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5 Reasons Why You Need to Get Nova Launcher In 2020 (Complete Review)

It’s been over a decade since the iconic launch of Nova Launcher. Barry, the founder of TeslaCoil, the brainchild of the massively popular Nova Launcher, made a difference in the Android world. 

nova launcher


The mastermind behind this fantastic customization tool worked on in its development while working for someone else as a software developer. The iconic software inhibits special features making it worth spending money on.

If you are tired of starting at the same old home screen, then it’s time to try out the supercharged Nova Launcher. Say goodbye to your monotony and get acquainted with new features, themes, and optimizations by knowing what is Nova Launcher?

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What is Nova Launcher? Why is it so Popular?

Nova Launcher is considered as the third party home screen in the Android world. It is a powerful home screen replacement that offers advanced features to enhance your monotonous home screens.

what is nova launcher


Supporting thousands of icon themes, Nova is for everyone and supports all the phones. As a Nova user myself, I take pride in its fast optimization and fluid feel. It is currently one of the go-to-too for those wandering for total control over their home screen environments.

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What are the Features of Nova Launcher? Is it Useful?

Let me share my five favorite features to get to know how unique the features are. You don’t need to settle for monotonous features anymore.

open nova launcher


1. Customizable swipe gestures 

The reason behind the investment in the Nova Launcher app dramatically depends on the customizable swipe gestures. The benefit is simple; you can move in and out of your favorite apps at rocket speed. Although it takes time to get used to the muscle memory, you’ll be hooked once you get it.

nova launcher

The feature opens a second app quickly; you can use the icons swipes to start a music playlist. Not limited to numbers, there are thousands of possibilities to configure settings to your liking.

2. Frequent and recent apps

Another one of the optimal features of Nova Launcher is identifying the user behavior and optimizing the layout and features to highlight the most regularly used apps. You can easily find the app from the “pull to search” feature that presents a drop-down search bar to find it. 

open nova launcher

This feature becomes indispensable if you have an extensive library of apps to sift through. It brings out the most frequently used apps and recent apps you have opened, among other applications.

3. Organize that app drawer

The third-party home screen replacement stems from the fact that there is an increasing number of phones that leave out the app drawer. Nova Launcher offers a wide variety of app drawer customization options with helpful gestures.

what is nova launcher

You can separate your app drawer into four tabs so that it can be way easier to find the desired app you’re looking for. It’s a great solution to hide the clutter as well. 

4. Sesame Shortcuts for even deeper integration

Sesame is a distinctive feature that increases the range of search and shortcuts. Although it works well with other launchers, Nova has a smooth integration with Sesame shortcuts. 

nova launcher

If you don’t know what precisely the shortcut does, it jumps right to your video search, music playlist, or messaging thread. It’s not just limited to bringing up apps and contact names.

5. Enable Night Mode

If you regularly use your smartphone, you might already be worried about suffering eye strain with a brighter screen. Nova Launcher offers a night mode option that will darken the UI elements.

what is nova launcher

It doesn’t change the look, but some aspects like the app background and slight colors might fade away. This option can be easily configured through the launcher settings option. It offers an exclusive and comfortable viewing option. 

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What are the Pros and Cons of Nova Launcher in General?

If You are already considering getting a Nova launcher, look at its Pros and Cons to know what you’re getting into.

nova launcher


🔺 Nova Launcher can provide an experience similar to stock Android.
🔺 It is super fast and works swiftly, even with lots of widgets.
🔺 Includes horizontal pages, list, and vertical scrolling
🔺 Users have the option to create a custom grid size for the app drawer and desktop.
🔺 Users can adjust the background transparency.
🔺 Phenomenal gesture support to quickly launch apps
🔺 Unlike other launchers, Nova Launcher allows custom icon packs.
🔺 Infinite home screen scroll
🔺 A free version of the app is available.
🔺 Customization options like scroll effects, animation speed, app animations, and scroll speeds. 
🔺 The prime version allows unread counts for all supported apps, which is not available on many other launchers.
🔺Can automatically sort inside of folders alphabetically
🔺 Users can set the notification bar to stay hidden.
🔺 It provides an option to lock the icons and widgets in place.
🔺 Sesame Shortcuts integration
🔺 Google widget customizations
🔺 Folder contents can be synced between the drawer and home screen.

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🔻 It does not automatically back up settings or content
🔻 The huge amount of features are overwhelming to keep up with
🔻 There is no notification count.
🔻 Reduced icon packs
🔻 Memory utilization is a bit high.
🔻 System icons are not HD quality.
🔻 It takes hours to set up.
🔻 Reinstalling the launcher will lose all settings and content.

How to Download Nova Launcher? What are the Steps?

Firstly, installing the Nova app is very important. Nova Launcher can be easily downloaded like any other app by the headline to Google Play Store. However, you might face a dilemma on deciding whether to get the free version of Nova Launcher or the paid version – Nova Launcher Prime.

open nova launcher


The paid version is priced at $5. Now, what is the big difference between Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime? But my recommendation, unless you want a feature that you cannot live without sticking to the free version, is ideal.

The paid versions have many features like gestures such as pinch and double-tap, adds unread counts, custom drawer groups, hides apps from the app drawer, and per icon swipes.

If you are still not convinced, you can consider buying Nova Launcher Prime and try it for a day. If you feel that the additional features are of no use to you, Google Play Store lets you refund an app if the purchases were made less than 48 hours ago.

What are the steps to launch the app?

  1. Install the Nova launcher and set it as your default launcher.
  2. Some android versions can make it challenging to select the option, so go to settings and tap on the application option.
  3. After setting it as default, you will be greeted with a welcome message.
  4. Now follow the instruction to a basic theme set up.

Some Secret Tips and Tricks of Nova Launcher App You Must Know

Here are the must-try features that change your Android experience forever. 

nova launcher


1. Hidden Folders

Hidden folders offer a great way to access your most-used apps without making a clutter on the home screen. After pressing, the icon will open the first app, but it will open the folder with all the apps present in it if you swipe.

2. Swipe actions on the home screen

Swipe action on home screens can be more comfortable to open the app drawer. If you do a double fingered swap, you can easily open the Nova Launcher setting and choose the settings. Nova Settings→ Gestures & inputs

3. Double-tap to lock 

A quick double-tap to the home screen can lock your device. I love this feature because I use it a lot. This one of the very useful features available on Nova Launcher. Nova Settings→ Gestures & inputs→ Double-tap→ Screen lock.

4. Smooth Scrolling

Nova launcher’s scroll effects help to move between screens smoothly. To enable this setting, Nova settings→ Desktop→ Scroll effect→ Wipe. 

5. App drawer tabs

The app drawer is another feature provided by Nova Launcher that helps in the discrete home-screen-style arrangement. Whether it is music and work, you can add extra tans to swipe left easily and right to scroll quickly. To enable this setting, go to – Nova Settings→ App & Widget drawer→ Tab bar→ Drawer groups.

6. Using emoji to label the app drawer tab

Apart from having an app drawer tab, you can set up the keyboard with emoji instead of using words. To enable these settings, Nova Settings→ App & widget drawers→ Drawer groups.

What Do People Think About Nova Launchers? According to People’s Opinion and Internet Research.

Here are the screenshots on what people think about the Nova Launchers app-

nova launcher open nova launcher

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, Nova Launcher is regarded as one of the most efficient launchers available across the internet. With innovative features, you never dreamt possible is available in the app. Adding to the seamless features, it is quite useful in functioning at increased speed. 

You can choose any features and tweak accordingly with unique characteristics. I love it for many reasons as you can find things that you don’t get in standard android phones.


1. Is Nova Launcher safe to use?

Nova Launcher is safe to use; just like many apps, it indeed collects your data but not your data like Google Passwords or e-wallet passwords in any way. It also requests access to your notifications and administrative permission necessary to set gestures for your home screen.

2. Does Nova Launcher use more battery?

No, Nova Launcher is unlikely to drain the battery. But some of the widgets you may use can affect the battery life of your device.

3. Is Nova Launcher Prime worth it?

Yes, Nova Launcher prime is worth the penny if you desire additional features to extend your device’s performance.

4. Does Nova Launcher slow down your phone?

No, Nova Launcher doesn’t slow your device down. Although it may use a little more batter, you can rest assured of the significant functionality. 


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