Nantucket's Top Scenic & Instagram-Worthy Sites

Nantucket’s Top Scenic & Instagram-Worthy Site

Nantucket is a tiny island known as the “Little Gray Lady of the Sea” and has lately become known as “the new Martha’s Vineyard.” It has perfectly preserved historic cobblestone streets, buildings, New England shingle-style cottages, crawling roses, three of the oldest lighthouses in the USA, more than 80 miles of beaches, stunning ocean views, and over 40% of untouched conservation land and wildlife, and more. There are also some of the best restaurants, bars, clubs, and boutiques there.

It comes as no surprise that Nantucket is one of the top Instagram-worthy destinations.

Once you have booked your ferry or plane ticket and reserved one of the beautiful private residences available at Congdon & Coleman for your trip to Nantucket, you can head to the following top scenic and Instagram-worthy sites on this picturesque New England Island.

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Nantucket's Top Scenic & Instagram-Worthy Sites

Altar Rock

This is the “crown jewel” of the largest wildlife reservation in Nantucket – Middle Moors, with a size of 3,220 acres of untouched wildlife and nature.

Altar Rock is among the top highest spots on the island, with a height of about 100 feet above sea level. You can take some absolutely stunning pictures from the top, including panoramic photos of the island and the ocean with a view to Polpis Harbor, Great Point Light, Sankaty Head Light, Pocomo Head, and more.

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Brant Point Lighthouse

This lighthouse built-in 1746 is one of the first things you will see if you are arriving on the island via ferry. It is the smallest of all three lighthouses on Nantucket and has been rebuilt ten times through the years.

The best time for taking photos of Brant Point Lighthouse is in the summer when it is decorated with an American flag or during the annual Daffodil Festival when it is decorated with beautiful flower wreaths.

If you go to Nantucket for the Christmas Stroll, you can snap a photo of it with a Christmas wreath too.

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Nantucket Boat Basin (Straight Wharf)

This is the place to go to take pictures of some of the most impressive luxurious superyachts and quaint fishing boats. The marina has 240 boat slips and is within walking distance of the historic downtown of Nantucket. 

Sconset Bluff Walk and the Shingle-Style Cottages

The village of Siasconset is definitely among the top choices for people looking for the perfect spot for taking engagement, wedding, or vacation photos when visiting Nantucket.

The Sconset Bluff Walk is a walking path made of white seashells and is only a mile long, but it is one of the most beautiful paths in the country. 

It will take you through the prettiest and most iconic weathered gray shingle-style cottages covered with pink and bright red crawling French roses and surrounded by beautiful gardens. The path leads to the stunning Siasconset Beach and to the Sankaty Head Lighthouse.

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The Nantucket’s Compass Rose

The compass rose is a must if you want a complete photo album of your trip to Nantucket. It was drawn more than 85 years ago on the side of the H. Marshall Gardiner store on the corner of Main Street and Washington Street in downtown Nantucket. The beautiful compass includes the names, directions, and distances to cities and countries from around the world to which the Nantucket whaling ships used to travel.

Sankaty Head Lighthouse

Sankaty Head Lighthouse is located on the easternmost point of Nantucket. It was first built in 1849 and was the first lighthouse that received the mayday signals from the sinking Titanic. It became part of the National Register of Historic Places back in 1987.

Interestingly, the Nantucket authorities and preservation organizations moved the entire iconic red and white lighthouse from its original position to about 405 feet back into the shore. This was done to prevent the historic and still functioning lighthouse from collapsing into the ocean due to the erosion of the bluff’s edge.

Once you are there, you can take some enthralling pictures of the lighthouse, the bluffs, the ocean, and the nearby golf course.

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Great Point Lighthouse

The third lighthouse on the island of Nantucket is located on the northernmost point and is the hardest to reach from town. You can drive through the entire Coskata-Coatue Wildlife refuge or take a boat trip to this lighthouse. On the way, you can spot various animals, shorebirds and enjoy some magnificent panoramic views of the untouched natural landscapes, the endless beaches, the ocean, and the wildlife.

The lighthouse itself was first built in 1784 and was rebuilt several times during the years. Today’s lighthouse is an exact replica of the previous one and was built in 1986.

The Whaling Museum

Nantucket was known as the whaling capital of the world, and its history inspired the writing of Moby Dick. Whaling was an essential part of the history of the island. The Whaling Museum is located in a renovated old whale oil candle factory in Downtown Nantucket. The building itself is stunning, and so is the viewing deck on its roof. 

Inside you will see thousands of artifacts, paintings, and other exhibits telling the story of the glorious whaling years of the island. There is also a real skeleton of a gigantic sperm whale hanging from the ceiling inside the museum.

You can take photos inside, outside, and on top of the viewing deck, where you will get a bird’s eye view of the island, the harbor, and the ocean.

Steps Beach

There are more than 25 beaches on the island of Nantucket, spread across over 80 miles. But Steps Beach is among the top-rated Instagram-worthy ones to pick for vacation photos.

It has a very long set of stairs that lead to the beach itself, and one of the best places to take some stunning photos is from the top of these stairs.

This scenic beach is located on the northern shore and has calmer, warmer, and shallower water as compared to the beaches on the other coasts bordering the open Atlantic Ocean.

In August and September, you can see and photograph the fantastic bioluminescent sea creatures that swim near the shore at night at Steps Beach.


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