Rodney Don Holder Discusses How Consumer Electronics Are Shaping Our Lifestyle

Rodney Don Holder, Vice President of Operations at CEI, follows trends for how consumer electronics are shaping our lifestyle today. As a security expert, he continues to identify ways in which his industry integrates with advancements in all different arenas of everyday life.

Rodney Don Holder Discusses How Consumer Electronics Are Shaping Our Lifestyle

The Internet of Things

You may have heard of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) before; but what does the term mean?

Rodney Don Holder explains that the IoT used to refer to all the ways that our lives were connected to the Internet. However, because so many advances in technology – cloud services, Nano devices/computers, GPS integration, and more – have pushed our collective quality of life far beyond what anyone could have conceived just a decade ago, IoT is even more all-encompassing.

Google, Amazon, Apple, and other major names in tech collect data and intuit what you need before you even realize it for yourself. Further, everyday tasks that may have added minutes to your routine are now streamlined with the swipe of a thumb.

Mobile Devices

According to

In 2017, total mobile web traffic was 67 percent of all traffic, which shows that tablet use contributes significantly [alongside smartphones] to rates of overall mobile Internet access. And if current data trends have continued, it means global mobile Internet access has grown even higher than 67 percent in 2018 and beyond.

Rodney Don Holder states that the small device in your hand takes better pictures and video than the best digital cameras in the year 2000. It is also more powerful than the average desktop 20 years ago.

We all bank, geo-navigate, build social media communities, create/cancel appointments, and even do some our work straight from our smartphones. When we need a bigger screen, we grab our tablets. 

Today’s most powerful consumer electronics fit in pockets, handbags, and even attach to our bodies as wearables. 

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Smart Homes

When Alexa arrived on the market, consumers enjoyed playing music or getting answers to their questions simply by calling to their voice-activated home device. Around the same time, smart thermostats lowered electric bills and saved wear-and-tear on HVAC units. 

Then, smart appliances cleaned our carpets, washed our clothes/dishes, and fed our pets intuitively without us initiating or completing the tasks ourselves.

These smart devices now all talk to each other to create the perfect smart home. The possibilities truly seem endless.


Video and audio security devices allow you to lock and unlock your doors and windows remotely. Whether unlocking the front door for a friend/family member or opening your garage door for an Amazon delivery, consumer electronics are empowering homeowners to enjoy more convenient lifestyles without compromising security.

Additionally, advances in home security software and devices ensure that the proper people are notified immediately if an emergency occurs. These emergencies include break-ins as well as serious injuries in the home that require emergency response.

And finally, these advanced security tools available to consumers can join together with all other smart home devices and capabilities. The same electronics that protect your home can also tell you the weather outside and call your kids in for dinner from outside or in the garage.

Streaming and Gaming

Video streaming makes watching our favorite shows and movies easier than ever. Even the idea of Red Box feels inconvenient over scrolling through Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix for something good to watch.

Gaming consoles are also far more advanced, to include more games with better graphics, as well as screen time limits to keep kids from spending all day playing video games. Virtual reality gaming immerses kids and adults alike in life-like video game scenarios for maximum entertainment.

Health and Fitness

Biofeedback is a field that helps people manage stress and become more mindful of their body’s signals. Today, many of those biofeedback capabilities are available as smartphone app downloads and wearable technology.

But consumer electronics are not just helping people lower their stress: they are helping people exercise, eat better, sleep deeper, and more. The products can lower brainwaves and heart rates, as well as count steps and record our temperature.

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Technology has increased the pace of business and services. Thankfully, technology has also empowered employees to do more with less. Productivity apps are available for smartphones and devices, allowing us to remain in contact with key personnel (coworkers and clients) while working from home.

Finally, Rodney Don Holder adds that productivity apps merge our professional and personal lives together to help us achieve a stronger work-life balance. These tools make us less inclined to let any of the many pieces of our lives fall through the cracks.