What is a Network IP Scanner?

Network IP scanners are tools used to determine one or more IPs that are connected to your network. To simplify, it scans your network for devices and relevant information about them.

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Why Should I Use a Network IP Scanner?

Missing IP Addresses and Devices: If a device can’t be detected from the network or you want to find the exact IP address in a specific device, which helps with troubleshooting and other things. Network IP scanners can complete the job in no time.

Network Scanner: As we stated earlier, IP scanners can help you find the devices and their relevant information in a short amount of time. You can use the scanner to find the number of devices that are connected to your network. This information is great for security as well for mapping your IT infrastructure and network.

Security: The most important reason to use an IP scanner is for security purposes. You can see the devices are connected to a network. This can help you in keeping an eye on your devices and help you look for suspicious or unknown devices on the network.

Information That Are Provided For Ip Address

What Details Are Provided?

The information that’s provided in an IP scanner is placed below:

1. IP Address
2. Vendor
3. Mac Address
4. Number of Open Ports
5. Operating system
6. Description
7. Status of Ports

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of information that can be delivered with the help of a reliable IP scanner.

Improved IP Scanning Results

A network IP scanner will give you the same information given by the arp command. There are some IP address scanner tools that will add information and deliver them in an attractive format. A good scanner tool allows you to save your results to a file so you can compare different IP addresses activity over time or can reconcile address usage with the DHCP and DNS server if you get to the point where the functions are managed away from the router.

How Can I Use an IP Scanner?

Using network IP scanners are pretty straightforward. While the IP scanner is a tool that’s based on the cloud, you’ll get a downloadable installation file that gives you access to a local network. The installation wizard will help set up the IP scanner, and you can use it for whatever purpose you want.

Once this is set up, the browser will open where users can adjust the IP range. Open the IP scanner by right-clicking on Agent Shell on the icon tray and pressing Browse to Surface Scan Inventory. Once you’re completed,


To conclude, having a network IP scanner will help your network protect itself from outsider and insider threats. When establishing one, give it a few tests to see if it can find your devices. Through constant testing, refining, and management, you’ll find it easier to keep your IT network safe.

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