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9 Best Primewire Alternatives To Watch Free Movies Endlessly {2020}

Primewire – just another online streaming site to watch your favorite movies. It’s a fact that many sites come and go. Due to this, sometimes your favorite streaming site may be taken down or be the victim of DDoS attacks. 

new Primewire site

Unfortunately, at the expense of Primewire fans, the takeover is closed, which rested in receiving malicious ads all the time. To our surprise, the website is no longer accessible through its domain name.

So, to get rid of your boredom, here is the list of Primewire alternatives where people can have fun streaming the latest movies and TV Shows for free! You are at the right place; read along.

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What is Primewire? What’s Unique About it?

Primewire is a fantastic movie streaming site that offers unlimited fun of watching at no cost. The movies are in HD quality, making it an even more spellbinding site to use. You don’t need to register or sign up to watch the shows, which is unique. 

new Primewire site

Users don’t need any streaming subscription, but of course, you need to deal with annoying ads while streaming the contents. But due to a hostile takeover, the site was suddenly down, and people got hit with malicious ads while accessing the site. 

Currently, users are in a dilemma trying to access the domain but getting directed to harmful advertisements. This situation can be solved if you know some sites like Primewire. Let’s learn more about Primewire and get to know its alternatives.


How to Use Primewire? How Does Primewire Work? Is Primewire Safe to Watch Movies?

Here are the steps to use Primewire-

Primewire alternative

  1. Visit the website Primewire
  2. You will be directed to the list of movies page
  3. You can pick any movie you want from the complete collection.
  4. Then click on the option of continue as a free user when a box pops up.
  5. Now enjoy the free selection of fantastic movies.

Is it safe to use Primewire?

This question depends on many things. A moviemaker spends plenty of money to produce a bestseller in theatres. But if someone wants to steam it for free, they will take legal action against the site. Right?

So the only source of income is through the ads. But these ads can be harmful once you click for users. Primewire has become notorious for offering prorated content, and yes, it makes the site illegal or unsafe to watch.

The government is continuously monitoring Primewire sites, so if you visit the app, there is a high chance that you may ban your connection, or you’ll be liable to pay a considerable fine. So, it is unsafe; that’s why we provide you a collection of possible Primewire alternatives to enjoy movie night.

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Bored of Primewire App? 9 Best Primewire Alternatives That Work in 2020.

Here is the list of sites like Primewire that you must watch in 2020

sites like Primewire


1. Movie4k 

Movie4K is one of the best Primewire alternatives that allow you to watch HD movies for free without even registration. The movies are popular at the box office with their visitors. The user interface is quite friendly and stunning, making it easy for everyone to watch their favorite interests.

sites like Primewire

The site is superfast in streaming speed offering unbelievable content in different languages. This makes it better than Primewire, where you can find favorite movies and explore its categories. 


2. PutLocker

PutLocker is a popular streaming site to watch favorite movies. This has been around longer to be considered a legitimate website for endless online streaming. The conservative design adds charm to the usage of the website.

Primewire tv

Putlocker is a successful website that is the best alternative to Primewire, where it can satisfy demanding customers for watching movies. You can watch TV shows, Japanese cartoons, Asian dramas, and movies from the cinema’s golden age.


3. 123Movies

123Movies is another notable addition to Primewire alternatives that became famous after the shutdown of Primewire. The website shines with phenomenal media players, an excellent choice of content, and an upgraded interface.

Primewire alternative

Although the endless advertisements can be annoying, it is an expected evil to endure while watching free high-quality movies. But they are not involved in other sketchy practices, in turn keeping the customer satisfied.


4. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is another online movie streaming site, which is an excellent Primewire alternative. The interface is upgraded with relevant features boasting reasonable customer satisfaction. SolarMovie offers 30000 movies and the majority of recent films as well.

new Primewire site

IMDB ratings accompany the vast collection of movies, so users can decide whether watching the film is worth it. The quality of the content is appreciable, and the advanced interface leaves no stone unturned.


5. Viooz

Viooz is another site like Primewire that offers full-length movies with excellent sound quality and video quality. The high-quality content is a real treat for the viewers, along with a massive collection of various genre movies.

sites like Primewire

The various genres include history, horror, comedy, adventure, war, action, and many more. The movies are delightful to watch, and it is the best for TV show lovers. Users can find their desirable movies through advanced level search boxes by searching through its name, tags, or genres.


6. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another famous site characterized as a valued contender for Primewire’s alternative. You can watch movies with various genres like horror, drama, mystery, old-school cool, western, thriller, science, romance, and many more.

Primewire tv

You can also easily share your favorite movies with friends and families. Another exciting feature of the site is it lets you create GIFS and leave comments as well.


7. LookMovie

LookMovie is another one of the Primewire alternatives that are legendary in offering movies and TV shows for free. With no registration or extra download time, you can enjoy shows that tug at your heartstrings.

Primewire alternative

The integration of the website is user-friendly, and the content comes under various genres, movies, TV shows, and the latest categories. The disadvantage is that whenever you get a pop-up option, make sure to regularly click on the close button to enjoy endless entertainment.


8. Niter

Niter is another Primewire alternative that has snowballed in popularity. The site is straightforward to use, where you can watch movies with a click of a button. Many viewers have already fallen in love with the dark background color. 

sites like Primewire

Users can comment on the site about their views; the site doesn’t seem to be active nowadays, but let’s hope for its active return soon. 


9. Watch Series TV

Watch Series Tv is a favorite streaming website for those who love watching episodes and hottest Tv shows. Users can watch recently updated shows without missing a beat. 

Primewire alternative

The massive collection shows are fun, making users love this website. People can discover everything they want to see easily with a simple interface.

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What are the Pros and Cons of using Primewire Alternatives? 

Here are the top pros and cons of using Primewire Alternative:-

Primewire tv



  • Instant viewing of movies
  • Can only be watched online
  • No need for memory space
  • Need steady internet connection
  • Instant playback
  • Risk of losing personal data
  • Thousands of collections
  • Limited access to all movies

Why do People Like the Primewire App and its Alternatives? According to The Primewire Reviews and Powerful Internet Research.

Take a look at the screenshots to know more about what people think about Primewire alternatives and their uses.

new Primewire sitePrimewire alternative

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, you get the best companion on these above websites to watch unlimited movies online for free. Although it’s irritating to deal with annoying ads, the site does not provide malicious ads like Primewire, which can harm your identity. 

These are the perfect options for a change to devoted long time users of Primewire. Now, get back to watching an endless number of movies and TV shows with high ratings in HD quality.


1. Does Primewire give viruses?

Yes, the Primewire website contains malicious ads that can seriously harm your system. The risks are adware and other malicious software, which happens if you click on the wrong popup ads.

2. Can I get the virus from 123Movies?

No, there is no risk of getting viruses from 123 Movies. But the trouble is of paying fines while watching the movies in certain countries. However, the original site has been taken down and replaced with malware ones that could potentially harm your devices.

3. What happened to Primewire?

Primewire was shut down after a hotel takeover; the content got replaced with malicious ads after the seizure. This made the website longer accessible through the original domain. 

4. What are the consequences of using Primewire?

If you are caught using or downloading the copyrighted content, your internet connection may be banned, along with massive infringement of fines to pay. It depends on the country according to its laws regarding it. 

5. Is Movie4k legal?

Watching series through these free sites is illegal, and according to the law, it is punishable. Although it depends from country to country, it is against the law and illegal if you are caught downloading copyrighted content.

If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below!

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