When the business becomes successful two things always grow as well: profits and communication, what means the increased number of emails, telegrams, and messages. Not only incoming, but also outgoing to colleagues, subscribers, partners, and friends. The bigger the company the more people needs your attention and few hired managers can’t cope with this workload anymore. Without appropriate CRM systems implemented to solve this daily routine inside the company, checking the inbox and writing emails will take long hours each day. According to statistics, managers spend 50 percent of their time checking emails and writing to the company’s customers.

Gmail-based CRM for

Fortunately, software for Gmail like NetHunt CRM is capable to provide the new level of automatization in order to eliminate daily routine. This CRM is easy-integrable within Gmail mailing service and other Google Apps. When it comes to the mater of automation, NetHunt stands as the most powerful candidate as it turns emails into CRM records also called leads. This software simplifies the work process for managers as it holds everything together, all from customers’ data to convenient reminders to deal with things timely. NetHunt is the ultimate data-management instrument dedicated to the organization of the office workflow and many more. This particular software even allows creating and managing marketing campaigns as well as conducting mass mailing to preidentified customer groups who might be interested in new company’s services, products, and offers.

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NetHunt operates like a simple Chrome extension. Once the software user installs this CRM he has to log into the Gmail account and accept the permission to NetHunt. After the permission was obtained the manager gets the chance to control various aspects of different kinds of business – young startups and well-choreographed and powerful enterprises.

What NetHunt Proposes

Related conversations in NetHunt CRM system automatically link related conversations to the corresponding records. All the records are created easily inside the system as most data are added instantly. Furthermore, link-related conversations inside CRM are linked to the conversations. Also, the system allows to manage and send tailored emails that allow obtaining more open & click-through rates. After the registration NetHunt provides its owner with all the features it possesses once and forever. After the right software variant with the suitable tariff plan was chosen and paid the CRM provides no upgrades and requires no price tiers switching. NetHunt has the two tariffs: Free that gives  14 days period of a free limitless trial and Professional. After the expiration of the two-week period, the price for a group of 5 people sets as the $25 for one month of usage. In addition, there is a payable tariff for $48 per user for one month of usage. Also, the price for a group of 10 users sets at the level of $100 per month.

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The NetHunt CRM system embodies the client-oriented approach giving software owners the most practical features and eliminating inconveniences making it the most prominent CRM solution. Being a Gmail-based easy-integrable software NetHunt represents the perfect realization of the CRM system specially elaborated for small companies with huge growth potential striving to occupy a suitable place at the world market.