I still think of my first GBA (Game Boy Advance), which was a gift given to me by a cousin. I was addicted to my GBA and had a blast playing with it.

Writing this article has me nostalgic for my childhood days; I remember playing Ash and capturing pokemon in my Pokeballs with my companion Pikachu by my side.

One of my happiest moment used to be with my friends when we used to meet, talk about the games we played and cartridges (Game Boy cassettes) we are willing to trade. Once I even had to let go of my Pokemon game for a Lord of The Rings cassette. Better deal? Yes!. I know you must have done this at some point of your gaming life too.


Then I bought myself a Game Boy Micro, Mario edition. Playing as Mario, I had great fun saving the queen, but then I didn’t want Luigi to feel disappointed and sometimes chose to play over a Mario for some time. Fast Forward to 2018, almost 18 years since Game Boy Advance was launched in Japan by Nintendo and later spread to the rest of the world. Although Nintendo launched its first Game Boy in 1989, the Game Boy Advance garnered massive sales around the world.   

The Game Boy Advance, being the sixth generation in the Game Boy lineup since its start in 1989, remains to be the most exciting one as this was the first to come up in a landscape style.



As Mobile gaming has a lot to offer, Game Boy fans started switching to Mobile for a better gaming experience. And now they want to get back to Game Boy (coz Nostalgia) but find hard in finding the cartridges they need as there seems to be no sale on these.

Hate carrying Game Boy everywhere? Or feel too old playing it in front of your friends? I know how this feels and I have the answer you’ve been looking for,

My Boy! Developed by Fast Emulator, a Game Boy Advance emulator which lets you play games on your phone; be it on an iPhone or Android devices. You might not carry your Game Boy’s everywhere you go, but with the help of this application, you shall look no further as I will be telling you how to get back the games you once let go.

My Boy! Currently comes in two versions, a free one and a paid one.

This app packs some really fantastic features. From my personal experience, I found the below features to be helpful.

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  • Fast Forwarding:

Who does not get annoyed by the boring intro scenes? Well unless you are a TV show fan and love watching the Game of Thrones introduction. With My Boy! You can fast forward scenes such as intro scenes. You can also slow down games to get past levels you find hard to complete at average speed. Isn’t this a cool feature?

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  • Saves Battery:

Are the games on your phone eating your phone’s battery? My Boy! lets you play a game with the fastest emulation while saving battery with the Save Battery Accessibility feature.

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  • Controls External Support:

My Boy! provides the external control support when you are gaming. Get your MOGA controllers and enjoy the Game Boy style of gaming on your mobile device. Also, you can enjoy wireless gaming via Bluetooth and WiFi.

  • Screen Layout Editor:

With My Boy! You can now suit the display size according to your wish for best comfort while playing. Customise and position the screen, set the size for on-screen controls, find the best positions for your fingers and enjoy the game.

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  • On-Screen keypads:

With on-screen keypads, it is now easy to save or load the game directly from the game screen.

  • Unlimited Games:

With this feature, you can download unlimited games. Now you no longer need to worry about your cartridges, search and download games that you wish to play.

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My Boy APK GBA emulator games makes it possible to relive your childhood right in your own smartphones. Thankfully my boy emulator free download won't break...

  • User Interface

The UI is clean, simple and well designed. You can enjoy games seamlessly with no lags, and if your device is updated to the latest Android version, My Boy! gives you the best experience.  

  • IPS/UPS and ROM Patching

This feature allows you to download directly from the app. Enjoy more time playing by no longer going in search of games on the web.


  • Shortcuts

Scrolling through various apps to play your favorite game? Set My Boy! apk to launch the game from your main screen directly. These are some of My Boy! Free version features. Now let me tell you what My Boy! Apk has to offer in its paid version.

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  • Remove Ads

Hate when ads pop up while you are playing? With the paid version, you can play games ad-free with no disturbance.

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  • Auto Save & Load

By creating multiple slots, you can save & load through the emulator’s menu. Also features auto saves & load.


  • Link Up

Well if it is mandatory to link your Aadhaar Card (Proof of Identity in India), it is equally essential to link with your friends. By creating a server, you can connect your game and play with your friends. Two is always better than one!

  • Save to Google Drive

Link the games on your device with your Google Account and then enjoy multi-device support. As long as you save your game on the GDrive, you no longer have to worry about the game.

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  • Motion Sensors

Like moving around? Don’t like playing games while still? With Gyroscope and tilt sensors, the paid version offers you the best of the gaming experience for your smartphones.

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  • Cheat Codes

Who plays the game fairly? With My Boy! Paid version you can insert cheat codes and bypass any problematic level with ease. I had some cheats leading to glitches but as long as you save your progress, you should be safe.

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Steps to follow for Android Users:

  1. Download the My Boy! apk file from the link below.


  1. If you have downloaded it on your PC, just connect your Android smartphone and then move the file to your phone.
  2. Go to the folder where you have pasted the My Boy! Apk file.
  3. Double tap on the apk file to Install.
  4. Allow the Unknown Source and the Tap on Install.
  5. Wait for the installation process to complete and now open the app to start gaming.

You can download games directly from the app itself. Just type the name of the game you wish to play in the search box in My Boy! and directly download the game with the help of ROM patches.

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Steps to follow for iOS Users:

For iOS users, since My Boy! Apk is not available on iTunes, you can still download it with no jailbreak required. Just follow these simple steps: 

For the paid version, download and follow the instructions below.

  • Use your USB cable or Share It, to move the app from your PC to iPhone.
  • Go to the folder where you have moved the My Boy! Apk file.
  • Double tap on the apk file to Install.

After installation, as you open the app; you will be prompted to Press OK. This is just a piece of information from the developer. After you Press OK, the pop-up message will never be shown unless you uninstall the app and download it again.

  • Allow My Boy! Apk to access WiFi and Bluetooth for linking devices.
  • Sync files with Google Drive on the list of accounts associated with your device.
  • Also, allow the app to read and write games saved on external storage, so it loads them back.
  • Allow your phone to vibrate, thus making the gaming experience look more realistic.
  • NFC access; make linking via WiFi a lot easier.

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List of the games I enjoyed playing

There are tons of games available across different categories. For those of you, who are looking for suggestions to awesome games to play on your My Boy! app, I have compiled a list of few games. So here you go. In my opinion, I have enjoyed these games a lot. I am also open to taking your suggestions on the games you like. Feel free to mention them in the comments section.

List of the games I enjoyed playing:

You can download them by just clicking on their names.

Too many? Yes, I guess.

These were just a few of the games I play on a regular basis. Hope you find them as cool as they are to me.

Based on my experience with My Boy! Apk, I’ve tried answering a few of the frequently asked questions. I hope you find the answer you are looking for.

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What are the files that My Boy! Supports?

It supports file whose names end with .zip, .gba and .bin. In the case of .zip, it will load the first recognized archive.

Why does My Boy! crash sometimes?

This happens sometime during the installation process. All you have to do is change your device date to a few years back. Follow these simple steps to get your game going.

  • Settings->General->Date & Time.
  1. Tap on the Set Automatically Option.
  2. Set the Date and then click on Save.

Once it starts working, go back and set the exact date and time.


Why does my game lag when connected over WiFi?

If it runs smoothly without connecting to WiFi, Try disabling background sync (for syncing contacts, calendar, etc.) in the system settings.

Why can’t I press two buttons at once?

Probably your phone does not support multi-touch. Multi-touch cannot work on Android 1.6 even if your screen supports it.

How do I link two devices over Wi-Fi?

Follow the steps below to link devices over Wi-Fi:

  • On one device, choose (in menu) ‘Link remote’ -> ‘Wi-Fi (server)‘.
  • A “waiting for incoming connection” dialog will be displayed, with IP address and port number on it.
  • Then on the other device choose ‘Wi-Fi (client)’, and in the upcoming dialog, input the IP address and port number that is being displayed on the server device.

If you follow these instructions, you will get connected.

Well, I would sum up by telling that, If history is being written then why not also play with it.

Go on enjoy those 32-bit games with the controls on your phone along with some high video filters.

Till then, stay tuned for more updates on My Boy!