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The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide ~ 2021

Did you know that Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing websites with more than 11.5 million users in its initial stage? Boasting billions of pins ranges from interior designs, apparel, places, architecture, and even fanfiction.

No one liked Pinterest when launched, and even the founders are not smart or deserved to be called prodigies. But despite the lack of press coverage on the website, the early users seemed to like it and used it a lot.

pinterest marketing

The founders knew that what they had in hand is something different and integrated it with Facebook at the beginning itself.

Just a decade ago, people were used to pinning things on the fridge or a planner on the wall. But now Pinterest allows you to pin something on social media.
Do you want to know how to use Pinterest marketing?

Let’s look at how to use Pinterest for marketing business strategies that can help you gain customers. Read more!

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Why Pinterest Marketing? Does Anyone Use Pinterest Anymore?

Whenever digital marketing comes to your mind, the sites that flash instantly before your eyes are Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  

pinterest marketing

Well, Pinterest is one of the most well-known websites on social media networking sites but the most underrated to be considered for marketing. How to use Pinterest for marketing?

But if you use the right dose of your creativity and think outside the box, your business can climb the ladder just like that. Let’s look at some of the fantastic facts that can change your mind to consider Pinterest marketing. 

If your niche is a product related to females, then you’re at the right place to hit the audience because according to a survey.

  • 79.5% of Pinterest’s users are women!
  • Pinterest has 91 million active users.
  • 88% of users purchase the product they pinned.
  • 77.4% of the users are from the US.

What Are Rich Pins? How Do I Get Rich Pins?

Rich pins are kind of like the SEO-fixated facet of Pinterest. It is specially designed to spread brand recognition and is a great contributor to your posts. With more than 2 billion queries every month, you can take full advantage of marketing benefits on Pinterest.

pinterest affiliate marketing
The benefits of rich pins make your content stand out by providing additional information that pinners find attractive for their purchases. Rich pins make your content easily searchable and help it to look more professional, trustworthy with insightful features.

Now, how do you get rich pins?

Mark up your content with rich meta tags and validate it with Rich Pins Validator. If the webpage you’re applying is correctly marked up, then you will see an “Apply” button will appear. Click on it to apply for Rich Pins.
Your application will be processed within 24 hours.

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Before knowing how to make your pins go viral, it’s good to understand what makes a lousy pin and how to avoid it.

how to use pinterest for marketing

  • Never pin anything short or horizontal, ever.
  • Images with no text are a no-brainer to failure. A picture with just a smoothie doesn’t tell you which flavor it is.
  • When you use unclear or blurry images with small texts, people might find it problematic to squint and look at your pin.
  • Nobody likes small photos, which can be very un-engaging.
  • Using colors that don’t contrast with each other.

Now let’s dive into what makes a pin popular-

The first step is to find what works on Pinterest, why pinners like certain content over others, and how engaging it is. Use Pinterest analytics and keep finding the curated content which people seem to like very much.

The interest tool in interest displays the most famous content being followed by users, and you can learn from it and follow it to create something appealing to your followers.

2. Sketch a Good Description

Ensure that your pins have an eye-catching description and title about what you’re trying to sell or what you want users to read. It helps you get noticed on the feed by your followers in a search.

best affiliate programs for pinterest

3. Catchy Images

Impeccable visuals catch the users’ eye, and the images should be in a way that represents something that they want to learn or buy. Create images that are large and long.

marketing on pinterest
I recommend 600pixels as an ideal way to pin images. Also, use free online tools like Canva and PicMonkey to come with ideas that may stand out.

4. Easier To Pin

Install a pin it button, which comes in handy when your customer feels like bookmarking your products or blog posts. It’ll show up right next to the images website. 

You can get it from Pinterest for Business tools.

5. Repin Properly

Repinning content that can serve the interest of your audience is a great idea. But make sure that the content you want to repin on your Pinterest board is actually from a reputable source.

If people saved your pin on them, it means you have created great content that people want to come back and do more in the future.

Can Someone See What You Look at Pinterest? Is it Safe Using Pinterest For Marketing?

How to use Pinterest for marketing?

No, the searches you make on Pinterest are not seen by others. The public will see only the pins you save as public. 

It’s safe to use Pinterest for marketing because if you apply the proper tricks, it could be a hidden social media marketing gem to promote your business. 

What is The Point of Pinterest in Terms of Business? Can I Gain Brand Awareness?

Why can Pinterest Marketing help a great deal for you in terms of business? Because it is one of the most understated social media networks that is left out for marketing your business. 

There are 200 million Pinterest users who use it monthly worldwide, sharing their ideas on the platform. These audiences have the vast spending power that can be essential for your business. 

If you’re still encouraged, then look at some statistics which can change your mind.

  • Half of Millennials use Pinterest every month.
  • 40% of Pinterest users have a household income of more than $100k.
  • 93% of them use Pinterest to plan their next purchase.

With this much exposure, you can more than likely succeed in creating brand awareness for your product.

How To Effectively Use Pinterest for Marketing?

So now that you’ve changed your mind to use Pinterest Marketing strategy, here are some steps to use them effectively.

1. The Boards Must Have Keywords in The Title 

Pinterest is designed with exceptional searching capabilities. Make sure to use keywords in your title, as people will find it easier to locate your business. Also, categorize your title for Pinterest to recommend your board.

2. Use Description

Create a unique description that is interesting and simple to understand. Again, ensure to use keywords in the description too. Add more than 20 hashtags in your description.

pinterest marketing strategies

3. Create Vertical Images 

Pinterest is a very perceptible website that mostly relies on images to look inherently attractive. Always think vertically when choosing images when marketing on Pinterest.

Images are the visual cues that lead people to find the best ideas or products through pins. Also, make sure to use a 2:3 aspect ratio in your photos.

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Add the link of your website, one in the description and another in the pin’s source.

5. Use Pinterest For Business Account

It’s reported that 75% of the content on Pinterest are from businesses rather than personal. Hence, if you want to access free website traffic, get clients and email subscribers, switch to Pinterest for Business account in no time to get access to business features.

How To Start Using Pinterest For Your Business and Promote Your Brand Right Now? 7 Effective Pinterest Marketing Tips

pinterest marketing

I’m happy to share all the tried and tested Pinterest Marketing tips listed below. Take a quick look at these effective marketing tips that can work best for you!

1. Pin Routinely 

To get more engagement on Pinterest, pin more often. People who pinned more consistently found 150% more engagement than those who didn’t. With research, it’s found that pinning between 5 to 30 times a day can bring in amazing results.

2. Schedule Your Pins

Scheduling your pins ahead of time makes things very simple to discover and share great content with your Pinterest friends.

It must be spaced out over a few days that helps with a consistent volume of Pinterest content to share. That’s how to use Pinterest for marketing.

3. Apply for Rich Pins

There are five kinds of rich pins available for free, Article pins, Product pins, Recipe pins, Movie pins, and Place pins. These pins are designed to make pinners’ experience better and more productive.

4. Create Pinterest Perfect Images

If you want your images to be picture perfect and unique, you can create them from scratch with various dimensions and aspect ratios in Photoshop, Canva, or Gimp.

When I used the 735 *1102 pixels template, the images were a hit on the site. Also, it looks best when you create it vertically.

5. Write Keyword-Rich Descriptions And Boards

Your description must include keywords, details, positive sentiment and must be useful to the reader to take some action. As an extra step, use capitalized words and punctuations correctly.

Do not use hashtags or promotional information, which can be quite a disastrous tour blog’s credibility. The top pins which rank higher on Pinterest are those with short descriptions with 100 characters.

6. Pins With Text

You could have seen many pins that might have had a text overlay on the image that references the full pin. Pins with text get four repins and a one like as opposed to pins without text, which only got one repin and one like.

The text should not be blurry or smaller because nobody likes to squint at something to get information.

People can catch up with your article if you provide a pin it later option while sharing a new blog post. Increase the brightness and saturation to your board and check your Pinterest stats regularly.

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How Do I Create a Pinterest Strategy? Can I Generate ROI For My Business Using Pinterest Marketing Strategies?

Nowadays, the pinners who use Pinterest are using it for “Pinspiration” do plan perhaps their beachside wedding, exotic vacations, and excellent dinner parties. Just like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a place to connect with friends and potential influencers.

Let’s look at some of the Pinterest marketing strategies that can work to uplift your business by generating tremendous ROI because it ranks in the frontline, ahead of Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

1. Create Enchanting Content

As I’ve mentioned earlier, visuals are everything on Pinterest. 85% of pinners like visuals over text. Use vertical images with a descriptive title.

Since most of the pinners use mobile, make sure that your images are 2:3 aspect ratio. Include your logo with a clear and precise text overlay.

2. Use Boards

Curate boards and create tutorials or DIYs to give your pinners excitement to follow you. Many brands have seperate boards for their lip, brow, or makeup ideas.

Recently Pinterest has introduced some new group board features so that you can react to the posts shared by the members.

3. Plan Ahead For Seasonal Content

Holidays are a big window for you to showcase your creativity or products. Fifty-six million searches were recorded for Valentine’s Day so far. 321 million for Christmas! So when it’s Christmas season, start posting products related to the Christmas spirit.

how to use pinterest for marketing

  • Pinterest SEO

If you use a strong strategy for your content, then there’s a 97% chance for you to get discovered. Just like ordinary search engine websites, Pinterest also requires the proper use of SEO-optimized content.

Use them strategically everywhere in your pins, boards, titles, and descriptions after thorough keyword research.

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  • Target The Right Pinners

You can use target ads to keywords, age, location, and other demographics. You have to choose one source, and Pinterest will do the rest to find like-minded pinners.

By doing this, you’ll get to know who has visited and engaged with similar content

How to Track Your Business Success And Learn Strategies That Work Using Pinterest Analytics? According to Internet Research And Case Studies

Pinterest analytics tool offers information on how to view your website’s content. Consistently measuring your Pinterest activity can help your business identify the types of changes that need to resonate to get the best out of the specific audience.

pinterest marketing

pinterest affiliate marketing

A superpower example for Pinterest would be Buzzfeed because it has already taken an enormous hit for traffic to another level.

Did you know that Pinterest is the main reason Buzzfeed’s content goes viral, although it is famous on Facebook and Twitter?

Buzzfeed’s funny stories on Pinterest found massive success with more than 30% traffic.

All In All

Twitter and Facebook are not the only tools for social media marketing. Pinterest can be your new best friend, or should I say a business partner. When we look at the stats, Pinterest pins are more likely spreadable than a tweet.

The success of Pinterest marketing may be questionable or unpredictable at times. Still, there are far too many success stories that attest to the use of Pinterest marketing to promote your brand.

What are you waiting for? Find your different marketing plan and be ready to be successful on Pinterest.

People also ask

1. Why is Pinterest good for marketing?

Pinterest is a great tool for marketing because it helps increase lead and inks back to your website, driving more traffic. The image-based pins are one of the key reasons for its success in marketing.

2. Is Pinterest a safe site to use?

Yes, Pinterest is safe to use to like other social media websites as the users must go through signing in, and it is password protected. But be aware of scams from other users.

3. Can I get paid to pin on Pinterest?

No, you won’t get paid for pinning on Pinterest, but you do earn commissions if people click your affiliate link, and they make a purchase by Pinterest Affiliate Marketing program. Also, check out some best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

4. How much are Pinterest ads?

Pinterest ads cost around 10 cents to $1.50 per click on small, midsized businesses. The minimum bid is 10 cents.

5. Is selling on Pinterest free?

Yes, you can sell on Pinterest for free. The buyable pins help pinners to buy products on their mobile itself. It enables the users to purchase products without even visiting your website.


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