Tips on Setting Up Your Car Security Camera

A car is something that everybody values dearly, especially if it’s their car. It is a prestige and status symbol to most people and provides the convenience of traveling in their own time (One can drive their own car anywhere, whenever he/she wants). Nobody likes their car or items in their car to get stolen. Without a security camera in the car, it is often difficult to trace and retrieve stolen cars (unless a surveillance camera happens to be nearby to capture the theft). It is therefore imperative that security cameras be installed in people’s cars for the safety of their cars. 

Needless to say that the security cameras in their cars have to be small and undetectable so that thieves cannot detect and break/disable them easily. They also have to provide high (at least moderate) resolution videos so that the details of the thieves, their whereabouts and the method of stealing used, can be seen clearly. If they have in-built pressure sensors, that would be even better because when thieves try to break into the car, the pressure sensor will trigger various kinds of alarms (due to the change in pressure around the car the windows will be under pressure from crowbars) and thieves can be caught before your car is stolen. This is often much easier and quicker than tracking and retrieving your stolen car.   

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How to set up a security camera in a car: 

  • Locate your car’s OBD port under the steering wheel.
  • Plugin your security camera’s OBD power adapter to the car’s OBD port.
  • Connect the security camera’s magnetic power cable to the OBD power adapter.
  • Push the power cable into the gap between the windshield and the dashboard using the Tuck tool provided.
  • Insert the cable ball into the suction beam and route the cable along the tail of the suction beam.
  • Place the suction beam at the center of your dashboard.
  • Then tilt up to lock the suction cup in place.
  • Use the tuck to tool to hide the cable slack.
  • Connect the magnetic power cable to the camera.
  • Mount the camera on top of the suction beam.
  • Connect the car security camera to its respective mobile app.
  • In the mobile app, click on the “add camera” option.
  • Your car security camera will now display a QR code.
  • Scan the QR code using your mobile phone’s camera.
  • Once the QR code is scanned, your car security camera will be paired with its respective mobile app. 
  • Tada! Your car security camera is now fully functional.  

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Features of an advanced car security camera:

Car security cameras have become very smart these days. They have advanced features and do a lot more than just monitor your car. Some of their advanced features are: 

  • They show you live footage inside your car as soon as you open their respective mobile app. 
  • They can sense vibrations anywhere in your car. So even if someone tries to break into your vehicle, they will alert you via their respective mobile app (phone vibrates and the message comes). You can then call the police and catch the intruder before your car is stolen. This is often a much more comfortable and faster task than tracking and retrieving your car.
  • Apart from showing you videos (camera footage) inside your car, they can also display information like your car’s speed. So if someone, you have permitted to, is driving your car too fast, you can catch them red-handed.
  • Their mobile app also allows you to see where your car has been parked and how much fuel you have left.
  • They have night vision features to monitor your car at night.
  • Their respective mobile apps can also diagnose your car on a real-time basis and notify you when something’s wrong.
  • They can also show you the routes to places (live navigation) if requested.
  • Some of the car security cameras can capture memorable moments along your drive if you enable that feature on them. You can capture them along your drive and relish them later.
  • Some of the car security cameras have the option of turning on the WiFi hotspot so that you can see videos over the internet as you drive. 

Raven car security camera is one such camera that will be your one-stop-shop for all the technology you need for your car.  


Car security cameras have become very smart today. They do a lot more than just capturing footage. They are essential to keep one’s car safe and traceable in the event of theft. They are cutting edge equipment that are easy to install and operate. They are also very cheap, as most car security cameras cost between US $100 and US $300. 

Install these little technological marvels in your car and you can sleep in peace. They also ease the burden on the police in case your car has been stolen.