Smart gadgets are on the rage nowadays. We are dependent on technology for making our everyday tasks and routine easier. Even more, gadgets we use daily are making the transition towards becoming smarter.

The latest to barge into the smart gadget bandwagon is the humble wallet. Wallets are consistently becoming slimmer and minimalistic over the past few years. All of us use wallets to carry our credit cards, loose bills, and IDs. It is as indispensable to getting us through the day as smartphones.

If you are like me, then no doubt you are caught in a pickle when you couldn’t find your wallet, or you lost it. With the contents of the wallets being mostly expensive or extremely important, this can leave you in dire straits.


A smart wallet is the modern solution to all these bothersome predicaments. So, what exactly is a smart wallet?


A smart wallet looks like a regular wallet at first glance. But when you take a closer look or start using it, you will begin to spot the disparity in the technology used in making them. Smart wallets are integrated with cutting edge electronics and technology within their structure, which enables them to feel and act smart.

In today’s world, hi-tech scammers are on the prowl to fraud unsuspecting people of their money. Hence, it is vital to secure the components of your wallet to avoid any chance of misfortune. Smart wallets provide all the security and protection you will ever need for your wallet.


Smart wallets are made for everyone to use irrespective of gender or age. They are designed to provide a secure and aesthetic experience to the user while improving durability and usability. Some manufacturers build smart wallets specifically for travelers, while others target the urban commuters.


why you need a smart wallet



Smart wallets follow minimalistic design principles and are slimmer and stronger than regular wallets. More often than not, these slim wallets are produced with high-quality materials giving them a premium look and feel.

Some companies even feature eco-friendly wallets, which are made wholly by using components that are sourced in an environment-friendly way. They are also ergonomically designed to fit seamlessly in your pocket without creating an unnatural bulge.


Smart wallets are harmonized with a location tracking system, that sends alert to your smartphone if you move out of a particular radius from your wallet. This gentle reminder works wonders in ensuring that you never forget your wallet anywhere.


Ever searched for your wallet for hours just to find out that it was right under your nose the whole time? With a smart wallet, you don’t need to worry about searching for your wallet every day. You can use your smartphone to ring your smart wallet when you are nearby, eliminating the entire search routine when you are short of time.


There exists a risk of exposing your personal information or credit card details to a scammer who scans it. Smart wallets are equipped with a protective layer that blocks RFID signals. This makes your wallet exceptionally secure and protected from any potential intrusions.

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The Volterman range of smart and slim wallets are real beasts. Volterman wallets are coated with epoxide resin on all sides to prevent damage from heavyweights or excessive heat. They come in three different variations – the cardholder, bi-fold wallet, and the travel wallet. The user can choose the type according to the usage and size of the wallet.

Volterman wallet packs some exciting and unique features, besides the usual RFID and proximity features that other smart wallets benefit from. Volterman has a thief detection camera that clicks a photo of the thief when they open the wallet, once you confirm ‘Lost Mode’ on your smartphone.

Volterman is endowed with a built-in power bank with a capacity of 2000 to 5000 MaH, which can be used to charge your smartphone in a jiffy. Besides being waterproof, it even features a global WiFi hotspot and a 64GB embedded SD card, making it one of the most feature-rich wallets in this list.

2. EKSTER 3.0


Ekster is an advanced technology-infused wallet. Its unique design prevents it from slipping from your pocket and efficiently allows cash storage. This wallet also allows you to access your cards easily by using a spring mechanism.

Eskter is incorporated with an advanced tracking app that avoids losing your wallet by assigning a minimum distance between you and the wallet. Going beyond the designated range will send alerts on your phone.

Its ultra-slim design makes it convenient to carry in your pocket. It also protects your wallet from external threat using NFC blocking features. Moreover, this wallet is solar powered and charging in the sunlight for 3 hours will give the battery enough juice to last for a month.



It can be an embarrassing situation when you go out to dine and realize that you forgot to carry your wallet, leaving you penny-less.  

The Walli wallet will ensure that you will always carry it whenever you go out through alerts on your mobile. It also works the other way around by utilizing the sensors on your wallet that alerts you to carry your mobile phone.

Walli wallets have their own Walli app which is also used to sync other Walli smart gadgets. The wallet alerts you when a card has been taken out and not replaced afterward. It also has a key-finder to help you find your vehicle keys when in a hurry.



Baggizmo Wiseward is made from the finest quality premium Italian leather rendering it waterproof. Phone to wallet two-way communication, geo-location tracking, and anti-theft alarm are all features which contribute to the wallet’s practicality.

The standout feature of this wallet is the UV lamp detector, which can be used to check counterfeit notes. It has an inbuilt NFC chip in which personal information like garage door code can be saved. Some other features of the Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet are – an indication of wallet open/closed status, visual tracking, and RGB light personalization.


micro wallet

You might have used leather wallets to keep your money and cards. In the initial run, this wallet is functional, but as the days pass leather wallets gets torn out, making them look odd.

This premium grade aluminum wallet is both functional and minimalistic, and it is a mere 4.5mm thick. However, the task to create such a superior wallet was not easy. After continuous efforts from all team members, the project was finally completed.

The wallet is designed with PVD coatings that provide extremely high resistance anti-scratch finish. It is fitted with a low friction strap that avoids the wallet sticking onto clothes. It also allows you to hold credit cards and money in a much more efficient way, as compared to the leather wallets.


Woolet is a smart wallet which connects to a mobile app that helps you keep track of it. It gives you alerts when you get too far from your wallet and shows you a map of your wallet’s location.

Woolet also possesses an alarm feature which aids in quickly locating a misplaced wallet. Woolet uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that you only need to recharge once every few months.

A unique feature of Woolet is the selfie remote button present on the wallet, that lets you capture selfie on your smartphone camera by the press of a button on the wallet.



With these smart wallets, you no longer worry about the security and protection of your wallet ever again. Moreover, smart wallets can handle rugged use and are also waterproof even though they are integrated with electronics.

Try out a smart wallet for a while, and it is guaranteed that you will never want to use a regular wallet. The vast assortment of highly useful features caters to every individual’s basic needs in cutting down on time and effort spent on everyday tasks.  

The futuristic smart wallets are legitimately a gadget from the future. They are far more stylish and ergonomic due to their minimalistic design principles than the age-old wallets that are commonly used.


  • What are the top problems that mobile wallets solve for consumers?

People are always worried about whether they have money in their wallet. Whether they will be able to save the money for the whole month. Physical wallets eventually get crowded with loyalty cards.

  • What operating systems does the smart wallet app support?

Most of the smart wallets on this list are supported on iOS and Android.

  • Is there any difference between the Woolet XL Travel and the regular Woolet?

The Woolet XL is explicitly made keeping travelers in mind. This wallet is larger than the regular Woolet wallet and can hold currencies of all International countries. Woolet XL even has a slot for carrying your passport!

  • What is a slim wallet?

A slim wallet is the latest fad in the wallet industry. They are made for accommodating all the contents of a wallet while staying as lean as possible. Slim wallets can fit in the smallest of pockets and will not bulge your pockets or crease your trousers. They are also exceptionally lightweight.

  • Will connecting my smart wallet to my phone via Bluetooth drain my phone battery?

Smart wallets may only drain a minute percent of your phone battery even on a full day usage. Smart wallets run on low energy Bluetooth, which are highly energy efficient.