Most expensive house in the world

Most Biggest and Expensive Houses in the World | According to the Latest 2020 Research

You have listened to a lot of fairy tales on your childhood days, haven’t you? Do you remember the colossal palaces of the kings and queens that never failed to grab your attention?

Most expensive house in the world



You will be surprised to know, unlike the other things that you listened to in your bedtime stories, the enormous palaces exist on the earth. Let’s peep into the most expensive house in the world and luxurious houses to know how expensive these are and why they are so expensive.


What type of people owns the most expensive houses in the world? How much time does it take them to have the biggest house of their dreams?

When the topic is the biggest and most expensive house in the world, it is quite natural for you to ask, Who owns the biggest house in the world?


Biggest house in the world


The answer is common from ancient times since the present day. It is the king who owns The biggest house in the world. The costliest and most magnificent palace of the earth is Buckingham Palace that belongs to the royal family of England.

Still, Buckingham Palace is not the greatest one among the largest palaces in the world. The largest one is in India, and the owner is Mukesh Ambani. The name of the castle is Antilia.

The constructors took four long years to build Antilia, the biggest house in the world!      

Top 10 Biggest houses in the world which you’re not aware of


 The biggest house in the world


Your home is not only the place you live in but is the thing that announces to everyone. How wealthy you are! That’s why rich people never think twice about spending hundreds of thousands on getting a super luxurious home. Today you are going to know about those houses that can cost beyond your imagination.

1. Antilia — Mumbai, India 

Don’t you want to know What is the most expensive house in the world? Then here is your answer. It is Antilia. Antilia is the name of the home of Mukesh Ambani, the great business tycoon of India. 

Most expensive house in the world


This gorgeous palace is on Altamount Road in Mumbai, India. The twenty-seven storied palace, named Antilia, occupies four hundred thousand square feet.

You will get here three helipads, one ballroom, one hundred and sixty-eight garages, a theatre, and a garden upon the roof. The palace has a spa and temple as well.

The mansion has earthquake resistance ability.


  • Owner: Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani lives here with his family. He took four long years to complete this building. Antilia has made its owner infamous because he compelled numerous orphans to leave their shelter to build this house.

  • Cost: Two billion-dollar

The home of Mukesh Ambani is the most expensive house in the world. It stands on Almond Road in Mumbai.


2. Biltmore Estate — Asheville, North Carolina

Biltmore is one of the unique palaces in Asheville. It possesses a 178,926 square feet area. This colossal mansion contains two hundred and fifty luxurious rooms. Biltmore Estate has a grand farmhouse and a woodland in it. 


iggest house in the world


This house is ready to serve its guests with pantry facilities, parlour games, and laundry services. The story of the famous novel “The Last Castle” revolves around this building.

  • Owner: Dini Pickering and Bill Cecil

Biltmore is the home of the Cecil family. A.V Cecil and Mary Cecil (his wife) owned and maintained property for years.

 Nevertheless, man is not immortal. One has to leave this earth one day, no matter how much he would love his home! They both passed away within 30 days. Now Dini Pickering and Bill Cecil are the owners of Biltmore House. They are the offspring of A.V and Mary Cecil.

  • Cost: 157.2 million dollar

George Washington Vanderbilt spent six million dollars on building Biltmore house in the year 1895. You know the evaluation of money increases as the time passes by. Biltmore’s home is not an exception. Right now, the net worth of the palace is 1.6 billion dollars.

3. Safra Mansion — São Paulo, Brazil

The first and second things that come to your mind when you hear the name of the country “Brazil” are consecutively football and coffee. What is the third thing peeps into your account on that topic? Isn’t it the Safra mansion


Most expensive house in the world


The architects have embodied the mansion in the carve feature upon an area of 117000 square feet. Safra Mansion has a unique ample room that is the broadest spacious of the world. Maybe the wall that surrounds the house is as big as the Great wall of China. Still, it is going to amaze you.

  • Owner: Lily Safra

Late Joseph Safra, the former most prominent banker of the world, owned this colossal mansion. After his demise, his wife Lily Safra owns the estate. 

  • Cost: 200 million dollar

Safra mansion is the costliest house in Brazil. As per Forbes magazine, the net worth of this property was fifteen billion dollars in 2013. Now it costs around 200 million dollars.

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4. Witanhurst London — England

London has numerous palaces worth your attention. Still, Witanhurst deserves some special attention beyond these palaces. The gothic architecture of the castle will surely steal your heart. 


Who owns the biggest house in the world


The total area of the building is ninety thousand square feet. The architects have made and canceled several designs before reaching the perfect one. The reconstruction of the mansion is still going on. The architects are expanding the palace’s area.

  • Owner: Andrey Guryev

There are a lot of rumours about the valid owner of that colossal palace. The constructors also don’t have a clear idea about the actual owner of this mansion. Winterthur is the brainchild of George Hubbard, the reputed construction designer. Andrey Guryev, the Russian millionaire, owns the castle.

  • Cost: 300 million dollar

The ritzy residence cost nearly sixty-four million dollars in 2008 when it was raised. Later, Andrey Guryev bought it for fifty million dollars. Right now, it is worth three hundred million dollars.

5. Versailles — Windermere, Florida

Versailles is a residence of the Siegel family. It occupies an eighty-five thousand square feet area. You can call Versailles “the most desirable residence of Florida’. Why? Let me explain.


Pictures of the biggest house in the world


 The five years-long effort of Siegel resulted in the heavenly mansion that contains fourteen luxurious bedrooms, thirty-two restrooms, and eleven kitchens. This residence avails a gym, tennis court, salon, six swimming pools, and a movie theatre.

  • Owner: David Siegel

David Siegel and his wife Jacqueline Siegel are the king and queen of this palace. They took five long years to build this. Meanwhile, they faced several financial downtimes but never failed to get the construction procedure of Versailles interrupted.

  • Cost: 30 million dollar

The Siegel couple spent thirty million dollars to make their accommodation that provides ten different kinds of kitchens, luxurious closets, an ice skating ground, and a beautiful garden.

6. Villa Leopolda — The French Riviera

Here comes the castle that history converses with. This French castle includes eleven large bedrooms and fourteen restrooms. The French government used the castle as a hospital to provide treatment to the wounded armies. 


What is the most expensive house in the world


The shootings of movies like “To Catch a Thief” have taken place in this building. It occupies eighty thousand square feet.

  • Owner: Lily Safra

The Belgian king, Second Leopold, built the castle for his beloved girlfriend, Zelia Josephine. After several years, the French government used the building as a military hospital. Later, Lily Safra, the wife of Joseph Safra, bought it.

  • Cost: 500 million dollar

Just like the vivid history of the castle, Villa Leopolda is about to surprise you with its cost as well. According to Forbes, the value of the castle was 750 million dollars in 2009. Suddenly the worth of it decreased and reached 120 million dollars.

At present, you have to pay nearly 500 million dollars if you want to buy this historic house.

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7. The One — Bel-Air, California

No, the city of California doesn’t always remind people of “Hotel California” when it comes to the most beautiful palaces of the city. You would rather recall  “The One,” the fantastic marble-made castle!


The most expensive house in the world


It stands upon one hundred thousand square feet area. The architects used fancy jellyfish tanks to build all the walls of the castle. This palace, entirely made of elegant marbles and polished glasses, avails everything that you can imagine to get into an expensive hotel. 

Here you will get a garage to park thirty cars, deluxe bedrooms to crash yourself on the bed,  a casino, and nightclub to explore the extremity of entertainment.

  • Owner: Bruce Makowsky

“The One” is the brainchild of the great developer and movie producer, Nile Niami. He created all the designs of that palace himself and built it up. Later he sold it to Bruce Makowsky.

  • Cost: 500 million dollar

“The One” was supposed to be the costliest palace of America while the construction process was going on. But rumours don’t always come true. However, the castle costs 500 million dollars today.

8. Taohuayuan — Suzhou, China

Now it’s the time for the largest castle of the largest country. It is Taohuayuan, located at Suzhou in China. This castle can steal your heart within a wink not only with its size but definitely with its beauty.


The biggest house in the world


Taohuayuan occupies almost seventy-five thousand five hundred square feet. Dushi, the astonishingly beautiful lake, beholds the palace. The architects have executed their best designs to intermingle the gothic majesty of the architecture with the breathtaking charm of nature.

The antiquated gardens, tranquil pond, and the spacious interior of this heritage place will lend you a fantastic experience, I tell you!

  • Owner: Chinese ministry

The Chinese government has invested 10000000 Chinese currency and three years to build this palace. Each billionaire of China dreams of owning it one day. This dream mansion has no owner right now and it is ready for sale.

How about you? Wanna try once to own that magnificent palace?

  • Cost: 200 million dollar

The government of China has spent almost 154 million dollars on building this property. Now it costs around 200 million dollars.

9. Pensmore — Highlandville, Missouri

Pensmore is the home of that person who loves to think out of the box. Do you wonder why? Let me explain. The owner of Pensmore had a completely different purpose in building it.

Biggest house in the world

The owner of Pensmore has built it so solidly that it can resist bomb blast, earthquake, typhoon, tornado, fire, or any kind of disaster. It is in Highlandville, Missouri, in the USA. It occupies seventy thousand square feet.

  • Owner: Steven Huff 

Steven Huff is a former CIA officer. You can call him a worm of astrophysics. Maybe that is the reason for him to think that much out of the box. Unlike the other billionaires, he converted his house construction procedure to a science project.

  • Cost: 63 million dollar

The construction of the building is still going on as the scientist is still not satisfied with his dream project. Whatever he has spent more than 40 million dollars for that building to date. As of now, the net worth of Pensmore is 63 million dollars.

10. The White House – Washington DC

The White House is the place where the American president lives. This majestic manor carries the glory of the democracy of the USA. The neoclassical construction occupies fifty-five thousand square feet area.


Biggest house in the world


This six storied building has one hundred thirty-two rooms, thirty-six restrooms, and four hundred and twelve doors. Apart from these, the house includes the oval-shaped conference room and the world’s most vital political decisions are made inside that very room. Should I need to explain more why this house is included in my article?

  • Owner: National Park Service

The white house is the property of the American government. The National Park Service is the agency that is in charge of maintaining that palace.

  • Cost: 100 million dollar

Late John Adam constructed the house in the year 1800. It cost 232,372 dollars back then. Now it is worth 100 million dollars.


Which one is our favourite one and why?


 The biggest house in the world


Can you ever deny the enormous charm of a historical place? No, right? That is the reason why we always prefer 


Most expensive house in the world


It is the place that lets your imagination spread your wings towards the vivid past.

The majestic designs of the palace may remind you of the tragic love story of King Leopold and his gorgeous mistress. The rooms can make you recall the agony that the world war caused to humankind. 

Moreover, this palace is the location of the movie “To Catch a Thief,” the masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock.

Do you need any more reason to understand why the castle is our most favourite?


The Last Words

This good old planet named earth contains people with strange hobbies. After chewing over those majestic mansions,  you may get that some of the millionaires are ready to spend up to the last penny to buy a stunning palace. 

I am sure the descriptions and expenses of the world have left you amazed and may inspire you to buy something like these. And maybe my next article upon this topic is going to include your name!



1. Where is the most expensive house in the world?

Antilia, the residence of Mukesh Ambani, is the most expensive house in the world. As of today, the worth of Antilia is two billion dollars.

2. How much is the most expensive house in the world?

Antilia is the most expensive house in the world. It costs 2 billion dollars.

3. Who has the most expensive house in the world 2019?

Mukesh Ambani, the  Indian billionaire trade-tycoon, is the owner of the most expensive house in the world in 2019. He is the director of the famous Reliance Industry.

4. What is Bill Gates House Worth?

The name of Bill Gate’s residence is Xanadu 2.0. It is worth 127 million dollars.

5. Why do celebrities buy huge houses?

Maybe you think that celebrities buy huge residences because they have unlimited bank balance and they have to spend them anyhow.

Nevertheless, the actual situation is different. As a human being, a celebrity requires some solitude. Would you always spare him/her that space if a star lives in a tiny and unprotected home nearby you?

On the other hand, they need protection. The celebrities and their children often have the chance to get harmed or kidnapped. Moreover, they often receive several guests, so they need numerous bedrooms and restrooms. I hope now it makes sense to you why a celebrity buys a huge house.

Which one is your favourite one? Let us know in the comment section below!!

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