We all have those gadgets that we love and can’t seem to do without. Technology developers are constantly innovating and finding ways to make our favorite gadgets smarter, smaller and better.

We move around with our smartphones, smartwatches and other smart gadgets. These gadgets make life easier, faster and much more pleasant. They are created to help with everyday living activities and not just so you or your home can look fancy. They are a means to get rapid results to daily difficulties. It reduces human labor, saving time and energy. They are must-have gadgets.


Here is a Few of them:

Gadgets come in different types, but for basic individuals or homes they are categorized under

  1. Basic 
  2. Portable 

Basic smart home gadgets

1. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning is easier when you have a robot that automatically senses dirt in the environment. It assures you a cleaner and healthier environment for living. It is a must-have gadget in every home. The Latest version can even sense and avoid obstacles while cleaning, which mean that you don’t have to actively monitor it.

You can make use of its time scheduling feature to schedule cleaning time even when you are not home. The smart home gadget has the ability to automatically empty its dustbin. 

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2. Eve Aqua

Have you ever wanted to go on a trip and your worried about what will happen to your garden, or you rushing to work and you forget to wet your flowers for a whole week, and they die? It can be quite disheartening. But all you need to get is to get an Eve Aqua.

This gadget is connected to the garden tap and hose, and it can be scheduled to sprinkle water on the plants at intervals monitoring the volume of water.

The sweetest part is that they can be connected to your iPad, iPhone or HomePod, so you can control it from wherever you are.

3. Arlo

Being Security Conscious does not mean that you are paranoid. So, installing surveillance cameras is not such a bad thing, and Arlo Just made it less complex. Installing this smart security gadget is very easy as it waterproofed with a fully magnetic mount. All you have to do is put the cameras where you want and with Wi-Fi connect it to your phone using the app.

Features include

  • Motion Alert
  • Smart Recording with 720p and angles covering up to 110 degrees
  • You can connect up to 15 cameras and monitor 4 simultaneously   

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4. Smart Faucet

With a smart faucet, you are not just helping yourself, but you are helping the environment too. using a smart faucet, you save water and conserve water sources. They are pro-environment saving up to 15,000 units per year.

These faucets are usually not expensive. They are hygienic and contamination free since you do not need to touch the faucet valves for it to come one. The faucet comes on once it senses your hand underneath and goes off once you pull your hands.

This smart home gadget is energy saving and healthy because it leaves little or no carbon footprint. It is suitable for any age group in society even disabled people.  

5. Wireless LED Light Bulbs

Lighting up your home just became interesting with wireless LED light bulbs. They are energy saving and conserving which can simply be controlled from your phone. The lighting is connected to a mobile app using a Wi-Fi link.

No more turning on /off the lights from a wall switch. They can be controlled remotely or have a scheduled off and on time.  They are ideal for both office & Home environment

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Portable smart gadgets

Portable smart gadgets

6. Equil smartpen

Although a lot of us still like our paper and pen and would love to pay for paper writing services, with the Equil smartpen, it may not be necessary.  The pen allows you to sketch, write notes or novels, draw or doodle on an ordinary piece of paper and then transfer it into digital form via Bluetooth or its receiver’s built-in memory

7. Smartwatches

Wristwatches are so smart these days that you can use them to almost anything. Listen to music, keep records, track movement, record conversations etc. You can even pay for a paper writing project using your smartwatch.  

These smartwatches can be used to track your vitals and do some basic health checks serving as a wireless health tracking gadget. Some smartwatches are even connected to the emergency lines or contacts such that when it senses an emergency, it sends a message to the appropriate contacts.

8. Fever Smart patches

For parents who need to monitor their sick children because they cannot be physically there with them or doctors and other healthcare professionals who need to monitor their post-operative patients, you need a Fever smart patch thermometer.

This patch thermometer is connected to your iPhone, and any spike in body temperature triggers an alert on your phone.

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9. The pocket Printer

As the name implies, it is a small printer that prints on any piece of paper you place underneath it. You don’t have to worry about understanding the accurate paper size, feeding the machine paper or paper jamming problems. Also, it comes in handy because you can print anywhere, anytime, or any day.

Sometimes, we can take a break once in a while to use our hands, e.g. plant a flower, weed our gardens. There is some beauty to creating with your hands. But, we all need these smart gadgets a lot of times and Cool Gadgets Rock!!