends so that they can add videos to the playlist.

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#6. Save Videos to Watch Later.

Some YouTube videos might just so catch your attention that you want to save and view them over and over again. Well, YouTube has made it possible for you; you can save videos to a “Watch Later” playlist to access them anytime.

The “Watch Later” playlist and the normal playlist function alike, except that you can not get others to join you.

This is how to import a video into your “Watch Later” playlist:

  • Open the video on YouTube
  • Click on the “Add to” and choose the playlist you want to add the video

To access those videos, just visit your YouTube homepage and select “Watch Later” from the menu.

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#7. Remove Ads From YouTube Videos

Ads can sometimes be a distraction when seeing a YouTube video, and especially when the videos are fascinating.

However, there is a little secret to changing this story; you can remove these ads and enjoy a smooth ride on your videos. And, Vanced pro is specifically designed to help you achieve this.

Vanced Pro also allows you to play videos in the background, which is another recent trick on Youtube.


YouTube is obviously advancing with the times. And, now that you’ve discovered some recent tricks and tips you can use to achieve more on YouTube, you may want to explore the website even more.

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