Sacred heart diet

Does the Sacred heart diet plan help to lose Weight? Sacred Heart Diet For A Healthy You

Are you conscious about your health? Do you want to stay slim and fit? You don’t want people to call you ‘The Fat Lady’ or ‘The Fat Controller’ right? If so, you might consider undertaking the ‘Sacred Heart Diet’. 

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Is it some diet designed by some church or prescribed in the Bible? Does it work or not? I’m sure you must be thinking along those lines. Don’t worry, you’ll have all your questions answered by the end of this article. So kindly read on.

Sacred heart diet


What Is the Sacred Heart Diet?

The Sacred Heart Diet is a soup-based diet that is said to help a person lose 10 to 17 pounds within a week. It is said to be low or calories but heavy on nutrients. The Sacred Heart Soup is the main component of the Sacred Heart diet plan and should be had along with every meal as long as the diet plan lasts. 


How and when did the Sacred Heart Diet Start?

It is rumored to have been invented by The Sacred Heart Hospital in Montreal, Canada. 

Sacred heart diet recipe

The same hospital, however, gave a press release in 2004, stating that “No nutritionist at the hospital took part in the development of this diet”. So the origins of this diet are still unknown.


How it works

The Sacred Heart Diet has a special type of soup as its fulcrum. Interesting isn’t it? The soup contains fresh vegetables and fruits, which are low on calories and said to detoxify the body. It also contains some meat like beef broth or chicken noodles which will supply the body with the required level of nutrients. 

Sacred heart diet

The founders of this diet claim that consuming this diet for seven continuous days will detoxify the body, reduce a person’s weight by 10 to 17 pounds, and keep him fit as it supplies the required level of nutrients.


The 7-Day Sacred Heart Diet Plan

Now get ready for action. The Sacred heart soup diet is the fulcrum of the Sacred Heart Diet Plan. Many other food items revolve around it. They are only supplements to the soup. It is mandatory to drink at least one bowl of Sacred Heart Diet Soup a day in the Sacred Heart Diet Plan. The Sacred Heart Diet Plan for seven days (one week) is as follows:

Sacred heart diet

Day 1: Soup and any fruit except bananas.

Day 2: Soup, vegetable salad with butter and potato curry for dinner.

Day 3: Soup, fruit salad for lunch, and vegetable salad for dinner.  

Day 4: Soup and banana milkshakes with every meal (can be anything without fat). 

Day 5: Soup and beef broth (without fat) for lunch and dinner.

Day 6: Soup, beef broth for lunch and vegetable salad for dinner.

Day 7: Soup, brown rice and fruit juice for lunch and vegetable salad for dinner.

At the end of seven days, a person is expected to lose between 10 and 17 pounds while at the same time staying fit if he or she sincerely follow this diet.


The Sacred Heart Diet Soup Recipe

The Sacred heart diet recipe is quite easily and cheaply available. I’m sure that you’re eager to know this so let’s get to the point. The ‘sacred’ recipe for Sacred Heart Diet Soup is as follows: 

Sacred heart diet

  • Fat-free chicken or beef broth.
  • Fat-free tomato soup powder.
  • Carrots.
  • Celery.
  • Green beans.
  • Green onions.
  • Green peppers.
  • Tomatoes.


  • Cut the vegetables into mid-sized pieces.
  • Add all the ingredients to a mid-sized cooking vessel.
  • Add water until ¾th of the vessel is filled.
  • Heat and stir in sim flame for half an hour.
  • The vegetables and the meat in it will become tender.
  • Add salt and hot pepper or a hot sauce to add flavor to the soup.

The founders of this diet say that you can have as much of this soup as you like in a day along with the other prescribed food items. It will not add to your calorie reserves but will detoxify you, make you lose weight, and keep you fit.


Food to be taken and avoid while having the sacred heart diet

The food items included in the sacred heart diet plan are the only ones to be had while following this diet plan. The food restrictions are not too severe. They can be followed. 

You must avoid having corn, peas, baked potatoes, and dry beans while on this diet. You can have anything else with the soup apart from the above-mentioned items. I think it’s quite easy to follow, don’t you think? 


Does the Sacred Heart Diet really Work?

I’m sure that you would all like to know this so let’s get to the point. The Sacred Heart Diet is not an effective diet for long term or sustainable weight loss according to experts like Dr. Chrissy Carroll. Since the diet revolves around a special kind of soup, you may at best lose a few pounds by shedding your excess ‘water-weight’. 

However, you will easily and quickly gain back those pounds once you stop this diet (after 7 days). If you want to shed your fat and weight permanently, eat a negative calorie diet as often as possible, do exercise, or at least consult a doctor for the next course of action.

Sacred heart diet recipe


Precautions to be taken while having the sacred heart diet plan

You must avoid milk and dairy products as much as possible while on the Sacred Heart Diet Plan as they contain a lot of calories and fat. You can have green or black tea instead. 

Sacred heart diet

Sugar consumption also has to be reduced as much as possible. Avoid eating sweet vegetables like sweet potatoes.  The whole objective of this diet is to reduce your calorie reserves. Not add to it. 


What are the Sacred Heart Diet Pros and Cons?

There are many cons and only a few pros to the Sacred Heart Diet Plan. Many people and doctors say that it only helps a person lose his body’s excess water-weight and that the lost water-weight will be regained easily once a person stops/finishes this diet. So this diet is mostly ineffective.

Sacred heart diet


  • It is simple to follow. No extravagant dishes are included.
  • It makes us shed a few pounds quickly in the short term.
  • It lasts only for a week.
  • The dietary restrictions are not too severe.


  • It is not recommended by reputed doctors and nutritionists.
  • This diet does not provide all the nutrients required by the body in sufficient amounts.
  • The weight that you lose (which is precious little) is only your body’s excess water weight. It will be regained quickly once the diet is over.
  • It is not a sustainable way to lose fat and weight over a long period of time. 
  • You cannot exercise on this diet as it is a low-calorie diet.  
  • Even The Sacred Heart Hospital in Montreal, Canada denies having invented this diet plan, which means it’s not effective.

Since the drawbacks outweigh the advantages, this diet is not worthwhile. So kindly avoid it and consult your family doctor for weight loss ideas instead. 


What are the Alternatives of Sacred Heart Diet?

Sacred heart soup diet

Any proven negative calorie food can be a replacement to Sacred heart diet recipes as they help you burn more calories than they give in return. Hence, you lose fat and weight over time. Eating combinations of negative calorie food can supply you with all the nutrients you need.  

There are also other ready-made pills that have been proven to reduce a person’s fat and weight. They have also been proven to strengthen one’s muscles and reduce one’s anxiety and stress. Some of those firms are NutriCology, Relora, and Fit for Life.


Is exercise important while on the Sacred Heart Diet Plan?

Whether you can exercise or not while on a Sacred Heart Diet depends a lot on the amount of fat in your body. If you have a lot of fat reserves then exercising while on the Sacred Heart Diet can’t hurt. It will only help you deplete your fat reserves faster. 

Sacred heart diet

If you only have a small amount of excess fat in your body then you shouldn’t exercise while on this diet as this is a low-calorie diet and exercising while on it may make you faint. Anyway, it would be a good idea to consult your family doctor or a nutritionist on whether you can exercise while on this diet. 


Sacred heart diet reviews and success stories after having this

Sacred heart diet

Sacred Heart Diet Plan has had mixed reviews. Some people have felt that it hasn’t reduced their fat or weight and that it’s an utter waste of time. Other people have said that their weight loss was only temporary and that they gained weight soon after finishing this diet. 

Few other people have said that they have benefited fairly well from this diet plan but with minor modifications. A Youtuber named, MS CURVY SILHOUETTE is one such person who claims to have benefited from this diet plan. 



Since there are more negative than positive reviews for this diet plan and since renowned doctors don’t recommend it, I would advise you folks to steer clear of it and consult your family doctor for the appropriate weight loss program. 



1. How much weight can you lose on the sacred heart soup diet?

One can lose up to 10 pounds if one follows the diet religiously for 7 days at a stretch.

2. Is the Sacred Heart Diet safe?

It is definitely safe and can be consumed without worry. Whether it will help you lose your fat and weight for good is questionable.

3. Is cabbage included in the Sacred Heart Soup?

No, it is not included.

4. Which is the main component of Sacred Heart Soup?

The beef broth or chicken noodles is the main component of the Sacred Heart Soup.

Are you already on the Sacred Heart Diet Plan? If so, then what is your experience? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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