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All You Need to Know about Poshmark in 2020 (Legit Poshmark Reviews)

All women have two common problems. Either she has nothing to wear, or she has no room for all of her clothes. Additionally, there are some fashionable individuals who are just like me, pretty voguish by heart but too poor to share the shimmer of their fancy looks with the outer world!

I have a question for all of those creative minds. Have you ever thought the piles of your used clothes that you don’t wear anymore can get you some extra cash to buy your desired sets of exotic and brand new clothes?


poshmark reviews


Do you know that several studies have proven that we put on only 20% of the dresses that possess our wardrobe? So, the best move to vanish all those issues is monetizing your closet. There are web-based marketplaces where you can resell your used dresses.

Those eCommerce platforms are the places where merchants offer you fashionable clothes that they don’t wear anymore.

Sounds great, no? That’s why here I am with an ultimate guidebook for you containing profound Poshmark reviews and some insights on is it safe to buy from Poshmark? Give it a read!


What is Poshmark? How does it work?

Poshmark is a leading social e-commerce retail marketplace, based in the USA, where thousands of people sell and purchase brand new and second-hand apparel, footwear and accessories.

This mobile-based social commerce site has millions of products of numerous reputed brands to engage the next generation of shoppers and retailers.

Using Poshmark is the simplest way to sell and purchase fashion. Here you can buy fashionable apparel at a cheap price. You can start buying your old clothes here too.

The Poshmark reviews from its users have expressed several times that this e-commerce platform has created a connection between them and their admired fashion mates

Now, how does Poshmark work? Is it safe to buy from Poshmark?


is Poshmark safe


You have to follow the steps that are mentioned below to make Poshmark work. 

1st Step:

To kickstart your business on Poshmark, you have to download the Poshmark app at first. You will get it on the play store. This application is absolutely free of cost and you can operate it on both android and iPhone operating systems.

2nd Step:

Now click some striking snaps of your product by using your smartphone right on the Poshmark app. You can make those photos more attractive by enhancing it’s quality with adding filters.

3rd Step:

Is Poshmark legit? Is it safe to buy from Poshmark? Several newfangled people ask these questions themselves and they don’t get any answer maximum time. Poshmark reviews from others can’t satisfy them completely.

Therefore, it is your duty to make your products reliable. Fill the description box with detailed information about your product.

4th Step:

When you are selling a product on Poshmark, it sends you a commercial email containing prepaid shipping instructions. You just need to wrap your product professionally and drop the package off at your nearby service mailbox.

Otherwise, you can avail the pick up from the home facility as well.

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Is Poshmark legit platform to buy things?

is Poshmark legit


Let me clear your confusion. Is Poshmark legit? In reality, it is a well-established e-commerce site for the people who take an interest in selling and purchasing second-hand apparel.

The Poshmark reviews unleash that, it is completely legitimate. If you are even a novice seller/buyer in the online marketing scene, then also you are completely safe when you are doing business with Poshmark. If you ask me whether Poshmark is safe or not, then I would suggest you trust it as much as you rely upon Mercari and eBay.

It is a reputed and trustworthy online shopping platform. The customers buy actual apparel and dealers receive deserved payouts.

But one thing you should keep in mind is that Poshmark is perfectly legit, but there is no guarantee that all the products that are sold here are perfectly legitimate. So, you should scrutinize a product and go through the Poshmark reviews on it to ensure the correct usage of your hard-earned money.

One good side of using Poshmark is, consumers can return a product after receiving if they don’t like it. The dealer will not receive his/her payout until and unless the buyer approves the purchase.



So, as per my perspective, a Poshmark is a great place to buy and sell things along with being perfectly legit and safe.


What makes Poshmark unique? How helpful is it when it comes to buyers and sellers?

Poshmark is more like a social platform where you can post, comment, and share rather than being just an e-commerce site.


is Poshmark safe


It’s less hassle to use Poshmark. Apart from these, what makes this platform so different from the rest shopping sites such as eBay, Craig, Mercari etc?


is selling on Poshmark worth it

  • Poshmark doesn’t demand great business skill to be a seller.
  • The idea of reselling used products is absolutely unique and helpful.
  • You can follow the poshers whose fashion sense you adore. Then you will get an update when they post their closet. All poshers have to share each other’s listings. 
  • Poshmark lets the sellers add filters to the snaps of their items. It enhances picture quality and attracts more buyers. Yes, those great pictures make the shopping site so unique from the others.
  • Unlike the rest online marketing sites, adding a photo of the item and item description is not the end of your job. You have to share this post at least once a day and should be on the top of the comment list to get more customers.

how much does Poshmark take

Now, how much does Poshmark take to sell a product and how helpful is it when it comes to buying and selling fashion products? Is it safe to buy from Poshmark? Let’s find out!

  • There are no PayPal fees.
  • You may avail a flat fee for delivering the products up to five pounds.
  • Poshmark shuts the door for deadbeat purchasers. When you buy an item here, you have to link your credit card to sign up. Henceforth, dealers receive their payouts right away.
  • When a seller relists an item, Poshmark figures out promptly how much it is worth. It works great for both buyers and sellers. Both of them get the exact price of an item.

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How can you sell your product on postmark? Is selling on Poshmark worth it?

Since the year 2011, when Manish Chandra ( the current CEO of Poshmark) founded the online shopping site, it has paid out 1 billion dollars approximately to 4 million sellers. Do you want to extend the community of Poshmark sellers by adding yourself? Then read it out how to start selling items on Poshmark.


is selling on Poshmark worth it


1. Click striking snaps

I am not instructing you to be as efficient as a photographer of Vogue, but make sure that the photos of your products look so amazing that the buyers can’t resist themselves.

2. Build your brand

You have to channel a particular style here. Come up with an engrossing brand name, captivating snaps of the products, color schemes, and catchy product description. In a nutshell, you have to make your wardrobe a vivid experience.

You should take into account what is selling best currently. Notice the number of likes on other sellers’ products. Keep an eye on the top-selling products.

4. Keep an eye on Customers’ Poshmark reviews

You have to figure out what a customer wants. All information about the requirement and preference of your buyers should be at the fingertips of the sellers. That’s why you should check on the Poshmark reviews,

5. Compare the Costs

You should research the price of items that are similar to your products. If you sell something at a costlier price than the average market cost, your customers will abandon you within a wink.

6. Carry on socializing

Never forget, Poshmark is an online SOCIAL site. You need a large number of repeat buyers to establish your brand.

Try to know your customers on a personal ground. It will help you to gain a loyal group of buyers.

7. Response Instantly

Do you want to be the best when it comes to servicing customers? Be helpful then. You need to respond promptly in a courteous way when a buyer asks for some information.

8. Enlist a new product regularly

Remember the commercial myth, “the more you enlist items to sell, the better chances you get to sell.” You have to list your products once and again to make them come up on the algorithm of the application.

9. Be organized

You’re going to have a chaotic ex[erience when you enter a Poshmark, for sure. So, you need to be very organized when you get plentiful orders and new inventories.

10. Work hard to taste success

Many people have made selling items on Poshmark their full-time job. Poshmark is a great platform for earning your bread and butter, all it demands is putting in the hours.

Be ready to make up your days with sending out products, sourcing the items, taking snaps of the products, and uploading new products on the Poshmark site.

Now, is selling on Poshmark worth it?

The sad but true factor is, Poshmark takes out a large chunk from all deals. Still, if you can sell your listing items on a big scale, and can sell well, then you can easily let these high fees go.

There are several brands that get sold at a higher price on the Poshmark market. For those, the high fee is worth it. Moreover, the posh market charges no listing fee.

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How much do Poshmark sellers make?

how much does Poshmark take


Poshmark charges 2.95 dollars as a commission on every sale under fifteen dollars. It takes twenty percent commission on all sales above 15 dollars. The rest of the purchase cost goes to the sellers.

Usually, the posh sellers earn 10000 dollars to 100000 dollars per year on average.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Poshmark?

As per the Poshmark reviews of sellers and users, Poshmark delivers a lot of fun to its users with a bucket full of troubles. After going through all of these, here is my deep insight for you on the pros and cons of Poshmark.


poshmark reviews



  • If you start using the Poshmark platform, you will automatically turn into a skillful seller who can sell almost EVERYTHING!
  • Poshmark will teach you new business strategies every day. 
  • You can bring home the bacon by selling your used clothes, shoes, and accessories on posh’s market. What more advantage does one need?
  • You will be a member of a mesmerizing posh community.
  • You will learn a lot of things here such as socializing, listing the products, taking captivating pictures of the products, and engaging a group of repeat buyers.


  • Poshmark bears a hidden moral, that is “everything can’t be sold and everyone can’t sell.”
  • Poshmark is not a very common application. Everyone doesn’t know the amazing utility of Poshmark. So, you won’t get millions of buyers in an instant.
  • Every seller has to deal with at least one problematic buyer.
  • The enormous usage of “make an offer” button from your buyers might annoy you.
  • The reputation of your business doesn’t depend upon you and your products but also on the postal services.
  • Poshmark will deduct 20% as a commission from your profit.

What do people think about Poshmark? According to internet research and people’s review.

Here are some Poshmark reviews according to the research and people’s opinion-


poshmark reviews

is Poshmark legit

Final verdict:

Starting the journey as a seller on Poshmark is completely a whirlwind of emotions. At first, you will be excited to observe how it works, along with it, you will feel nervous by measuring the possibility of wasting your money and time.

Getting started on Poshmark might demand a few hours from your everyday routine, but the taste of selling something from your closet while gifting a person on a budget a smile from ear to ear will be absolutely divine.


1. Can I get scammed on Poshmark?

Yes, there are chances. Some products on Poshmark do not contain a return offer. Both buyers and sellers might face a problem then with such a product.

2. Do I need to report Poshmark income?

In the United States, if someone sells products at Posh’s market, he/she needs to report all profits to the income tax office. But if you sell an item as our hobby, then you can report the income as “other income” on 1040 schedule 1.

3. Does Poshmark send 1099?

No. At present, Poshmark doesn’t send 1099 forms. If you want a 1099 form, then you should send them an email asking for a copy of the sales. Otherwise, you can watch your sales with the help of excel as a spreadsheet program.


If you have used this app do let us know your experience in the comment section below!!

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