Are you trying to figure out how to turn a video sideways or even upside down? Odds are if you are it’s either because your video was recorded in the wrong orientation or you’re trying to orient it in a particular way for the sake of continuity.

In either case what you need is a quick and easy way to rotate videos – and that is exactly what the rotate video web app by Clideo can give you.

Rotate Video by Clideo – Intuitively and Quickly Rotate Clips


To put it simply, Rotate video web app is an online tool developed with a singular goal: Rotating videos. It will allow you to rotate your video either clockwise or counterclockwise and in increments of 90-degrees.

The only requirement to use rotate video web app is that you have a browser and are connected to the internet. Assuming you do you can go to the website and start using it right away without having to download, install, or even sign-up.

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How to Rotate a Video

Due to its intuitive design you don’t need to worry about a learning curve. In fact you’ll find that all it takes to rotate a video using rotate video web app is a few easy steps:

  1. Add and upload the video that you want to rotate. It is up to you whether you’d prefer to add a video clip from your device, or online sources such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
  2. Rotate the video by clicking on the Clockwise or Counterclockwise buttons. At any point you can see what it looks like by playing it in the Preview area.
  3. Adjust the output settings for the video. First, you should select whether you want to optimize the video for a desktop PC, mobile device, online use, or as an animated GIF – then adjust the quality, format, and resolution if need be.
  4. Rotate and save the video by downloading it to your device, transferring it to Google Drive or Dropbox, or even just viewing it right then and there in your browser.

rotating a video

Benefits of the Rotate Video web app

As you’re probably aware there are lots of ways that you can rotate a video, so why use rotate video web app? To be honest the answer to that is easy, and it all boils down to the benefits it provides:

  • Simple and easy to use with a singular purpose.
  • Can be used on any device or platform without any additional downloads.
  • Integrates with cloud services in the form of Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Allows videos to be added from any online source if a URL is supplied.
  • Supports an impressive range of output formats that cater to any requirements.
  • Can turn clips into animated GIFs.

Suffice to say although rotate video web app may not be the most comprehensive tool (far from it), it uses its focus as an advantage. That simplicity makes it one of the quickest and easiest ways to rotate a video, and few other options hold a candle to it on that front.

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At the end of the day, you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect when you use rotate video web app by this point. That being said nothing beats actually getting hands-on with it, and you should definitely try it out the first chance you get so you can see for yourself just how easily you can rotate your video with it.