No need to explain that online marketing is an ever-evolving industry urging everyone to keep up with its fast pace. But what if you are new to monetization and advertising? What if you are just embarking on a path of traffic acquisition and lead generation? Believe it or not, but even the greatest digital platforms started small. What helped them evolve from zero to six-figure agencies? Hard work and dedication, we’d say.

Basically, the success of your business does not depend on the cash piles you’ve invested at the stage of inception, no. You don’t have to give away the shirt off your back to make it pop. But what really matters is a clear goal, step-by-step plan, along with the affiliate marketing software that really works.

Find your focus

Find your focus


Begin with the basics. Before you rush into founding an online marketing empire, ask this a simple question – “What is my niche?” If you are into targeting everybody, you are targeting nobody. Study your audience first and devise what services and/or products they crave.

Next, proceed to competitors’ research. There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketing platforms out there that are already offering your services. Needless to say, that you need to outwork them, right? Be it a unique advertising approach, new optimization feature, or win-win selling technique – make sure your audience is fed up with innovation, not triviality.

Build solid business relations

Partnering with the best may help you push your entrepreneurial efforts forward and secure your back, as well. It’s up to you to decide on whom you are willing to collaborate with and why; our tip is to assess the reliability of a chosen affiliate marketing platform in advance.


According to Failory, 90% of startups created in 2018 inevitably fail while 63% of this rating relates to the IT industry. The competition is gross; this is why you need to become well-connected and seek to build long-lasting relations with the affiliate marketing giants.

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Mold your brand identity

Brand identity is something that makes your business stand out from the crowd of the similar service providers. It’s the visual that encapsulates your brand’s voice and promise.

As to the voice, the tone matters. The right pitch will make you get across not only to your customers but also to the partners and associates. Next, let’s move on to the promise. State your brand values and see if they coincide with the ones of your audience.

Once this milestone is passed, start crafting your logo, tagline, domain name and everything else that brings a brand into being.

Mold your brand identity

Enhance your online presence

Not a single affiliate marketing platform succeeded without a web property. The common pitfall is the design. You have to realize that the looks are not that important. A basic principle ‘less is more’ is a perfect illustration of what your website should look like when it’s done. Always keep in mind that functionality is everything. There are many 6-figure websites that do not boast off eye-catching exteriors, but they do make money because of their extreme ease of use. Without further ado, here are some tips and tricks to bite on that:

⦁ Think about the color scheme – neutral background and one to two contrast fonts will do.

⦁ Try to simplify the navigation on every website page.

⦁ Do not overfill your online property with graphics, audio, or video – it will only distract the visitors.

⦁ Bridge the gap between your customer and your service by offering quick and easy sign-up.

⦁ Render your website customer-friendly, so they keep visiting it.

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Learn to market your brand

Advertising trends are metamorphic, and it is hard to predict which ad format will hook the visitors. Nowadays, there’s much ado around video ads, which is quite a rewarding format with a tiny inconvenience – the cost. As a barely fledged brand, you might not afford to spend too much on advertising.

However, one thing you can benefit from for sure is email marketing. Up to now, this advertising format keeps growing the army of admirers. As reported by Smart Insights, 35% of marketers rate is as “good” in terms of effectiveness, whereas 18% consider it “excellent.”

But how do you start reaping off the benefits right away? First, come by a collection of emails. Build an opt-in list, so the customers can leave you their email addresses. The pros of email marketing are as follows:

⦁ You supply your audience with the relevant insights.

⦁ You establish solid relations that last for a lifetime.

⦁ You get a 100% measurable response.

⦁ You save money! It’s cheaper to send a mindfully targeted email than send out hundreds of printed promo items.

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Use optimization tools

Why do some new endeavors in the online marketing fail within the first year of launch? Well, Business Insider reports the lack of optimization, monitoring, and tracking tools. If you want to acquire new users and turn them into customers, do not neglect this important step.

These days, there are many decent options on the market allowing you both to track and optimize, and AdsBridge is one of them. It’s trustworthy affiliate marketing software that helps you detect the weaknesses of your digital venue and fix them up. As a result, you will be losing neither customers nor money.

Use optimization tools

Bottom line

Made up your mind to try your hand in affiliate marketing? Watch out the pitfalls and always bear in mind that there’s no overnight success. Owning a digital business comes with hard work and late nights. To create a truly compelling product, you are supposed to keep abreast of your audience’s needs and be able to anticipate them.

Don’t be afraid to run a risk, because the pathway to a flourishing digital agency is paved with rises and falls. You only have to find out the marketing tricks that work best and which do not, so you can sweep them away and focus on those that bring home the bacon. Test, compare, analyze, and make sure to remember “Less is more.”