Leaving your beloved home can be very exasperating. My perception is that when you leave your hometown or native land, you leave a big piece of you behind. If you’re the privileged one who is lucky enough and manages to forget, you’ll be prospering in life.

You will still miss home, but you’ll be missing it in a detached way kind of like the previous relationship you split up with but still meet the ex once in a while to have coffee or lunch.



If you want to feel like you’re living in a home, Colive has provided a hassle-free solution addressing the issues of modern-day dwellers in metropolitan cities. Now, aren’t you curious about living in an affordable place in proximity to business hubs?

Read along to find out more about this super cool service available only in major cities.

What Does Coliving Mean? What Are Coliving Spaces? 

Coliving is still a fresh flower that is still in the process of blooming. As defined, it is a modern residential living space where people share together with a set of values and common interests. 


It can be in the form of rental and ownership, a single building, a house, flat. Coliving is a new fanciful trend that is rising among young people to help in your personal and professional growth.

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Why One Should Consider Living in a Coliving Place if They Are Staying Away From Home?

People are embracing coliving spaces immensely; you must consider living in one because it helps to interact with like-minded people, which provides multiple amenities to satisfy you.

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How was Colive Established And Why it’s Becoming So Popular in India? Is Colive a Better Suggestion To Go With? If Yes, Why?

Colive is a Bangalore based startup with a robust network of fully furnished homes nearest to IT parks and hubs. It was established in 2016 by Suresh Rangarajan.

Coliving spaces are becoming more popular because folks nowadays would like to live around others because who knows it might help in your business and making new friends, community support, less financial burden, and of course, a sense of belonging.

colive becoming famous

Colive is better suited for you because it comes with all the basic amenities, and the security deployed has top technological systems involved with digital locks and controlled access. 

What Facilities Does Colive Provide? How Does it Help People To Get Really Good Rooms And Innovative Environment To Live in?

Colive spaces will upgrade your lifestyle just like that because it is encompassed with a spacious room that is aired with natural light. The rooms are fully furnished and self-cooking equipment like microwave, induction stoves, high profile studios are also available.

Professionals find it better with the innovative rooms as they don’t need to worry about getting on with daily chores like cleaning and groceries as there are housekeeping staff and vending machines to care about your needs.

kitchen and bedroom facilities of colive

Why Most of The People Prefer Living in PG’s? What Is The Difference Between Normal PG’s And Colive Rooms?

Most people, especially students and those who moved recently for a job, prefer living in a PG as it is cheap where good ones start around 5k per month. Also, the deposit is lesser, and of course, it is available around every corner of Bangalore.

The main differences between PG and colive rooms are –

  1. Colive is a safe shelter with a good environment and resources available for you at every corner, unlike PG, where you are limited to stay in a single room.
  2. Coliving spaces don’t have a strict code of rules that you have to follow in the case of PG.
  3. Colive has 24/7 excellent security surveillance, which is kind of more secure than PG.

So what’s the conclusion? Well, Colive provides a better solution for PG rental and helps people to get into a better living environment.

How Rapidly Colive Company is Growing in Major Cities? How it’s Helping Businesses When it Comes To The Workspace?

Colive company has a universal appeal and has become a leading destination for young professionals who can’t bear to stay in a rented room.

Colive also has a CoWork247 coworking space rental designed for small and medium enterprises which is suitable for tech-driven and budding startups.

What Amenities Are Provided By Colive? Is it Worth Staying in Colive Homes or Buying Spaces For Business?

Colive residents can enjoy a premium quality of amenities for relaxing and get entertained. You have a cinema room to watch your favorite selection of shows and movies. 

Also, it’s lit with star gazing decks and lounges, a barbeque set if you’re feeling to have some meat. Oh, and there is a fitness room and a gaming zone with PlayStation. 

Amenities Are Provided By Colive

You can pay a wide range of activities like table tennis, football, dartboard if you’re feeling a little old-school. It is absolutely worth it to move your small business to a colive working space and accommodation facility.

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What Are The Benefits of Living in Colive? 5 Things You Must Know About Colive Spaces Before Going For it?

Did you know that there is an enormous stack of unsold inventory for Indian residential real estate? Here is where colive rental spaces fill up the places.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and things you must be aware of before buying a spot in the Colive environment.

  1. Colive allows you to bring guests like friends and family to have fun at the property for a couple of days.
  2. They provide all the details about the amenities and features if you want to have a tour around the property at a convenient time, say 12 pm to 9 pm.
  3. You must make a reservation on the Colive website or through the Colive app by logging in and providing email id or contact info.
  4. The reservation amount is Rs 2,000/-.
  5. The security deposit for Colive Bangalore is two months’ rent.


What Are The Types of Problems People Face When it Comes to Coliving? How Does Colive Help People Cater To Their Problems When it Comes to Living Spaces? 

Staying in one room with people who have similar interests and different interests can be hard sometimes. 

Let’ go through some problems in Colive how it helps solve them-

  1. All the rental systems billing are system generated and perfect with fewer chances of unfair charges, but if you felt that it is overcharged, you can apply for a service ticket on the website or the app.
  2. During the time of KYC and rental agreement, if you didn’t receive a rental agreement you can serve a service request on the app under “ Agreement requesting.”
  3. The notice period to check-out from the Colive is one month.

Is It Safe To Live In a Coliving Space? What Security Measures Does Colive Provide?

The security and advanced 24*7 surveillance facilities are top-notch in using digital video door calling systems, and more. Hence, it’s absolutely safe to live in a coliving space.

What Do People Think About The Colive Company? According To People’s Review And Internet Research

colive review

To Sum Up

Coliving spaces are creating a massive trend nowadays and become revolutionary ideas that can improve the standard of your living. You might have never heard of a coliving space, but here is the chance to give it a try!

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In Which cities can I Colive?

Colive is currently only available in three major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

What kind of rooms are there in Colive?

Colive residence has a wide range of rooms to choose from according to your affordability and needs

  • Double/ Triple occupant rooms
  • Single room
  • Couple rooms

How much is the security deposit at Colive?

Unlike the rental residents in Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, the security deposit is just a 2-month rent.

Are there any specific timings to visit colive properties?

Yes, to not cause any inconvenience from your part, schedule your visit by 12 noon to 9 pm.

Can guests stay in colive?

Yes, a family member and friends can visit and stay for a couple of days, but their extended stay is frowned upon for the better of the community and fellow roommates.

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