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Top 10 Most Funny Mexican Names 

Modern-day lifestyle is very hectic and stressful. Most working-class people have to deal with tough bosses who yell at them for the slightest of mistakes committed on business projects, unfriendly and gossip-mongering colleagues, short project deadlines, paltry annual salary hikes, very few chances of getting promotions, ever-rising inflation, etc. Hence, it is not surprising that many people worldwide are looking for sources of entertainment to get relief from all of the aforementioned problems.

If you’re thinking along those lines, then this article is for you. In this article, we’re going to have a look at the top 10 most hilarious Mexican names with their meanings which will surely entertain you and lighten your mood. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the topic. 

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Top 10 Most Hilarious Mexican Names 

Following are the top 10 most mirthful names you’ll come across in Mexico, parts of Europe, and Brazil. People having such names are often teased in a friendly way. Let’s see what those names are now. 


Seriously? Could such an unusual and funny name for a person exist in this world? Well, in Mexico and Brazil, it does exist. The history of this funny name goes like this. Some poor fishermen were fishing on the seas close to Mexico and Brazil. Suddenly, one day, they saw a large US naval ship sailing in their vicinity. 

They were so awestruck by the size and complexity of the US naval ship that they decided to name their sons Usnavy. This name is something that people in America and Europe find funnier than the people of Mexico and Brazil. The name Usnavy commands a lot of respect in Mexico and Brazil to this day. 


Quite frankly we have seldom come across a name as funny as this one. History has it that one day, some Mexican people overheard some Englishmen overusing the word “frankly” in their conversation. The Mexican people seemed to like the word frankly enough to name their sons by that word. 

We believe that people named “Francly” will be quite frank in their opinions, conversations, and dealings with others. Please let us know what you frankly think about the name ‘Francly’. 


The word Armando means a building. This name is highly popular in Mexico, Brazil, and France. Some people in France and Brazil especially will jokingly mock people with the name Armando by calling them “Armando de Castillo” which means “build me a castle” or “Armando de Casas” which means “build me a house”. Seriously, people with this name should become civil engineers to justify their name. 


The word “Soyla” means “I’m the” in Spanish. When coupled with the appropriate surnames, this first name can become much more hilarious. For example, if someone is named Soyla Rey, it means “I’m the king”. If someone is named Soyla Padrino, it means “I’m the godfather”. If someone is named Soyla Caballero, it means “I’m the Lord”. Unlike the name Usnavy, this name is more mocked in a friendly manner than respected in Mexico and Spain. 

Batman or Floyd Rodrigo 

These two names were chosen by two Colombian children whose parents let them choose their names at a young age. The children are currently working professionals but they still say their names with pride. Wouldn’t you say that you have a friend named Batman or Floyd proudly to others? These funny and respectable names are beneficial to others as well as to the name-bearers. 


Burro means a donkey! Seriously, we can’t imagine how someone (parents) can choose such a mocking and funny name. If a Mexican or Spanish friend of yours named Burro just keeps talking loudly most of the time, which is analogous to a donkey braying, just tell him not to be a Burro (which is himself). 

We’re sure that after hearing this, your friend will stop talking and start laughing which will be a great relief for you. You can also crack a donkey-related joke to strike up a funny and friendly conversation with a Mexican or Spanish stranger, especially those who are named Burro. 


This name is more offensive than hilarious. Vicioso means vile-minded. So, if any of your Mexican or Spanish friends are being rude to you at any time, you can tell them not to be so Vicioso (themselves) and we’re sure that they’ll correct their attitude towards you afterward. Just like Batman and Floyd Rodrigo, this name is useful to others apart from the name bearers. 


This name means conception or getting pregnant. This is a girl’s name in Mexico and Spain. So, if you happen to meet a friend of yours who is a girl or a woman named Concepcion when your wife is pregnant, just tell her that your wife got Concepcion and she’ll burst out laughing. 


This is a name that you can make utter fun of or mildly scare people in Mexico, South America, and Europe. Bonifacio is a boy’s name in Mexico, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. It means the beautiful island of Corsica which is adjacent to Italy. So, if a girl in Mexico, Italy, Portugal, or Spain says to her father, “I want to visit Bonifacio”, it will surely make her father’s stomach somersault. 


This name means merit for some action. It is a boy’s name in Mexico and Spain. People mostly mock this name in a friendly manner rather than respect it. So, if any of your Mexican or Spanish friends is named Benemerito, jokingly ask him what valuable deed he has done to deserve this name and what the reward he got for his deed but we must warn you that you may receive a friendly punch in return for your question. 


We sincerely hope that reading this article was hilarious for you and lightened up your mood. We hope that reading this article relieved you from all the stress, anxiety, and hard feelings you had. 

The world could definitely use more jokes, comical movies, plays, stories, and articles as there are a lot of stressed-out working-class people and common folk in the world who are looking for entertainment (especially comedy) to relieve them of their stress and lighten up their mood. 

Laughing at comical scenes in movies, plays, novels, short stories, and articles is a fun pass time that has health benefits as well because when we laugh, our body releases a powerful hormone called ‘Endorphins’ that can heal almost any kind of ailment in our bodies and make us more relaxed and energetic. Our ancestors were very wise. Hence, they made the proverb, “Laughter is the best medicine.”


  • Which are the most popular boy and girl names in Mexico?

Santiago is the most popular boy name in Mexico and Sofia is the most popular girl name in Mexico.

  • How are babies traditionally named in Mexico?

Any baby in Mexico will be named by giving it a Mexican or Spanish first name suffixed by the baby’s father’s paternal surname as its middle name and its mother’s paternal surname as its last name. 

  • What other terms do people in the US use instead of “Mexican”?

The word Mexican can sometimes be replaced by the words Latino, Latina, Latinx, or Hispanic in the US. 

  • Why do some Mexicans have Spanish names?

In Mexico, many surnames of Spanish origin were given to the native Indian children when the priests baptized them. Hence, some Mexicans have Spanish first, middle, and last names. 

  • What is Mexico officially called?

Mexico is officially called ‘The United Mexican States’ or ‘The Mexican Republic’. These names were coined in a Mexican law that came into effect in 1836. 

  • Which is the rarest Mexican name?

‘Ramiro’ is the rarest Mexican name which means supreme judge. 

  • What is the official language of Mexico?

Spanish is the official language of Mexico and is spoken by 90% of its population. The remaining 10% of the population speaks Indian tribal languages of Aztec and Mayan origins.

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