With its launch in 2010, Instagram entered the world of social media platforms. As Instagram was a new player then, people used to look at it just like any other social media app. Instagram users used to upload their selfies and videos then. But in recent times, Instagram has become a significant marketing platform for online businesses. 

Today, Instagram has more than 1 billion users from all over the globe. Every day, more than 60 million photos are uploaded on Instagram. 800 million users are active on Instagram monthly. So, it has become a huge social media platform today. There are more than 25 million businesses that have Instagram profiles. About 200 million users visit the business profiles on Instagram every day. Considering these huge numbers, businesses are looking forward to promoting their product or services on Instagram. 

Reach Out To More Customers Using Instagram For Your Marketing


Instagram comes with all the right things which are needed for marketing. First of all, it’s the followers that are very loyal to Instagram. They play a crucial role in building your brand on this platform. Your business gets highly influenced on Instagram due to your followers. The second best thing about Instagram is its interface. Even a basic user can handle all features on Instagram so easily. It has ultimate features that can promote a brand in the best way possible. So, Instagram is an effective social media app built to promote your business uniquely.  

Let’s learn about some important aspects which will help you to create your brand identity and promote it on Instagram. 

  • Setting up your business profile and optimizing it 

First of all, you have to sign up on Instagram. Sign up using your business email account or your Facebook Business page. This will help you to import your data on Instagram quickly. Pick an appropriate username for your profile. Name your business account on Instagram. 

Now, it’s time to optimize your profile. Choose a profile picture that suits your business profile. You can also choose your brand logo or your business name with a background image. Write a unique bio for your profile. Your bio should be the concise summary of the services you offer to your customers. Also, add the link of your website and suitable Hashtag if necessary in your bio. 

You can change your account settings before posting on your profile. Some settings allow better engagement with your followers. Switch to a professional account option in settings as your profile is a business profile. Also, allow messages and comments of your followers in settings. Add your contact and email in the profile. 


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  • Creating marketing content 

Before creating content for your page, you have to specify your objectives. Based on your objectives, you can create engaging content for your followers. Content can be developed in the form of pictures and videos. Instagram allows you to post your content as a regular post, a story, and on IGTV. You can even share your promotional content by going live on Instagram. Try to go live on Instagram at least once a week. Instagram will notify your followers when you go live every time. Posting your content as stories is a better way to reach your followers daily. 

You can create an engaging video by using a simple Instagram video editor. Long playtime videos can be posted using the IGTV feature. As per recent data, Instagram users prefer to watch IGTV videos. All you have to do is to create content that connects with your followers emotionally and logically. 

  • Understanding your audience 

Instagram is brimming with followers from all age groups and of all genders. You have to study the demographics on Instagram and then plan to approach your target audience. Once you have defined your target audience, the next step is to attract them towards your profile. 

This step is the most crucial part of your marketing strategy on Instagram. Based on the focused target audience, you should upload your marketing content consistently. Encourage your followers to like and comment on your Instagram posts. For a better audience and reach, make your posts feature publicly. 

  • Importance of using Hashtag 

It is easier for Instagram users to find your content having a Hashtag. It is because Hashtags are searchable on Instagram. You can even cover users who don’t follow your profile through Hashtag. Instagram provides the add text to video’ feature through which you can add Hashtags to your video posts. Create multiple Hashtags which are suitable for your brand. Also, do some research on the trending Hashtags by going through the ‘Explore’ tab on Instagram. 

  • Use Instagram tools 

Instagram analytics is the best tool that you can use while marketing. You will get all the analysis data on your post engagement through this tool. Based on the analysis, you can draft further marketing strategies on Instagram. 

Use social drift which is an AI-based tool for more engagement with users on Instagram. VSCO is a video tool which will help to improve the quality of your videos and images. Later is also an excellent tool for scheduling your content and posting them on your page consistently. You can upload large content at a time on Instagram with the use of this tool. 

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  • Running contests on Instagram 

Running a marketing contest has always brought positive results for brands. A contest such as ‘like to win’ can be started at first. Contests such as Hashtag contest, voting contest, and selfie contest are the best ways to promote your brand and reach far out to your potential customers. With the help of competitions, you can win the trust of your customers and engage them more with your marketing campaign. 

Consequently, you can focus on a lot more things to promote your brand and create a significant influence of it on Instagram. Always inform your customers about new deals and discounts of your brand through posts, stories or by going live. Collaborate with your competitors and reach out to more customers on Instagram. Learn to use this potent marketing social media platform and be an eventual player in the market!