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Scrum Masters – What You Need to Know 

Every team needs a leader who will show them the path ahead. He will guide them through various ups and downs using his experience in problem-solving and will help them find a solution instead of assigning blame to each other. In today’s corporate world, leaders play an important role in teaching and motivating employees. As Scrum, the most popular Agile framework, gains popularity, Scrum Masters play a vital role in leading their teams.

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What is Agile?

In order to learn more about Scrum, we must first know what Agile is. Agile is a term often referring to an iterative approach to the development of products and solutions. Based on iterative development, Agile emphasizes team collaboration, incremental delivery, continual learning, and continual planning, instead of delivering all of it at once towards the end. 

Agile is a mindset rather than a rigid set of processes and practices. The dynamic approach of iterative development has proven to be highly beneficial for businesses, and major players in the industry have accepted it. 

What is Scrum? 

Scrum is the most popular Agile framework that is used for developing complex projects, most often software. It uses short development cycles of 30 days or less, called “sprints”.  People, teams and organizations are helped to address complex adaptive problems and deliver the highest value through this lightweight framework. Furthermore, it adds benefits like better visibility into projects, more alignment between business and IT, faster time to market, increased team collaboration, etc. 

Who is a Scrum Master?

A Scrum Master, after attaining the Scrum Master certification, is a coach and mentor who guides the development team through the execution of Scrum correctly. A Scrum Master uses Agile project management to lead a project and the team members. He heads the Scrum events and removes impediments, empowering the development team to self-organize, create, innovate, and make decisions for themselves as a unit. 

Scrum Master Skills

As a coach, or project manager, a Scrum Master has to use Agile project management to champion a project, teams, and team members. His day-to-day duties include leading daily stand-up meetings, reviews, demos, and other project-related meetings, supporting team members in their tasks, coaching the team on Scrum principles and best practices, facilitating open discussion and conflict resolution, etc. After attaining the Scrum Master certification, he must have the skills necessary to execute such duties. The skills include…

  • Problem-Solving

A Scrum Master must have the necessary problem-solving skills so that he can navigate complex problems and complex situations. He has to make sure his team doesn’t get blocked when they encounter a problem. 

  • Adaptability

A Scrum Master has to adapt to every situation. He has to make necessary changes to gain the best possible outcome.

  • Motivational skills

Motivational skills should be an integral skill of a Scrum Master. It helps him improve the productivity of his team. 

  • Communication skills

Communication skills help immensely in a corporate environment. It enables effective collaboration with the stakeholders and team members.

  • Organization skills 

Lastly, organizational skills help in the management of multiple tasks, meetings, resources, and priorities.

Qualifications for a Scrum Master.

Although not strictly required, most companies prefer a bachelor’s degree in IT, business administration, or a related discipline. An excellent way to show one’s knowledge of the scrum framework before employers is by receiving a Scrum Master certification. 

In today’s ever-demanding corporate world, becoming a Scrum Master will have numerous career opportunities in various companies and industries. Many who started as Scrum Masters have later become product managers or product owners.

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