The Eight Glasses of Water a Day Myth

From our childhood days, we have been asked to drink maximum amount of water during a day as it flushes out all toxins from our body. But How much should we drink every day is always a topic of discussion across the age and time. Water is life, we all know that. Anything consuming more than what is required is not okay. That’s where the statement “Reasons NOT to Drink 8 Glasses of Water A Day” comes from. We will know through this article what happens if you drink eight glasses of water a day. We have been told by our teachers, mothers, health advisors and even doctors that drinking plenty of water is important to remain healthy. It is true that our body is made of a lot of water, 60% of our body is water, though the data analytics can be considered to be a big debate.

Reasons NOT to Drink 8 Glasses of Water A Day

Water is the source of life so drinking water is still important, even the brain is made of a significant amount water as well. To get a pure glowing skin drink water, to lose weight drink water, to control hunger drink water and it’s a never ending list if we start discussing benefits of water. But still there is a but. There are reasons to measure how much we should drink every day. There are eight reasons Not to drink eight glasses of water a day. Few can be discussed here. Water is not only the solution of dehydration. It’s the fluid that our body needs.


Many theories say that body gives a kind of alarm when it’s dehydrated, so drinking extra water in an understanding that it is good for our overall health, but this is not very logical in practicality. It has been proven that amount for over consumption of water is less than eight glasses. Do you know if you drink eight glasses of water a day how many ounces you are even drinking? It’s approximately 8 ounces which is much more than what our body requires keeping on functioning if you are not living a desert. Health benefits in most cases are a myth that eight glasses of water is good for your body and skin and your internal system.

Forcibly drinking water with the thought process that it will help you remain hydrated is like drinking olive oil because of its good for health and skin. It doesn’t work like that at all. We all know that we inject saline water to people when sick and not plain water which obviously holds some good medical reason. We know that water is the best beverage to consume but it is not the only beverage to get hydrated. Water is present in every other consumable form of food & beverages like fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, beer, juice, etc. One can consume the water needed for our bodies these forms as well. Anything getting unbalanced in our body is a matter of concern and drinking too much or too little water is no exception to this. What happens if you drink eight glasses of water a day? Well, you increase the chances of suffering from water intoxication.


What happens if you drink eight glasses of water a day

It’s when the amount fo water in your body is way more than it needs and it starts diluting your blood and even the chemical balance of your brains causing nausea and even death, which of course if you know anything about your body is probably not good for your health. It is important for every human being to remember the simple truth that many types of research has found reasons Not to drink 8 glasses of water a day but not a single reason to assume confidently that drinking 8 glasses of water is a must for the average human body, this has been a myth circulating from a few centuries that drinking water out of one’s capacity is good for your human body’s internal system. Right now in the world internet is more accessible and consulted by every human being on the planet with access to it for everything, and the statement like drinking a gallon of water a day is a very popular search result for people to stumble upon. There are multiple articles floating around the web giving this as some fact, but you dear reader may be wondering if there is any truth to it? or if any of those claims is back up by actual research? Well, they usually aren’t.

Almost every diet that we choose to have holds water or have water in some quantity(even the ones that don’t include drinking water) and therefore the human body is consuming water through their regular food intake in almost every form. Therefore eight glasses are not exactly what counts as a recommendation. The most important fact here is that consumption of food or drinks required for our body varies depending on our height, weight, the amount of work we do and every other factor our body has to account for. Therefore fixing eight glasses of water a day or saying that drinking eight glasses of water a day doesn’t make any sense.

how many ounces you are even drinking?

Secondly, excess water doesn’t help with digestion at all. Fibre absorbs water is another myth, completely misinformed. It is said that after eating high fibre content food if water is consumed in excess all the digestive systems problem are solved, is another misinformed claim by our health gurus running their dieting blogs. Fibre extracts liquids from our digestive juices of the digestive system and goes through a normal digestion process. Water hardly plays any role in it, So there is no need for extra water. If you are suffering from any digestive problem and dehydration is not a part of the problem then drinking water might not be of much help and you are recommended to consult a doctor.

So, it can be concluded as for how we do not need a popup message as a reminder for sleeping or eating, we do not need any advice from the outside world for drinking water. No need to be too finicky about drinking water or wondering how many glasses of water we need, just drink water when you feel thirsty. Our bodies systems are designed in a way where it takes care of most need on its own and if we maintain a healthy regime we can take care of ourselves properly without any myths.