Rustam Gilfanov - IT-entrepreneur, multinational investor

Rustam Gilfanov – IT-entrepreneur, multinational investor

Rustam Gilfanov

IT-entrepreneur, a co-founder of an international IT-organization and multinational investor

Rustam Gilfanov - IT-entrepreneur, multinational investor



Mr. R. Gilfanov was born and brought up in Basim, a village of Perm district (now it’s called Perm Krai) on 06.01.1983. His father was a soldier and his mother was a primary school teacher. In his childhood, Rustam was involved in mathematics, science fiction and scientific discoveries.


After graduating from high school, Rustam Gilfanov entered Udmurt State University, the biggest institute in the Udmurt Republic. He got a degree as a Legal Expert in 2005 and continued his education at International East European University to study in the master course in the Arbitration Management. Rustam was involved in lots of university events, including scientific conferences and all sorts of creative occasions.


Rustam Gilfanov was studying at the university when the Internet started to take over the world. After becoming a Legal Expert, he started to learn more about information technologies and how to develop a business. That time Gilfanov decided to develop his first technological startup. However, before becoming a businessman, he was working on the process of creating and managing some multinational projects in the IT-sphere. Since Rustam Gilfanov had a law degree, he was absolutely engaged in this industry and understood that it was his fate.

In 2006, Rustam Gilfanov with his business associates founded an organization in the industry of cross-border outsourcing. They opened it in Kyiv, and in some years this company became the most well-known software firm dedicated to marketing, financial services and gaming products. Nowadays, this corporation has already accomplished more than a hundred game applications. These days it’s considered to be the hugest international entity having branches in the biggest countries in Europe, including Latvia, Cyprus and Malta.

What’s more, from the primary firm, Rustam Gilfanov decided to use an innovative entrepreneur format. His main goal is to look for the most outstanding young adults fond of the IT industry and to provide them everything to help them develop their skills and knowledge. Only 5 years after founding this corporation, the number of people working there increased from 30 to 1000 employees. They are given everything to grow as professionals and get more skillful.

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Rustam Gilfanov has already cooperated in numerous events dedicated to philanthropy and social responsibility. His main goal is to pitch in projects conducted for children and a younger generation.

“LuckyBooks” is one of his most essential and wide-ranging charitable activity developed along with “I am the Future of Ukraine” endowment. Its main purpose was to help talented writers and make non-fiction literature more popular among a younger Ukrainian generation. Moreover, this event included books assigned for distribution, books by authors and the most well-known scientific books.

“LuckyBooks” was founded in 2017 during “Book Arsenal”, a multinational public event taking place in Kyiv. The next year, “LuckyBooks” became the main partner of the children’s branch of this essential Ukrainian event. People who work for “LuckyBooks” are professionals in science and other spheres, one of them is Tatiana Kovalchuk-Skorohod a scientist at Space Research Institute of the NASA and NSAU, and another is a well-known musician Oleg Yurievich Skripka. This project was demonstrated in lots of book festivals in Bologna, Frankfurt and dozens of cities in Ukraine.

The development of “LuckyBooks” was inaugurated with collaboration with some libraries for children located in Eastern Ukraine. Nowadays, more than 200 libraries have joined this project, and all of them are situated in different parts of the country. In 2018, about 5000 we’ll-known child books were contributed to these organizations. There were books devoted to biotechnologies such as “DNA Long Summer” by Alina Shtefan and “Brief History of Technology” by Andrey Tuzhnikov. Only several years ago libraries from rural parts of the country were suffering from a lack of science-fiction books. Rustam Gilfanov considers “LuckyBooks” his main benevolent venture.

One more essential project supported by Rustam Gilfanov was the reconstruction of the children’s library in Kyiv and the transformation of this place into the greatest bibliographic space for a younger generation. This enterprise was carried out along with the project “Biblioteki Maybutnogo” (known as Libraries of the Future). This significant support helped to create a classroom with modern computers and to develop courses in programming taught by the corporation’s employees. Soon this activity grew into a huge project taking place in the whole country.

Mr. Gilfanov has been working along with “I am the Future of Ukraine” for a long time helping families and single mothers and financially supporting other enterprises.

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Some years ago Rustam Gilfanov left his IT-corporation to begin contributing money in the most budding IT-spheres, including a gaming industry, financial and video streaming areas.

Rustam Gilfanov has a wife and a daughter.

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