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New Instagram usernames unique ideas for girls and boys(For 2023)

Whether you’re new to Instagram or already have an account, finding a catchy and trendy username can be a fun endeavor. To assist you in your quest for a unique username in 2023, we’ve compiled a list of the latest trending usernames for boys and girls. So, stay tuned till the end to discover the perfect username that aligns with your personality and style.


Instagram, the renowned social media platform, continues to captivate users with its plethora of engaging features. In a recent acquisition, Meta (formerly Facebook) acquired Instagram, solidifying its position as one of the leading social networking sites.

Unquestionably, Instagram holds tremendous appeal among teenagers, offering a host of enticing features that contribute to its popularity. With functionalities such as direct messaging (DMs), an immersive Explore page, and a wide range of attractive filters, it’s no wonder that this app has become a go-to platform for the younger generation.

Set up an account

Install the Instagram app from the play store. Once the installation process is completed, launch the app on your device and click on “Sign up”. You will be redirected to a new page.


You can either Login using your Facebook id or you can enter the required data to create a new account.

Once you have filled all the columns, click on “signup”. The redirection will take a few minutes and you are all set!

How to Change username on Instagram

Bored with your old username? Looking for something more fun and trendy? Well, Instagram now allows you to change your username. Here’s how you can change it!

Open your Instagram app, and go to your profile. You’ll find the “Edit profile” option; click it. Type in your new username and tap on “Done”. Your username will be updated.

Reminder: Let your friends on Instagram know about your new username.

Username for girls

We have some feminine collection of username suggestions for you. Check them out, use them, and make an impression!

  • violetflowers
  • cutekat
  • rainbowreads
  • waffles&cake
  • Babybunny
  • Pikachu
  • Wildflower
  • Quirkylady
  • Shopaholic
  • Notyournextdoorgirl
  • Whoshe
  • Brokenhumor
  • Ladybug
  • Medusawho
  • Assthetic
  • Snugglebutt
  • Pinkpoppy
  • Elsa
  • Kawaibaby
  • unicorngirl
  • Materialgirl
  • thatsofetch
  • meangirl
  • Couchpotato
  • Chubbycheeks
  • Hihihilarious
  • Popsicle
  • Sweet16
  • Sunshine
  • roses&guns
  • Pillowtalk
  • Daddysgirl
  • Hellobarbie
  • xoxo
  • Pinkbullets
  • Wittymama
  • Tinkerbell
  • Nosotangled
  • Nibbles
  • pixxiedust

Also, customize the above usernames by adding numerical, periods; be creative.

Username for guys

Dear boys we got your back too, here are some cool usernames that you can flaunt. It’s not necessary to always be manly and firm with your username. Make sure the username has an essence of you in it!

Check these out and remember to mix and match.

  • Apocalypse
  • Wanderking
  • Lonelysoul
  • Techjunkie
  • fast&furious
  • Samurai
  • Happyfeet
  • thunder&breeze
  • Mischiefguy
  • Lonerboy
  • Iamthunder
  • Notanarcissist
  • Maniacmagic
  • Wanderer
  • Gotnochill
  • Senpai
  • ambitiousoul
  • Ruggedcharm
  • Spartaisme
  • Rebelforever
  • Regularguy
  • admiral
  • Phantomlove
  • Notaghoul
  • Sweetalker
  • Rebelrocket
  • Shinigami
  • skyisthelimit
  • Fearlessphantom
  • Anubiswho
  • Urbanlegend
  • Daringdreamer
  • Dashingking
  • georgeofthejungle

Anime themed username

Are you an anime and manga fan? Wanna start an anime page on insta? We got some real fun and unique anime-themed usernames. Check them out:

For guys:

  • Luffyking
  • Demonslayer
  • Mashle
  • Lightyagami
  • Shinigami
  • Ghoul
  • Kenkaneki
  • Otakumaster
  • Cosplaysensei
  • Itachisme
  • Gojouwho
  • Sukunainme
  • Kakashi
  • Narutoislove
  • Ashketchum
  • Pikachu
  • Godgoku
  • Princevegeta
  • Kiminonawa
  • Jigglypuff
  • Spiritedanime
  • Mangamaniac
  • Sharinganeyes
  • Zura
  • sakata

For girls:

  • Tatsumaki
  • Nezukochan
  • Evergardenviolet
  • Suzume
  • Weatheringwu
  • Kaorichan
  • Araara
  • Buttercup
  • Sakura
  • Horikita
  • Blueberry
  • Starrylights
  • Sweetnana
  • Nabi
  • Mitsuki
  • Oniichan
  • Inosuke
  • mangaaddict
  • Sweetraven
  • Mogumogu
  • Katsura
  • Mochilover
  • Machamacha
  • Hinata
  • icy

Always remember to mix and match to make it more personalized and attractive.

Sitcom themed username

Sitcoms are trendy, great for binge watch and easy to commit to. Looking for something similar? Here’s our suggestion:

For guys:

  • Howyoudoin
  • Knocknockwho
  • Joeytribiani
  • harrythepotter
  • Livelaughlove
  • Thatdoctoross
  • Bingster
  • Nerdsteve
  • Smellycat
  • Chandlercracksajoke
  • sheldonenough
  • jimjampam

For girls:

  • Quirkyphoebe
  • Rachelnotsogreen
  • Cleanitupmonica
  • Glouriaaa
  • Doppelganger
  • Katherinekat
  • Wittydunphy
  • Monicalovestocook
  • Actresspenny
  • Nerdlikealex
  • Smellycatchronicles
  • unagiross

Movie junkie username

Love that rollercoaster of emotions all within 3 hrs? Want something similar for your instagram username? Check these out!

  • Jackisdead
  • Captainjacksparrow
  • Wonderwoman
  • Notsodeadpool
  • Iamtonystark
  • Deadant
  • Mrbean
  • Beepboop
  • Wheresthering
  • Iamjoker
  • Sherlockisdead
  • Neverseeyouagain
  • fast&curious
  • pettywoman
  • Johnwick’sdog
  • Aurora
  • Suspanther
  • Evilnotsodead
  • meangirl
  • Reginageorge
  • thatsofetch
  • Burntheburnbook
  • Beautyandbeast
  • Snowhite
  • Dragonmother
  • Whysokaren
  • Rockybalboa
  • inthemaze

Meme based username

Is meme your love language? We feel you! From cheems to stonks, we have it all!

  • Cheemsiscute
  • Nopanikonlykalm
  • Highonmemes
  • Whereiskomedy
  • Kanyewestwho
  • Iamameme
  • Memelife
  • Dojaisacat
  • Paledward
  • Herecomesthedawn

Marvel & DC username

Who doesn’t love watching MARVEL & DC movies??? Here are some username suggestions for Marvel lovers!!

  • Blackwidow
  • Jarvis
  • Iambatman
  • Robinishere
  • Manofsteel
  • Geekformarvel
  • Spiderweb
  • Infinitystones
  • Gamorahere
  • Iamgroot
  • Visionhere
  • Captainamerica
  • Drnotsostrange
  • Whereishulk
  • Iamspeed
  • flashhh
  • Warinthestar
  • Thorishere

We hope that this article helps you with your desired username. Wish you a happy and safe browsing!!

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Social media sites like Instagram work on algorithms. At times it’s tacky. According to the famous youtuber ModernMillie, you can increase your reels audience. Let’s see how.

  • Always remember to use a good-quality camera and good lighting. Blurry visions and bad lighting can be a turn off for the audience.
  • You should be aware and abuse the factor “what actually makes the audience hitched to the video”. Think about this while watching your recorded reel.
  • Grabbing the attention of the audience is crucial. Contents which can make the audience stay till the end of the video should be your focus while making a reel.
  • Understand the algorithm of the video.
  • Understand the sweet spot. Make the video short, to the point and sweet.

Having and mastering these points might help you accelerate your traffic.


Usernames can be a cool and more convenient way to flaunt your personality and make a mark. 

Make sure to mix and match. They are the perfect way to achieve a unique and impressive username.

Always remember to be respectful to others while choosing the username. A good and unique username also showcases your creative ability. We have suggested some top picks for you. Whatever the category might be, go ahead and choose one.


  • What to do if the username I want to use is already taken?

If the username that you want to use is taken, you can alter a few digits or add some numericals of period symbols.

  • How many times can I change my username?

There is no limit to this. You can change your username as many times as you want.

  • Can I change my username without losing followers?

Changing username does not create a new account. It is all the same with a new username.

  • Can I check the history of my username that I have changed before?

Go to your account profile page, click the three dots on the top right section. Select “About this account”, next tap the option “Former usernames”. All your former usernames will be displayed.

  • Do people get notified if I change my username?

The answer is no, they won’t. 

  • What is a strong username?

A username that uses both numericals and alphabets in a certain pattern can be a strong username.

  • Are usernames secret?

No, the usernames aren’t secret. They are your identity on Instagram. People can look up for you using that username.

  • Can I use my own name as my username?

Yes of course you can. Sometimes, some usernames are not available, make sure to alter the spelling a little or you can add some extra alphabets to it.

  • Can I use someone else’s username?

No two people can use the same username. They have to be slightly or completely different.

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