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22 Online Jobs that Every Teen Must be Aware Off. Easy Money Making Tips

Like the saying, doing nothing is very hard to do, I never sat idly at home doing not anything. Most of us in high school would have babysat or had to give tuition to kids on weekends. I mean I did.

Online jobs for teens

Those sound oldfangled now, these days the teens are turning to the internet to fill their pockets with formidable creativity.

The inbred after school work on set hours is fine but online jobs have changed the way the system works by offering flexibility in schedules.

First Things First!

You must be knowing that the entire online jobs pulpit has one thing in common. PayPal account, if you have that and along with parents’ consent then you are good to go.


Learn How To Make Money As a Teenager

Money matters whether it be an old grandma or a teen learning cycling.

Learning to make money online can be propitious because after you learn some savvy tactics you can turn it into a part-time job or even a career.

Especially since the child labor laws have cut down the rate of jobs that a teen can hold, we have to think about cutting-edge ways to come up with jobs.

Online jobs for teens

As long as you make studies your top priority, everything’s fine, shine bright like a diamond with exposing your skills and become prowess by working online jobs.


Online Jobs For Teens

Teens can easily perform online jobs because it needs little to no references. Earning extra income by doing micro jobs can shape and diversify your future portfolio and careers.

Jobs online for teens

When looking for jobs online look for the one which has a flexible schedule and can be done in spare time. Like small tasks that can be finished while waiting in the doctor’s office or standing in the queue for checkout.


Best Online Jobs For Teens

Online jobs are incredibly flexible, hence it makes their importance staggeringly incomparable. Here’s the list of 22 Awesome Online Jobs that can make a difference in you-

1. Write Articles Online

Job for teens online

Article writing can be a boon to those teens who are into creative writing. Anyways, you have to write homework and assignments, might as well get paid to do it on online websites.

The best websites to start writing articles or short stories would be Wattpad, Link Able, Strong Whispers, Contena, Blasting News and many more.

I solely prefer Wattpad because as a teenager I was into wattpad a lot, more like addicted, even read secretly till 3 AM in the morning. It also has a great writing platform.

If you want to get recognized as a terrific writer, then start from here.

2. Get Paid To Complete Online Surveys

Nobody gets rich by taking online surveys, but you can definitely earn a decent amount by attempting these simple online jobs. People from all the roads of life can make money just by answering simple questions.

Online tutoring jobs for teens

Best surveys websites that actually pay is:

  • Swagbucks- 

It is one of the best, besides taking surveys it also pays when you surf the web, shopping, and playing games.

  • Life Points- 

It is another great platform to take online surveys, usually, the topics include health, sports, and travel.

  • My Points- 

It pays for many online tasks but if you wish, just stick with the online surveys.

  • Survey Junkie-

Being one of the most popular websites, it has over 3,00,000 members. Just do what you do normally on your phone but on this website and start earning money.

  Cash Crate, Neilson mobile and computer online, Inbox Dollars are a few 

More sites that give rewards and cash for the tasks completed online.

3. Become a Call Reviewer

If you guys don’t like the tedious task of typing then call reviewing can be one of the best choices for you.

Online jobs for teens

In this category, Humanities is one of the most credible sites that I went through. It’s relaxing to sit there listening to calls and making a judgment based on what you hear.

The work is malleable, you can log on and off depending upon your showtime. And getting surprise bonuses is a major brownie point.

Even if the pay is low and the calls are inconsistent, it’s a great way to start off your online job career.

4. Become An English Tutor

Becoming an online tutor as a teen can be a constructive thing to do. There are hundreds of genuine websites that hire talented and skilled teenagers to take coaching in their specialized subjects.

See what people are talking about tutoring jobs online here.

Being an English tutor is not easy, you have to be incredibly great in grammar and related areas, so check out some English training websites like Preply which I found really helpful before taking up this online job.

5. Work As a Customer Service Representative

Maybe you like talking to people and helping them with excellent interpersonal skills? Then the Customer Service Representative is the right job for you!

Customer service representatives are in demand because almost all the business is in dire need of them. Be it finance, health, e-commerce, or even a local store.

Jobs online for teens

So getting into this online job can be life-enhancing. 

You can be a Home Call Centre Agent, Online Chat Agent, Virtual Assistant, Travel Agent, or Technical Support.

Answering and solving problems related to billing, assisting clients in various tasks to selling products via email is pretty much involved here.

6. Sell Stuff Online

Do you have a lot of unused stuff lying around your humble abode? Then chances are you can earn money online by reselling these cool stuff. (Maybe uncool for you- One man’s junk is another’s treasure)

Job for teens online

eBay is a vibrant place to sell stuff, you can sell any kind of things there.

Anyone under 18 needs parental permission, selling as a minor is awesome but the account holder is responsible for everything.

Before diving into it, read and familiarize yourself with the guidelines about how to sell, how to create listings and best practices

Before posting items to sell, just research the item and know what you’re selling.

Visit the site to know more about eBay selling.

Nextdoor, Craigslist and Decluttr are other fascinating websites to start your selling.

7. Get Paid For Reviewing Songs

You can get paid by listening to songs! Sounds perfect right, yeah, there are websites bent on paying for listening and giving reviews about the songs.

Online tutoring jobs for teens

Because the music artists need direction from us so that they can modify their piece which suits the target audience. 

Watch the mind-blowing video of The Needledrop about how Anthony Fantano practically bashes lousy songs and gives amazing critics about the intricate details that a common ear could not have heard.

How does it work?

Just sign up as a user or fan following the songwriters and they pay you for listening to every song. It may range from 10 to 20 cents per song.

Payout is only through PayPal.

The best sites to get this online job is Musicxray, Slicethepie, Radioloyalty, Radioearn, and Research.fm.

8. Watch Ads For Money

Are you familiar with Google Blogger Adsense? So this is how it works, after publishing your article in the blog just post some ads. The visitors who want to read your article will watch the ads. 

Online jobs for teens

You will be earning some extra cash on the sidelines.

This can be a serious online job for teenagers because there are people who buy separate phones and laptops to watch ads.

Sites that pay for watching ads are-

  • Swagbucks
  • Inboxdollars
  • Ibotta
  • Mypoints
  • Fusioncash

You’re going to be online most of the time anyway, so signing up with 

these websites and watching ads is not a big deal.

9. Create and Sell Your Designs Online

If recreating new designs is your expertise then selling your creative designs online can be a great way to earn money.

Jobs online for teens

If you are a whiz in creating logos, brochure, or business cards there are a myriad of websites where the designs can be sold.

  • Designhill
  • Etsy
  • Creative market
  • Art Web
  • Big Cartel

These are the major websites where designers and businessmen 

come together to collaborate on their mutual work.

10. Perform Data Entry

Data entry can be the right choice for teens because the rise of the gig economy and digital sector has led to the emergence of more companies to enter into outsourcing clients.

Jobs online for teens

If you have good typing speed and proficiency in typing with minimal 

grammar and punctuation errors, data entry can be suitable for you.

Beware of scams!

There are hundreds of websites fraudulently milking money from the 

innocent and excited teenagers.

Best data entry online jobs are-

  • Upwork
  • Truelancer
  • Captcha work
  • Fiverr
  • Toptal

11. Help Manage Social Media Accounts

Most of the small businesses are in need of social media managers to take care of the company digitally and strategically. Many websites lose their customers within a few seconds because of poor social media pages.

online jobs for teens

Teenagers who are tech-savvy can delve into this domain. 

Although managing social media is different in the corporate world. Facebook experience doesn’t equal to business or marketing experience.

It’s better to get professional training. Starting as an intern is riveting. You can even start your own digital marketing company in the future.

Upwork, Truelancer, Freelancer.com, Guru are some of the websites that you can try out. Find a niche and get better at it.

12. Become an Instagram Influencer

When I think about the Instagram influencer, the immediate picture I get is a model posing with a duck face and wearing trendy clothes…hmm

But it’s more than that, influencers need to have a mammoth of followers really interested in their content and the niche they are building a community around.

Being an Instagram influencer is not a farce anymore and definitely not a walk in the park, it’s a real job that can make heaps of money. It sets a new trend among the audience around the content

55.4% of influencers use Instagram for sponsored campaigns.

For the people to take you seriously you must have the capability to attract the audience like a moth infatuated with light.

It is estimated that Selena Gomez can make $550000 per Instagram post.

Notwithstanding the fact that she has a behemoth of followers, 130 million actually.

jobs online for teen

Some reports say that an Instagram influencer can make around $1000 dollars per post on average. Instagram posts get 23% more buzz than facebook.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start posting genuine quality pictures!

13. Graphic Design

Are you a wizard in developing vivid images, designs, illustrations for various intents? Then taking up Graphic designing as an online job would be a no-brainer for you.

It is estimated that the growth rate of graphic designers is going to increase by 3% from 2018- 2028. There’s going to be a tough competition for the availability of positions.

The entire business arena whether small or big requires the collaboration of graphic designs to enhance their business through creative logos, business cards, brochures, etc.

Hence, as teenagers who are thick-skinned and have rich graphic designing skills, you can sell your visionary works online through websites like-

  • Fiverr
  • DeviantArt
  • Zazzle
  • BigCartel
  • 99Designs

14. Answer Questions Online

If you feel like a connoisseur in a certain subject, then answering questions via live chat or email can be a worthy job online for you.


online jobs for teen

Most of the sites ask for the credentials you have on the particular subject in which you’re knowledgeable. If you have good research skills, you can probe for answers on the internet about the relevant questions.

Best sites that pay well for answering questions are-

  • WebAnswers
  • Just Answer
  • Ether
  • Createpool
  • PrestoExperts

Most of the sites only pay through Adsense revenue-sharing model, based 

on how much traffic your answer gets on the internet.

15. Develop An App

Summly Nick D’Aloisio is a teenage app maker. His technology got acquired by Yahoo for 30 million dollars.

Job for teens online

App developing is an extremely competitive field and it depends on how good you are what you do. There are two ways an app developer can go about-

One is that you can develop your own app and launch it on Google or Apple earning income solely based on the popularity of the app.

Secondly, you can develop an app for others on hourly wages.

16. Help People With Their Problems

Small businesses and other clients are never short of problems. Hence teenagers can provide consultancy services to the agencies in need.

online jobs for teens

It’s a great online job for teenagers and can help in the problem-solving capability of teens.

Sorting out technical, financial and other selling issues generates a lot of profit.

You can also help people on the Quora website by solving the problem or doubts of the subscribers.

17. Fiverr

So here’s how Fiverr works. Let’s say you are absolutely good at writing essays. Firstly register with Fiverr and provide your Gig as “ I can write a quality essay for $3”

The buyer who is interested in it will give you specifications on how the essay must be and the deadline to complete it. 

If you don’t finish it within the deadline, the buyer may give you negative ratings, but if he’s happy your ratings may skyrocket and will get the amount via PayPal.

The services you provide is up to you. Just make sure that you’re sheerly good at what you offer.

The rates may change as the ratings of your service piles higher. It is a wonderful freelancing platform for teenagers.

15 years old Jonathan Maes has earned $3000 on Fiverr and loves to travel the world. How cool it is to have Fiverr pay for your fantasies.

18. Youtube

Youtube is like a soulmate (the other half) of the internet. There are 1.9 billion users logged in every month and over 500 hours of video is uploaded to the site in a minute.

jobs online for teens

There is a slew of videos on Youtube on how to make money on Youtube. Not just by uploading captivating videos.

You can earn money by becoming a youtube partner, ad revenue, creating sponsored content and selling merchandise.

To become a youtube partner you need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watching hours. Sounds tough right?

Don’t worry there is a guideline on youtube about how to achieve this.

Later set up an Adsense account according to the Google guidelines and try to explore your monetizing features.

Creating and merchandising your own works like T-shirts, hats, watches is another exceptional way to earn on Youtube. ( even Drake sells T-shirts)

It’s better to take polls before deciding to step into the ocean of selling your own merchandise.

19. Affiliate Marketing

Want to make money while you sleep?

Affiliate marketing is the way how 99% of people get started.

To begin with…

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products through affiliate networks. You earn a piece of the profit for each sale you make by your promoting skills.

Online tutoring jobs for teens

Choose a niche where you have hands-on experience. All the triumphant  Affiliate Marketers initiate by focusing on one viable goal.

You have to research potential affiliate products and services, don’t just choose it for gaining profits. Then call the shots on to promote the product.

Reports say that it is a dream career for introverts. For someone like me, as an introvert, learning and delving into affiliate marketing was the best thing. 

As a teenager, looking for the best online job, here are the sites for prevailing Affiliate Marketing Program-

  • ShareASale Affiliates
  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay Partners
  • Shopify Affiliate Program
  • Clickbank


20. Blogging

Online jobs for teens

Blogging has become a global sensation recently from past years. It is an ardent path to earn money and to self-expression.

Every teenager has to create a world out of his own imagination, cliques, gangs, and clubs all the way apart from the adults. Some may set the blogosphere abuzz.

Tavi Williams is the queen of teenage bloggers, she is just a 13 year old who has something to say and can say it precisely well. Want to become like her? Then start blogging.

So how does blogging works?

A blog is a digital journal or a gossipy and informational website where a writer or a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

The main intent of blogging is to connect with the relevant audience and another is to hike the audience to your website.

You earn income by blogging in these ways-

  • Selling ad space privately or through Google Adsense
  • Selling your digital products like tutorials and e-books, guides, online courses
  • Using the blog as a content marketing tool for the growth of the business
  • Becoming an affiliate partner

Check out the video on how to earn money blogging by the Passionate and professional blogger Allison Landstorm.

21. Sell Old Books Online

If you are one of those who has heaps of books lying around every corner of the room then selling used books as an online job would be befitting.

online jobs for teens

Or maybe letting go of the three copies of your favorite classic books is ideal.

Some of the best sites you can sell your old books online are-

  • Amazon
  • Powell’s books
  • Clankart
  • Bookchors

Just post the images which are no longer of use to you. Some sites accept

and pay depending on the quality of the books.

22. Be a Voice-Over Professional

There’s a tremendous opportunity for teenagers Voice-Over Professionals as an invisible voice behind cartoons, audiobooks or animation films.

Obviously, to become a voice-over artist you must have a flawless voice modulation.

  • Practice breathing
  • Create a voice-over demo
  • Network with other voice-over artists
  • Take a professional voice-over class

Top websites that have online jobs in the voice-over industry are-

  • Voices.com
  • Voice123
  • Voicebunny
  • The Voice Realm
  • Bodalgo

It is estimated that Voice over roles rose by 24% for females. The study shows that there is a high demand for women in this stream.

It’s a good feeling to get complimented for possessing a heavenly voice but earning money from your voice by honing skills is challenging.

Teen Jobs: Tips For Getting Started

It’s better to get training and advice before going into a quest for online jobs.

Things to keep in mind before getting started-

  • Get a PayPal Account

You must have noticed that all these online jobs have one thing in common, PayPal Account. Setting up an account is easy, in order to verify your account PayPal will send small amounts of deposits to your bank.

  • Keep Your Parents In The Loop

Parents have a sixth sense, they are definitely going to wonder if your pockets are loaded suddenly. So tell them about your online venture and exploration.

Undeniably they will be your backbone if something goes wrong. 

You’ll get their appreciation and it’ll improve your credibility and dedication for future endeavors.

In a Nutshell

A job whether online or part-time can help teenagers to better develop their identities, new accomplishments, cultivate work experience, learn to manage finance, instill new confidence, sense of responsibility and become more sovereign from the parents.

Teenagers are usually in search of online jobs for a number of reasons, it mainly stems from the desire to spend on cars, recreational expenses, clothing and owning branded items.

The drawbacks would be less concentration on school work, higher rates of absenteeism, fatigue, lack of sleep, lower grades, increased stress and so on. Ultimately, it can be a wonderful experience with supervision and parental guidance.



1. Are online jobs safe for teenagers?

Yes, if you look into legitimate websites then it is safe. Like all online job seekers, online jobs does carry certain risks. As a teenager, it is better to have parental guidance and supervision.

2. How can I work online and earn money? 

There are many popular online platforms to work online and earn money like-freelancing, starting your own website, affiliate marketing, virtual assistantship, translating, online tutoring and so on.

3. Is it safe to do online data entry jobs?

Yes, online data entry jobs can be a safe way for people who want to earn money from home, but beware of fraudulent jobs because they are pretty common these days. Just go through the right websites before delving into work.

4. How old do you have to be on Swagbucks?

The minimum age requirement to join Swagbucks is 13 years. Swagbucks also encourage minors, if you’re younger than 13 you have to seek your parents or guardian’s permission before registering.

5. What is the best question answer site?

The great sites that are great sources to answer questions online are – Quora, Superuser, LinkedIn Answers, Yahoo! Answers, Stak Overflow and Answers.com.

If this article has helped you in any way? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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