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5 Most Expensive Graphics Card In The World As Per The Research in 2020

It all started in the 1940s; it is when Whirlwind I, the first computer graphic developed for the U.S. Navy, to locate objects. Acting as a simulator gave way to something extraordinary that we are all using right about now.

most expensive graphics card

Yes, I am talking about the Graphics card, which gamers seem to adore. So, choosing the best one is imperative. Many sellers say that what they are selling is excellent and do anything to appease people’s curiosity.

With research and personal thoughts, I have put together the most expensive graphic cards that provide high resolution and are compatible with computer users. Let’s Dive in..

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What is a Graphics Card? Is it Necessary?

A Graphics card is a famous invention that is responsible for rendering an image into your monitor. It converts the data into a relevant signal so that the monitor can understand. It is responsible for managing the pictures displayed on the screen. 

most expensive GPU


It is essential to have a graphics card because they play games on laptops or Computers. Every Computer has it, and it is necessary for processing while gaming. 

On the other hand, it is necessary to run extensive video editing software on the laptop or create an excellent VFX effect. This can only be possible if your Computer has an expensive graphics card in place. Otherwise, it may start ruining your whole project.

When it comes to a good graphic card, it makes a massive difference in the quality of videos and images while playing games or videos. But this depends on the type of card you are using; let’s dive into the kind of cards you must be using.


Types of Graphics Card That You Must Know

It plays a significant role in converting data into useful images on the monitor, so choosing among the best options is difficult. There are countless graphics cards to choose from, so it can be quite confusing and intimidating. Before buying the best one, make sure to get awareness about the different kinds that exist.

most expensive video card


1.Integrated Graphics Card

Using an integrated graphics card is one of the types that give a perfect chance to assemble it by yourself. It is usually related to the card’s relationship with the Computer’s motherboard. They are also called onboard graphics cards, but it requires you to plug in a new graphics card.

2. PCI

PCI graphic cards are usually used in the PCI slot to connect with the Computer. Although it is an old model, many computers still operate on older motherboards, so it’s not bad to try your luck by getting a PCI related card.

3. AGP

AGP Graphics card should be connected with the motherboard too, but the new feature is that it has four speeds. The fastest speed is 8x, but if your Computer’s motherboard only supports lower speed ones like 1x or 2x, there is a high probability of your graphics card behaving slowly. 

4. PCI-Express

PCI-Express is one of the advanced graphics cards out of the other selections. The speed can be accelerated to 16x. But before buying this model, make sure that it is compatible with your Computer as specific models may not work correctly.

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The 5 Most Expensive Graphics Cards in the World

It’s understandable that finding the right and most expensive graphics card may be a great solution if you are a PC gamer. For those who don’t care about gaming, it is not required to invest in the most expensive video card, while for those who love high-end games like me, it is better to look for the card to increase its effectiveness notch.

expensive graphics card


1. GTX Titan Z

GTX Titan is a hero when it comes to the most expensive graphic cards list. Costing around 3000 dollars, brace yourself for some mind-blowing features. The 4k ultra max settings make your gaming worth it for every second. 

most expensive GPU

Look wise, the item is shiny, and the card remains cool despite hours of running. Its robust structure is equipped with 5760 Cuda Cores, which provides a myriad of processing functions.

The special features include an exception of 12 GB Ram, which is understandable for the epic price. Not only that, it has an enlarged cooling chamber that works hard in keeping the interior temperatures down.

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2. AMD R9 290X

Acquiring an AMD model card is a matter of pride, which is why it is considered in the list of most expensive video cards in the market. Starting at $749, it provides 4GB Ram space for smooth performance for the video. 

most expensive video card

Although it is regarded as the card that provides an efficient gaming experience, it is developed to target the increased cryptocurrency supply. Hence, buying this model at a price makes it worthy and serves two purposes to your Computer. 

The high-end single graphics card ideal for desktop PCs is prepared in 28 nanometers offering a 512-bit memory interface. When it comes to its powerful performance, depending on the game, AMD proves to be a king as they outperform other most expensive graphics cards by 50 percent.

It can be played in 260 x 1600 pixels and has True Audio as a great feature. Depending on the user’s usage, the core can be increased to 1000MHz. More than the new features, it does not disappoint with higher performance supporting features like new turbo mode and DirectX12. Overall it’s a good investment for your powerplay night.

3. ASUS ROG GeForce RTX 2080Ti

ASUS is a horsepower when it comes to extreme 4K and VR gaming. It uses various automation technology to enhance the reliability in bringing the power of AI to games. The Super Alloy power II provides solid polymer capacitors allowing the fans to seize spinning.  

most expensive graphics card

Those who are extreme game enthusiasts can enjoy an ultimate 4k gaming experience with six lighting effects. As the most expensive video card, the graphics delivered here are of high quality and cloud nine high tech features.

The outstanding feature Tweak II makes the gamers encounter better streaming than ever before. Not only that, even overclocking in this expensive model is straightforward.

The new feature, DirectX 12, allows innovative visual effects and renders techniques that make the hard work even faster with efficiency. Compared to other models, it outshines the competition that will enable users to customize requirements for calling the shots. 

Overall, the model provides excellent overclocking features, greater RGB, speed, efficiency, and temperature cooling.

4. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti

So, if you are already using one of the most expensive graphic cards and need an upgrade to an even better one, NVIDIA GeForce is an excellent founder edition. It performs wonderfully and plays games with the right resolution. 

most expensive graphics card

It has created a revolution in the gaming industry when it comes to performance and ultra-fast power. Powered by the truing GPU architecture gives a 6X performance to enjoy games as desired.

With 11 GB, it provides an excellent experience with no disruption in the middle. The 4K resolution works without any glitch. The design of the graphics card looks robust and reliable.

It delivers unique real-time ray-tracing technologies providing realistic graphics to the users.

Overall, the model has advantages in beautiful design, performance, unique technology, and perfect temperature. One of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti is that it cannot run on all games at 60fps.

5. Gigabyte Radeon R9 295X2

Gigabyte Radeon is a new interface that is available at the cost of $362.57. Supporting various features, it is a desktop graphic processing unit fabricated at 28 nanometers. 

expensive graphics card

The maximum power consumption of this beauty is 500 watt and provides 8 GB of DDR5 memory benefits. Powered by AMD Radeon, one of the most expensive graphics cards, has an ultimate panoramic computing experience.

It supports independent display units at the same time and has an eye for innovative graphics display. The 3.0 interface needs two motherboard slots to perform successfully; overall, the product specification is right, and the game performance will be top-notch.

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Pros and Cons of using Graphics Card on Laptop or Desktop

most expensive graphics card


  • Graphics cards provide better graphics than what already exists on laptops. This makes gamers prefer a computer with a graphics card as they can easily play creative and new games.
  • Having a graphic card gives the PC more power while engaging with gaming activities as the decoding is accelerated.
  • Accessibility to download the latest games is an added benefit of having an advanced graphics card.




  • Laptops or PCs with graphic cards are costly. Laptops with graphic cards are powerful, and the best ones can provide the best quality gaming experience.
  • The integration of graphic cards leads to more power consumption.
  • Your laptop becomes bulkier with the most expensive graphic cards in them.
  • Since it is designed to provide high-quality visual effects, it is more likely to heat up quickly.

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What Do People Think About Using the Most Expensive Video Card? According to Internet Research and People’s Opinion.

Here are the screenshots to get to know the real thoughts of like-minded people on their endeavor towards discovering the specialty of graphics cards. Is it useful? Let’s see

most expensive GPU

most expensive video card

The Bottom line

Overall, using the most expensive graphics does come with a burden, but I dare say it is a beautiful burden for all those gaming enthusiasts out there. If you are looking for one of the most powerful, robust, and reliable graphics cards regardless of price, then go right ahead to get the best one.

Before buying the card, make sure whether the kind of power supply matches the graphics card. Check on its memory and what its bandwidth is. Last but not least, ensure that your motherboard has enough space to accommodate the most expensive GPU.


1. Is it better to have a good processor or graphics card?

Having both at the right quality is essential, and both have their functions to care for. Influential games require a smart CPU and ultra-speed GPU to enjoy the performance.

2. Do I need a graphics card if I don’t play games?

If you are not an avid gamer, then the most expensive graphics card is not necessary. 

3. Is RTX better than GTX?

In a way, RTX is fully capable of beating GTX when it comes to 4K gaming, and it also provides better resolutions.

4. What does GTX stand for?

GTX stands for Gore-Tex Lining.

5. Which is the cheapest graphic card?

  1. Asus NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
  2. Gigabyte NVIDIA GT 710 2 GB 
  3. ZOTAC NVIDIA GT 710 2 GB 


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