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A Guide to Public Profiles on Snapchat

The quickest way to interact with your friends rather than typing long paragraphs or updating the locations, is SEND SNAP.

Apart from sending snaps to your friends or maintaining a streak, you can actually grow through a Public Profile on Snapchat. 


What is a Public Profile on Snapchat?

This feature provides you the platform to explore more options showcase your creativity and build an audience nationally and internationally. With this, you can show your best Stories, best Spotlights, or best lenses.

In case you’re not getting this option on your Snapchat, your age might not be eligible for it or it may not be available in your country. We’ll be suggesting some basic steps with which you can easily overcome these minor issues.

Here is How to Make Your Public Profile On Snapchat:-

To make a Public Profile On Snapchat, these are the following requirements:-

If you are under 18, then you will not be able to continue with the same account. For this, you can make a new account with 18+ age. 

  • You must have Snapchat installed on your Android or iOS device-

By clicking the links, you’ll be able to download Snapchat on your devices easily

  • The Snapchat app must be updated

To avoid any hindrance, the app which is installed on your device must be updated.

Steps to make your account public at your fingertips:- 

For Android:-

  1. Install Snapchat from the Play Store
  2. If you already have Snapchat Update Snapchat from the Play Store 
  3. Open Snapchat 

-> Click on the Avatar in the left upper corner 

-> Go to settings 

-> Go to Privacy Settings 

-> Choose ‘Everyone’ in Contact me, View my story, and See My Location

-> Come back to the home screen of the Snapchat app

  1. Click on your Bitmoji Avatar again to open up the menu.
  2. Scroll down and select “Public Profile” or else you can go to Spotlights > Three dots > Select “Create public profile” -> Click on “Get started” and voila your Public Profile will be made. 

Now everyone around the globe can witness your talent watch your content or support your business by simply hitting the “Subscribe” button.

*If you’re not getting any of these options, it might not be available in your country. In this case, for creating a public profile you must install a stable and efficient VPN on your device and then retry with the same steps mentioned above.

For iOS:-

In your Apple devices, just follow the following steps:-

  1. Install Snapchat from the App Store.
  2. Make sure you have the updated version of Snapchat
  3. Go to your  Bitmoji Avatar – profile in the upper left corner.
  4. Go to settings 

-> Go to Privacy Control

-> Now what you have to do is to change the location to “Everyone” in View My Story

-> Go to Contact Me and then select “My friends and their friends” 

And now you have your public profile ready on your Snapchat.

Now, do not limit your snaps to your friends… let the world see the real you, by making a Public Profile, and being a Content Creator.

Advantages of Public Profile On Snapchat:-

Snapchat provides you with numerous features for making up a Public Profile. Some of them are listed below.

  • The Public account helps you to reach out to a large audience. This can be useful in building up a business or audience for your creative content.
  • The user can add a Photo, Bio, Description, Location, Story, and Lenses to the Public Profile.
  • Other Snapchatters can Subscribe to you, this will enable them to get the update on whatever you’ll upload.
  • This shows your Subscribers Count. The number of subscribers counts lets us know the average number of audience members who are getting your updates.
  • This lets you View Public Story, Lens, and Audience Insights.
  • You can add to a Public Story separate from My Story, this provides complete privacy and you can keep your private and public lives separate.
  • The Public profile enables public story replies and quoting.


Disadvantages of Public Profile On Snapchat:-

  • You can not add your website or email ID to the public profile on Snapchat. 
  • There is no specific category for your public profile.
  • The chat option is disabled, as you can contact your friends only.
  • Turning on the notifications by Snapchatters is not available. This may miss the updates from your public profile.

Use your Public Profile On Snapchat For business:-

  1. Broadcasting the product- Snapchat provides great features to send snaps which are mainly photos or short videos along with customized lenses, songs or music, gifs, captions, and so on.
  2. Product promotion-  Most of the audience here on Snapchat are young teenagers or women. One can efficiently channel their product among the right buyers.
  3. Developing a strong affiliate market- Nowadays, the style of affiliate marketing is changing and becoming more profitable. The low-budget markets could also be lucrative if the affiliate marketing campaign gets successful.
  4. A distinctive and quirky way of advertisement- The informal advertisements connect more to the crowd than any other formal ads.
  5. Cross-promotion on different social media- One can directly share the link of the product or advertise by simply mentioning the link on your other social media handles; like on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and so on.

Mark, an affiliate marketer and online coach has listed out ways to grow your business using Public Profiles. Its details for the same are linked here.

Get Verified on Snapchat-

You might have noticed some of the Public profiles have a yellow star mark or a checkmark along with the name of the profile. These are the verified accounts on Snapchat.  

This feature gets activated for notable users. A minimum count of 50,000 views should be achieved on the story.

Some of the basic requirements are there for getting verified on Snapchat. Those are:-

  • Authenticity- The details provided by the user, registered company, or any entity should be real or authentic. Any false information can lead to disability or wrest of the verification.
  • Notable- The person, the registered company, or the product must be famed enough.

Profiles must verify their emails, to get the Verification button. If it doesn’t get verified automatically, you can verify that manually by simply following these steps:-

  1. Log in to your account and from your profile, tap the Settings gear in the top right corner.
  2. Tap Email.
  3. Tap the hyperlink to re-request a verification email.
  4. Go to your email inbox and complete the verification

Ad Account-

A proper account can be made for the company and its products. 

This option is best for billing and raising campaigns. The company can easily add up the members and assign roles to them. For more information, click here

Link up your ad account to your public profile-

Snapchat provides you with the feature to link up your ad account to your public account to advertise your product online, which directly allows users to tap on your brand name on your ads and land on your Profile.


  1. Click the menu in the top corner of Ads Manager and select Public Profiles.
  2. Click Settings and select the ad account to link from the dropdown.
  3. Click + Connect to Ad Account.

This can be done only when:-

  • your ad account will be set up.
  • you must have established a line of credit, input a credit card, or set up PayPal

Set up your business account here.

Revert or Delete Your Public Account With These Simple Steps:-

On the web:-

  1. Log in to your Ads Manager.
  2. Select “Public Profile” on the top left corner.
  3. Select the profile you desire to delete
  4. Click on “Edit Profile”
  5. Then click on “delete profile”.

On the app:-

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. Sign in to the username you’d like to delete.
  3. Go to My Profile.
  4. Open My Public Profile.
  5. Tap on Settings.
  6. Once in Settings, scroll to the bottom and select Delete Public Profile


Snapchat has revolutionized the style of communication, it has made interaction more realistic. Kicking out the keyboard, click or record button is playing the role.

It is not only limited to sending snaps as photos or videos to your acquaintances but also to gaining an audience as a content creator. 

There are more updated features on Snapchat with which businessman or entrepreneurs can take up their business on another level. Business owners must consider Snapchat as a potential avenue to grow their business.


  • Is it really necessary to maintain a streak to be on Snapchat?

Ans. No, actually it’s up to the will of the user to maintain a streak with their friend or not. Maintenance of a streak marks the closeness or a bond between two users and the sign of their friendship.

  • Is it safe to have an account on Snapchat?

Of course, the app takes proper measures to confine your privacy and keep your personal data safe.

  • What are bitmoji avatars?

Bitmoji avatars are e-characters that are cartoonised and virtual representations of the users. One can easily customize their characters by changing their appearance.

  • Are there any additional charges for the promotion of any commodity?

No, this feature is absolutely free. The owners can easily put up the advertisement of their product on their business or public account.

  • “Public account hampers the privacy of an individual”. Is it true?

Not at all, Snapchat provides the option to either post anything on your public profile or private profile. You can easily chat, send snaps, and call or video call your friends and relatives without letting the subscribers know about it.

  • What are the uses of filters?

Filters or we can call them lenses, are the main feature that made Snapchat quite famous drastically after 2019. Snapchat has a variety of lenses that lets the snapchatters use them while capturing snaps. 

Some of the top trending Snapchat lenses are;

  • Caricature Lens.
  • Big Lips Lens. 
  • The Mood of the Day Lens. 
  • Goofy Gaze Lens. 
  • Big Head Lens. 
  • Beauty Cartoon Lens. 
  • My Muscle Mannequin Lens. 
  • Intense Look Lens. 
  • Does Snapchat provide the accessibility to make groups?

As on other social media platforms, Snapchat also provides the feature to create groups on the app which eases the users to communicate among their friends.

  • Can we save the snaps from friends?

Yes, you can save the snaps sent from your friends in the app or camera roll only when the sender sends the snap with no timer. 


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