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A Wallet Which Reminds You if You Forget It (Top 7 Best Smart Wallets to Buy in 2021)

The wallet has become our everyday essential, which holds cash and cards, making it the efficient accessory to store important information. Just assume that you lost the wallet one-day if it’s the only cash you kept, then never mind.

smart wallet

But what about your documents and credit cards? That’s where our smart wallet comes in, glorifying its entrance. Having a smart wallet with a tracker or systematic technology equipped with it would make your days more comfortable.

Let’s see what exactly is a smart wallet, and what unique features it has to offer?

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What is a Smart Wallet? Is It Helpful?

Smart wallets are the new advanced version of classic wallets equipped with electronics, which keeps you out of various dangers and scams. The smart wallet delivers a classy-looking aesthetic and is very functional as well.

smart wallet

A smart wallet may not be a gentleman’s essential for storing cash, credit cards, or any necessary paperwork. Still, in the modern era where theft is increasing, it’s becoming something that can improve your life.


Why Do You Need a Smart Wallet? Is There Any Necessity?

The smart wallet is like a modern wallet in a classic style that communicates with smartphones. Under the leather-bound color, there is an army of hand-crafted electronics that are tactfully concealed, making it one of the best wallets.

best wallets

1. You won’t ever lose your wallet again

The wallet has a location system connected to a convenient application on your smartphone. So if you leave your wallet in a cafe or at work immediately, you’ll receive a message on your phone telling you that you have left it behind.

2. You’ll always find it quickly

If you are the person who often puts your wallet in random places like under the pillow or a sock drawer, then a smart wallet can make your life easier by helping you find them under the hidden world.

3. In a smart wallet, your money is safe

Your money is extremely safe with the smart wallet because, unlike the standard wallet, your wallet can’t be scanned by a potential thief.

4. It’s big enough and adapts to your needs

Another appealing thing is you can choose a wallet that suits your needs and exactly the way you want it. It can fit in your pocket and anywhere you want it to be.

5. It is Stylish and Original

Smart wallets are made of high-quality materials and carefully redesigned in such away. It is available in colors, and if you want a wallet in vegan, you’ve got one.


What Are The Unique Features A Smart Wallet has? Is it Trackable?  

This is the era where we are all living in an increasingly cashless society were debit cards, credit cards, and others are starting to go digital as well.  

These attractive slim and lightweight leather wallets include the coolest features that can even snap a picture of any would-be thieves.

best wallets

1. Shows you its location

Any time you can’t seem to find your wallet, the smart feature like “Buzz my cashew” on the app can help you find the hidden wallet. Once you press the button, the wallet rings, and you can follow the sound to find the misplaced wallet.

2. GPS Technology

In case of theft, you can mark your wallet as lost on the app. Only once it’s found will you get a notification on the whereabouts of your best wallets.

3. Rechargeable Battery

Most of the smart wallets last up to 9 months without charging, and you can even recharge quickly can be done soon with the battery charger unit that comes along with the wallet.

4. Hold many documents and accessories

The interiors are made so that they can hold many cards, and it comes with the dedicated 6 to 7 slots for the cards alone.


Best Smart Wallets You Should Carry in 2021? For both Men and Women

Now let’s have a glimpse at some of the best smart wallets you have built-in Bluetooth, GPS, and RFID blocking technology.


1. Ekster Parliament 3.0

When you unbox the wallet, parliament 3.0 has an iconic design that comes along with the tracker. It’s a leather bifold wallet with some pockets for cards, and then you can notice a cool, mysterious button. 

best wallets

What’s it for? It’s basically for the card access mechanism. It also protects the wallet from outside threats using NFC blocking features.

The solar-powered battery gives 3 hours of charge that can last up to two to three full months. Also, you can take group selfies with your tracker.

2. Nomad Slim Wallet

The specialty of Nomad slim Wallet with tile is that it comes with a Bluetooth tracker to find your misplaced wallet with the touch of a button.

smart wallet

Did you know that the leather used in the wallet is American-made vegetable-tanned, which has its funkiness? It is designed in a way that it holds four card slots and two cash slots.

There is a hidden compartment that protects the tracker, which improves the odds of regaining your wallet if it’s stolen. This feature makes it one of the best traceable wallets.

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3. Volterman

One of the best features that you can find in Volterman is the built-in camera to catch thieves. Suppose if someone steals your wallet, the camera will click a picture and send it to your smartphone.


Hence, making it easier to get your wallet back and also to identify the culprit behind it. You can use this built-in powerful power bank to charge your phone too. Along with this, you get GPS,3G connectivity, and Wi-Fi.

What makes it even more incredible is it comes with cables if your phone does not support wireless charging, making it one of the best wallets.

4. Wocket

Wocket is a smart wallet of another level. There is no restriction on how many cards you can hold. Swipe and scan each of your cards, like voter IDs, insurance cards, and the wallet will store all the information.

Trackable wallets

The main merit is that it reduces the number of cards you might have to carry in normal wallets. It comes with a rechargeable battery that has an impressive six-month-long life.

The cool feature is that it electronically displays cards in online shopping, and the data is encrypted.

5. Woolet

Woolet is the smart wallet that connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Whenever you forget it and leave it behind, it automatically sends an alert to your phone to pick it back up.

best smart wallet

Built with a 150mAh rechargeable battery, a ringer for alerts, ARM cortex -M0 chip, and wireless charging pads still look slim even after stuffing it with cards. Also, the bigger wallet, which can even carry your passport, has six individual slots.

Integrated with a hidden pocket and an integrated mini pen, it never looks fat. When you buy this wallet, ensure that you download the companion app to alert you.

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6. Smart LB 

Packed with attractive features and suitable for modern life, LB smart Wallet removes your worry about keeping the money safe. 

best wallets

Each intricate piece of electronics that helps you communicate with smartphones is hidden inside the smart hand-crafted leather cover. 

Okay, maybe it looks like a typical traditional wallet but has unique features that an untrained eye can’t decipher. Those features are RFID blocking and a Bluetooth tracking system.

7. Kukoo

Kukoo is a smart trackable wallet with a Cowhide Bifold cardholder. The anti-theft wallet is available for women too. To access the features, you must download the “Bseek” app on the google play store.

smart wallet

You can use it to take photos by changing the settings to shutter mode. It has a spacious interior with two notebook slots, two cash compartments, and four card slots with one additional photo compartment.

This smart wallet can be an ideal gift for your husband, father, or brother.


What are all the things you can keep in a smart wallet? How much space does it have?

Smart wallets do have quite a spacious interior that can hold up to 10+ cards. In some wallets, you can hold coins, receipts, and some important notes too.

There is a separate cash compartment that can have a few dollars of bills. It is one of the slimmest wallets you can carry and has sufficient space.


Is it flexible to carry while traveling? Type of smart wallets available in the market?

Smart wallets are the slimmest trackable wallets that you can carry wherever you go. Even if you use all the slots provided in the wallet, it’ll never become uncomfortably fat.

This minimalistic wallet comes with bi-fold leather and RFID protection.


What Are The Benefits of Having a Smart Wallet?

Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of owning a smart wallet-

best smart wallet

  1. It keeps your personal information safe.
  2. It’s tamper-proof; hi-tech scammers cannot be able to access your data easily.
  3. Shields your cards from electronic skimming and blocks RFID signals.
  4. Has an effective Anti-Lost and Anti-Theft System.
  5. Extra-long battery life.

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What Are The Pros And Cons of Using The Smart Wallet? Is it Safe To Carry?

As the saying goes, time is always money; in simple terms, a smart wallet will save a lot of trouble by helping you save your time and effort if it gets lost. With the advent of “smart wallets,” there is no reason for you to worry about forgetting your wallet!

smart wallet

Take a look at some of the Pros and Cons that the best smart wallet can offer you


  1. Anti-lost and an anti-theft system.
  2. Option to take remote photography.
  3. It provides an extra-long battery life, even up to 6 months.
  4. Compatible with IOS and Android phones.
  5. It keeps your credit card safe with RFID technology blocking harmful signals.
  6. Possible to make instant payments.


  1. It can only buy it online
  2. It doesn’t cater to the entire population’s needs as it needs a separate app to operate.
  3. It cannot hold more cash.

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How Much Does it Cost? Is it Worth Buying? 

The price of the smart wallet starts from $30 – $200. Yes, it’s absolutely a worthy investment. Smart wallets are going to be the next big thing. So we must get ready to adopt the change by allaying our fears with a new mindset.


What do people think about Smart Wallet? | Reviews and Research on the basis of current internet trends.

Don’t you want to know what trackable wallets are changing the internet trends? The global market for the smart wallet is going to increase by 12% between 2017 to 2025. Take a look at what people are talking about on online platforms.

best wallets

smart wallet

best wallets

All in All

The smart wallet market is witnessing unprecedented expansion trends in recent years. Thanks to the ever-growing technological advancement and digitization trends faring across the electronic devices sector that has connected the world of digital information.

With smart wallets, you don’t need to worry about your wallet’s security and protection ever again. They are classy and stylish, and you will never use your old wallet also.


People also ask

1. How does a smart wallet work?

A smart wallet has a minimalistic design and is slimmer and stronger than regular wallets. If you have the habit of leaving your wallet behind in coffee shops, it immediately alerts you to pick it up.

2. What is RFID blocking?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Devices. Theft through RFID is rapidly increasing. Hence the smart wallets are built with RFID that the radio waves can not penetrate.

3. Which operating system does smart wallet support?

The smart wallets support both IOS and Android. You can enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and other Android phones.

4. Does the smart wallet drain your mobile battery when it’s connected?

No, it doesn’t drain your battery fully or excessively because smart wallets run on low energy Bluetooth, which are highly efficient.

5. Does tile work with an RFID wallet?

Yes, tiles work well with an RFID wallet, but if it’s put in a distant direction, the connection can be affected.


Have you already used a smart wallet? Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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