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SEO-Driven Prompt Engineering Best Practices

The rapid advancements made in AI technology recently (a few months back) have been a mixed bag for people worldwide. Thousands of people have lost their jobs to automation while the same AI technology has created thousands of new jobs like Prompt Engineering and eased existing ones (like coding for a software project). 

In this article, we’re going to discuss what is Generative AI like Chat GPT, what is Prompt Engineering and its scope, and the top 10 prompt engineering jobs that pay people handsomely. After all, who doesn’t like to earn a lot of money and have their job eased? So without further ado, let’s delve into this trending and sought-after topic. 

AI Engineering

What is Prompt Engineering AI

Generative AI became immensely popular among the masses after a Generative AI known as Chat GPT was made available to the public (released) on November 30th, 2022. Chat GPT is a Generative AI software developed by the US-based AI company, Open AI. Chat GPT is a text/prompt-based AI that produces the desired output in the form of text based on the prompt/instructions given. 

Another Generative AI known as DallE produces the desired image based on the prompt/instructions entered. It too is as popular as Chat GPT. This capability of Generative AI that can produce the desired output (in the form of text or images) based on the prompt/instructions entered has given birth to a new field of Software Engineering known as Prompt Engineering

Prompt Engineering AI and its types 

You might be surprised to know this but there are three main types of Prompt Engineering. Users’ prompts are classified based on the level and detail of instructions given. Some prompts involve only a single line of instruction while others have many. 

To become a Prompt Engineer, one must have a thorough understanding of NLP, algorithms, Generative AI like Chat GPT, Copilot, DallE, etc, JSON, and Python, and an understanding of API design and its working. The different types of prompts are described below. 

Zero-Shot Prompting

This is the most simple type of prompting. Here, the user gives a single line of command/prompt to the Generative AI software and the Generative AI software will produce the desired results as per the prompt entered. 

For example, a user will enter a prompt like “Write a program in C++ to find the factorial of the inputted number” and the Generative AI will generate a code in C++ to achieve that task. 

One-Shot Prompting

This type of prompting is a little more advanced than Zero-Shot Prompting. Here, the user will instruct/prompt the Generative AI software on what to do and will give an example to guide it or use it as a reference.

For example, a user will enter a prompt like “Design a railway reservation website for the UK using HTML, Javascript, and Node.js coding languages and the IRCTC website as a reference.” Since the Generative AI has a reference in One-Shot Prompting, it is much more likely to produce the desired results. 

N-Shot Prompting or Chain of Thought (CoT) prompting 

This is the most elaborate and complicated type of prompting. Here the user prompts the Generative AI on what to do and gives a series of examples, references, or outcome-based actions to guide the Generative AI to produce the desired result. 

For example, a user will enter a prompt like “Write a program in C++ to read the names, roll number, and marks in Computer Science of 30 students in a class out of the total mark of 100. Declare them as “Pass” if their obtained mark is greater than or equal to 50 else declare them as “Fail”.” If CoT prompting is done carefully and in a detailed manner, it will give the user 100% accurate results. 

Top 10 prompt engineering jobs that pay a high prompt engineering salary 

Since Generative AI has made the jobs of many people (especially that of software developers) easier and more convenient, many people these days are keen on becoming prompt engineers and earning a high salary. 

People who know how to use Generative AI properly can expect to earn a salary as high as ₹2.79 crores per annum in India! Following are the top 10 Chat GPT or Generative AI-based jobs in the world that pay handsomely. So, without further ado, let’s know what these lucrative jobs are. 

Software Developer

As mentioned there are Generative AIs like Chat GPT, Copilot, etcetera that can generate even millions of lines of code based on a few lines of prompt. This capability of Generative AI software makes it easier, quicker, and more convenient for software developers to develop software using any known programming language. 

Software that took many months or even years to develop before the invention of Generative AI like Chat GPT, Copilot, etcetera can now be developed in a few days thanks to the quick and accurate code generated by Generative AI software. 

All a software developer has to do these days is be thorough in the domain of Prompt Engineering and enter the prompts required to build the desired software carefully and in a detailed manner. The profession of a software developer has become easier, more convenient, and lucrative than ever before thanks to the invention of Generative AI.

Prompt Engineer

If one knows how to use Generative AI like Chat GPT, Copilot, DallE, etcetera to the fullest extent and accurately, one can accomplish almost any task on a computer. Prompt Engineers are on average 100 times more efficient than a coder who codes manually. Prompt Engineers are in demand, find many applications/jobs, and are paid handsomely these days. It is one of the most lucrative professions in modern times. 

Business Development Executive

Every kind of business requires Business Development (BD) executives to expand and grow. This line of work just got easier, more convenient, and better paid thanks to the development of Generative AI software. 

Generative AI software like Chat GPT can find appropriate leads based on the job description (JD) or product description (PD)  within a few seconds or minutes! Generally, one-shot prompting is used to automatically generate leads. BD executives are now much more efficient and productive thanks to Generative AI software. 


HRs can now feed the JD, skillset requirements, location requirements, and experience requirements for any job to a Generative AI software and get a list of the apt candidates for the job within a few seconds. 

This has made HRs worldwide more efficient and productive and has enabled companies in every industry to find apt candidates for their roles in no time. Generative AI has made employees and corporations worldwide much more efficient and their jobs or tasks much easier than ever before.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of Computer Science that extensively uses algorithms and mathematics (especially Probability calculation) to make typing jobs easier for people by prompting the next word to be typed. It is extensively used in smartphones and apps these days. 

Since Generative AIs employ the latest ML techniques, formulas, and algorithms, they can perform any ML-based task highly accurately and quickly. ML finds a wide array of applications not just in smartphones. Hence, people who know how to use Generative AI software to the fullest extent and correctly can get many highly paid jobs. 


Copywriting is a form of content writing that deals with attractively advertising a company’s products and/or services. Before the invention of Generative AI, copywriters had to think of creative ads for their company’s products and/or services manually. 

This was a time-consuming process and was sometimes not up to the mark. Generative AI software has made the process of creating innovative ads for products and services easier, more effective, and much quicker. 

Copywriters who know how to use Generative AI software to the fullest extent and appropriately are in high demand these days because the growth of their company is dependent on the amount and quality of their work. 

AI Developer

AI software does not mean only Generative AI. Other types of software like Chatbots, Game AIs, payment AIs, etcetera count as AI software too. Generative AI can create chatbots in any appropriate coding language like Javascript, PHP, etc. 

They can also create AI for a game in any genre. Last but not least, they can create AI to do other useful tasks like automated payment, risk calculation and operational advice, statistical calculation, accounting and wealth management, etcetera.

AI has a wide range of applications and people who can develop a sophisticated AI using Generative AI are in high demand these days. They can get many golden-collared jobs that will make them settle down in life. 

Business and Legal Advisors 

Generative AI like Chat GPT is developed by feeding them a truly humongous database in every appropriate domain. They can also think for themselves using their neural networks, Machine Learning techniques, NLP, and smart algorithms. 

Thus Generative AIs are able to give appropriate legal advice to solicitors (based on their country of residence) and business operational advice to business consultants. Generative AI has sharply reduced the need for lawyers and business consultants to remember legal and official information and has made their jobs much easier.

Statistical Analyst

Every business needs statistical analysts to provide the company with valuable and actionable business insights. Statistics is a vast branch of mathematics that requires a statistical analyst to remember numerous formulas and understand vast amounts of data. To err is human and even the most seasoned statistical analysts make prediction and deduction errors sometimes. 

This shortcoming can be eliminated by using Generative AI to do the job. As mentioned before, Generative AI like Chat GPT is developed by feeding them a truly humongous database in every appropriate domain. Therefore they can make accurate statistical analyses and deductions from large data sets in a few seconds or minutes and help a business owner make informed business decisions. 

Statistical Analysts who know how to use Chat GPT appropriately to make precise statistical analyses and deductions from large data sets are in high demand these days. They are required for every company in every industry and are paid handsomely. Such is the power of Prompt Engineering AI.

Robot Developers

Simple, complicated, small, and big robots can be developed in part using the AGI code generated by Generative AI. Robots are especially being developed at a large scale in the US and Japan. 

Therefore, if you know how to generate AGI code accurately using Generative AI like Chat GPT, you can become a millionaire and settle down in developed countries like the USA, China, Canada, Japan, etc. 

Prompt Engineer's Roadmap

Our take

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has come to the limelight and has received a shot in the arm after the world’s first Generative AI, Chat GPT was released in November 2022. Since then, every noteworthy country in the world has joined the race to build advanced robots and sophisticated Generative AI that would benefit mankind in many ways. 

While AI has taken away thousands of jobs, it has created several new ones in their wake. Prompt Engineering AI must be used responsibly and in a constructive manner for the benefit of mankind and every country in the world must introduce new laws to enforce this. As of today, there are several prompt engineering jobs in the world, and the prompt engineering salary is one of the highest in the world. 


  • Are there any risks involved in giving prompts?

A Prompt Engineer must be very careful when he enters the prompt to accomplish any task. Any error in the prompt entered would adversely impact the outcome of the project. 

  • At present, which industries use Prompt Engineering extensively?

Companies in finance, business operations (mergers and acquisitions like Accenture), reputation management, IT, mobile app development, digital marketing, business development, and robotics domain extensively use Prompt Engineering at present. 

  • Which are the three major types of Prompt Engineering?

The three major types of Prompt Engineering are zero-shot, one-shot, and n-shot or CoT-shot prompt engineering. 

  • What are the three key practices in prompt engineering?

The three key practices for successful prompt engineering are:

  • Give clear and detailed prompts. 
  • Specify the format of the output you desire. 
  • Provide examples if necessary. 


  • Why is there a ‘Regenerate Response’ button in Chat GPT?

It is present so that the Generative AI can generate better output or responses in case the user is not satisfied with the generated response. 

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