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9 Most Recommended Sites Like 123movies To Stream Movies Online For Free

Do you like streaming for free online? Then there’s a good chance you already know about 123movies. As a popular service, it is quite well known for its vast collection of films and videos. Millions of people watch the site to stream live movies.

Unfortunately, the website is geo-restricted and recently has faced many legal challenges when it comes to copyright grounds. This incident drove many creators to release several cloned 123movie websites.

sites like 123movies

But many of the websites have malicious viruses on them, which could damage your system. This is why we have collected a list of legit sites like 123movies to stream movies. Now, you can access the content you want without any restrictions; let’s dive in!

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What is 123Movies? Is Watching it Illegal?

123movies is a network of files which streams websites that operate from Vietnam. Users get the liberty to watch movies for free. According to the reports, the site was once called the world’s “most popular illegal site” by the Motion Picture Association of America. 

websites like 123movies

The site was later shut down after a criminal investigation conducted by the Vietnamese authorities. But fortunately, the network is still up and running via clone sites.

When it comes to the website’s development, it went through a myriad of name changes after it shut down. The different domain names appeared as 123Movies, and the URL from 123movies.to 123movies.is. It was also redirected to gomovies.to and gomovies.is. 

gostream.is → memovies.to→ 123movieshub.to/is. Huh! I’m sure you guys are tired of keeping up with it. According to the statistics, the site has a global Alexa rank of 559 with 9.26 million unique visitors in August 2016.


Why Was the 123movies Website Shut Down? What Exactly Happened?

On one fateful day during March 2017, 123movies were listed as illegal video streaming sites operating from Vietnam by the local ministry of information. It is reported because although the site is noted in Ukraine, it has numerous steps to hide the operator’s identity.

123movies alternative

The content is usually uploaded using cyberlockers with suspicious email accounts from Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy. In 2018, it was branded as the “most popular illegal site in the world” by MPAA.

Finally, relegating to the decision the site announced to its users about their shutdown and respecting the filmmakers by paying money and watching the movies. But unfortunately, numerous cloned sites have already appeared in various other countries as 123movies had 98 million visitors per month.


Things You Must Know Before Browsing Sites Like 123Movies in 2020

You already know that online streaming has redefined the entertainment era, so what exactly should you know before accessing websites like 123movies.

sites like 123movies

  • No Download Time

If you have found a reliable 123movies alternative, it instantly eliminates the difficulty of downloading the movies to your device. In some regions downloading takes a huge amount of time. Believe me, I live in a village, and download time eats away most of my time. On top of that, the storage space of the device also matters depending on the particular movie.

  • Reduction of Costs

You don’t need to spend money buying movie tickets or subscribing to access the TV by money anymore. Sites like 123movies reduce the renting cost and will not leave a dent in your monthly budget at all.

  • Pay Attention

As it is a free movie site, we encourage you to pay attention before accessing it. It may have ads. Pop-ups and malicious code to steal your important data. Sometimes just a click can take you to a spam website and start opening endless new tabs. 

The process can run in the background of your laptop without your awareness for a long time. 

So yes, the free movies sites are not safe as they seem to be because your device can pull you into grave danger with one dangerous click. This is why we recommend you to invest in VPN services or watch paid sites.

If you still want to take the risk, then here you go.

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Top Ten 123movies Alternative {2020}

sites like 123movies

Here are the top sites like 123movies you must know to have a good time. It will make your time fly, and you don’t have to worry about missing the shut website anymore.

One of the main attractions for 123movies you will find is that we’ll be presenting you with legal sites on the top and free simultaneously. Keep in mind that this streaming service will need a stable internet connection, and some show only the original content. 


1. Netflix

Netflix is my favourite to watch all the movies and TV shows. Besides being a popular streaming service, it is the top in most regards. By paying monthly subscription fees, you can get access to endless original shows cost-effectively.

123movies alternative

Thanks to Netflix, I’m obsessed with Korean series that play ad-free, unlike free platforms. Your account can also be shared with anyone, and all you have to do is give the person your account password and email. 

Also, the option to download is excellent, and you can do it anytime if you want to watch shows offline. Overall, it is one of the best 123movies alternatives.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime vice is my recent favourite. I got interested in their content after enjoying a 14-day free subscription. If you subscribe to the site, you get free shipping while shopping on Amazon too. 

There’s a ton of content to watch on the website and my recent favourite is Jack Ryan. Although it’s not new, I tried to watch it for free but to no avail. You can also add HBO service as an add-on with your Prime Video membership.

3. YouTube

YouTube is another one of the sites like 123movies, but you need to pay a lot and subscribe to great movies. It is quite famous for user-generated content, and people who want to watch exciting videos can benefit from YouTube.

One of the main reasons I use YouTube is because I watch videos of my favourite shows. Although most of them are not professionally made, you can find entertaining content to pass your time, making it one of the best 123movies alternatives.

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4. Hulu

Hulu is an excellent option to stream movies and TV Shows you love. The package starts at $6 per month, and you get the chance to stream award-winning shows. Although the site does have some commercials, the interface is smooth. 

sites like 123movies

If you are skeptical about the service, Hulu allows you to try it for free for up to one month. There are no hidden fees, and you have the choice to choose the plan suitable for you. There are new episodes every day, and you can watch them on TV, laptop, tablet, or phone with up to 6 user profiles.

5. WatchFree

WatchFree is another one of the best 123movies alternatives that let you watch movies in good quality. Registration is not needed, so you can rely on it to etch movies at any time. The website is excellent in navigation, and you can easily find want you to want to watch.

123movies websites

The collection is vast, offering a wide variety of films and Tv Series. The highlight section of the site allows you to select the top 100 great movies of all time. If you desire to browse for a specific genre like action, then navigate to the genres category and from the list of many, choose the ideal one. 

6. Cmovies

Cmovies is an excellent website with a massive collection of movies and TV Series. With several filters and request facilities, you can get your hands on IMDB’s top-rated movies list. The site faces many ads, commercials, and pop-ups, So I suggest you get an adblocker extension to stream endlessly.

123movies alternative

You can watch movies without registering and download them seamlessly. Whether you like Bollywood, Hollywood, or Korean films. With one click, you can enjoy your weekend.


7. LookMovie

LookMovie is another one of the sites like 123movies that is legendary in showcasing movies and TV shows for free. Without any registration or download time, you can enjoy shows that tug at your heartstrings. The interface is user-friendly, and content is easily characterized under genres, movies, TV shows, and the latest categories.

sites like 123movies

But unfortunately, to use the site, you need to disable the ad blocker; otherwise, accessing the sites is impossible. The downside is that whenever you get a pop-up option, make sure to continuously click on the close button to enjoy entertainment with the movie.

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8. YesMovies

YesMovies is another feature-rich site like 123movies where you can watch movies with no annoying commercials. The platform has more than five streaming servers to provide a myriad of movies and TV series collections.

The various genres include adventure, romance, crime, action, and many more. The site is updated with recently released movies, which you will enjoy. Although many cloned sites have come and gone, YesMovies is one of the popular streaming sites that come close to its features.

9. Crackle

Crackle is another streaming website for watching the latest movies, which fulfill all your media streaming needs. Most of the content is original as it is similar to Amazon prime or Hulu in that aspect.

websites like 123movies

The interface is designed to give a seamless experience, and users can have fun experiencing all the collections of movies. When it comes to Crackle, you do need to sign up and then get ready to become obsessed with watching the latest series.

Although streaming is free on Crackle, to download the vast collection, you need to sign up.

10. Yify TV

Yify TV is another famous 123movies alternative that you must know. The advanced search bars work wonders by allowing you to browse through their vast collection. One thing to note here is that the site is dedicated to movies only.

The high definition quality of content will impress you, and there are no pop-ups or commercials to bother your experience. On the homepage, you can find a list of movies released and highlights of the year. 

How to Setup a Secure and Ads Free Connection to Watch the Free Movies?

websites like 123movies

  • Firstly you can start using a VPN like Nord VPN. It can be easily enabled by going to settings and enabling the CyberSecurity feature. This step helps you to block all the malicious and spam pop-ups. 
  • To get the best streaming experience start using Brave Browser.
  • Another option is to install Adblock in your browser.

Do Sites Like This Reveal Your Identity? How To Stream Safely?

Yes, there is a high probability of your data being stolen like personal data or may even damage it. Malvertisements are a serious issue you need to be aware of, and since the site is free, it is easier to spread viruses and malware through pop-ups. To stream easily, make sure you invest in a VPN or adblocker on the safer side.

What are the core elements of watching movies on websites like 123movies? Can it Harm Your Computer?

There are plenty of clone versions when it comes to 123movies that may carry viruses through malicious pop-ups. That’s why you need to install a strong antivirus or firewall to protect you from harm before visiting those sites.

123movies alternative

All the more, the core elements of watching movies on websites like 123movies depend on the following:

  1. Availability – iOS, Android, or Windows
  2. Quality
  3. Internet Reach
  4. Content management functionality
  5. Data integrity
  6. Data analytics
  7. Buffering
  8. Device Diversity

There is a massive assumption that Paid sites like Netflix, amazon prime dominate the arena. They have over 50 million people watching their shows, but even YouTube has 1 billion active users. All those potential audiences are hard to reach; if the website has any of the above qualities, then it is deemed worthy as a growing website.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching Movies Online

Here are the various advantages and disadvantages of watching movies from sites like 123movies.

123movies websites


  • It provides a clear sound and picture, unlike the prated sites.
  • You get immediate access to watch movies and TV shows.
  • You can eliminate the downloading time.
  • There is no need for extra memory space.
  • It offers a massive collection of streaming options.
  • No need to spend money on subscriptions as the platform is free.


  • You can only watch movies online.
  • Need a good internet connection to have a good experience.
  • Your online security might be at risk with malicious ads.


What Do People Think About Watching Movies from Sites Like 123movies? According to Internet Research and People’s Opinion

Here are the screenshots of people’s opinion you must know-

sites like 123moviessites like 123movies


The Bottom Line

Streaming movies in an unsafe environment is not ideal, although it may cut your costs. We agree it’s a lot of fun, but be careful about the malicious ads happening worldwide. If you have great wifi and a super-fast device, you’re good to go.

We hope you found your ideal sites like 123movies from our review of various websites. Make your experience as best as all the apps mentioned above and get unlimited access to stream movies.



1. Is watching 123 movies illegal?

In some countries, streaming movies from illegal sites is legal for users, but it may be banned in some countries. Ensure your region laws before accessing the website as 123movies is considered the mother of all illegal websites.

2. Can you get imprisoned for streaming movies?

No, you won’t end up in hail for streaming pirated content, but there is a high probability of you being sued.

3. Which streaming sites are safe? 

  1. Amazon Prime
  2. Netflix
  3. Crackle
  4. Hulu
  5. Popcorn Flix

If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below!

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