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Increase your Snapchat Score with these best Snapchat Hacks

Are you one of those people who have no idea of what a Snapchat score is, or nevertheless to improve it? Yeah, things have changed now, somehow we are all linked together in social media sites like Instagram or Facebook.

There are many innovative features in instant messaging applications, wherein this article you are going to learn about the Snapchat app and its secret hacks to increase your score’s momentum. 


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In the beginning, I wasn’t an ardent user of Snapchat, but the involvement and dedication my friends showed in taking a snap and posting online intrigued me. Now, let me answer your most obvious doubt about how does Snapchat score work and how to increase Snapchat score!


What is a Snapchat Score? How Does Snapchat Score Work?

Snapchat Score is the total number of snaps you have altogether sent or received. It increases when you get one point every time you send and another point if you receive a snap from someone else.

Do you want to see your Snapchat score?

Go to Snapchat→ click on your profile page→  Tap on the white ghost → Whatever score you have will be reflected near your username.


snapchat score hack


Checking the score seems easy, isn’t it? Snapchat regularly updates the score and displays the activity you did in the application. If someone has a high score then it means the eros is quite active on Snapchat by sending and receiving multiple snaps. 

If you don’t have a nice Snapchat score, then don’t worry it can be increased arbitrarily by a Snapchat score hack


So, how does Snapchat score work?

As I’ve said earlier, it depends on the number of times you send a snap as photos. You get a point for each equally. Also, keep in mind that merely viewing Snapchat stories don’t give a point, but even if you send the same snap to a group of people it is still one point. 

It’s a mystery how Snapchat score gets calculated, probably a special algorithm to suppress the spam behavior for those who want their Snapchat score increase. 


How Can You Get Your Snapchat Score Higher? Is there a Snapchat Hack Tool That Can Work Like a Snapchat score Booster?


You can get your Snapchat score increase crazily high by some clever plots. Would you like to see your score rise from zero to hero? Then follow the simple steps to achieve it.


1. Check your current Snapchat Score

You can easily check your current score with simple steps-

  • Open the Snapchat profile
  • Click on the icon located in the top-left corner.
  • Find the score below.

 If it’s very less, start following the steps for the Snapchat score booster below. 


2. Shutting Down for Snapchat Score Increase

It may sound stupid but shutting down and rebooting the app again makes you score in the long run. Why?  Team Snapchat will be so pleased that when you reboot it and start sending snaps, opening them they boost your rating! Send some snaps to the Snapchat team as well!  

snapchat score booster

3. Send Snaps Regularly

As I’ve said earlier, your snap score skyrockets by one point if you send a snap. So make it a part of your routine along with sleeping and eating by sending snaps to your friends if Snapchat score means that much to you!

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4. Open Snaps

I understand you don’t want to be bothered to open 50 snaps of your best friend daily. But ignoring them is looking for gems even though the filtered shots mean less to you. You lose a crucial one point for an unopened snap. But keep in mind that replying to the snaps doesn’t get you points.

how does snapchat score work

5. Sending Multiple Snaps at Once

After receiving one point for sending each snap, and often you get an additional point for sending multiple snaps. (like if you send 10 snaps you’ll get 11 points) All you need to do is navigate to the chats tab and then open the conversation, the snaps will be delivered by your click.

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6. Adding Snaps to your Story

Yes, viewing a story doesn’t get your Snapchat score increase but adding a story to your story traps you another point. Now how to add a snap to your story?

  • Tap “send” arrow from a completed snap
  • Now, tap the My Story circle located in the upper- left corner. 

snapchat score hack

How Does Snapchat Score Help you? What is the Use of Having a High Snapchat Score?

There are no clear benefits of having a high Snapchat score but you can unlock many trophies according to your Snapchat score increase. Usually, these trophies are given like a special achievement in the form of bad new emojis. 



On a societal level, I cannot say whether it’s positive or negative. Generally, it’s taken for granted that having a high Snapchat score means you’re not faking your role or identity or creating an account just to stalk your crush. 

At least you get “bragging rights” among your friends to showcase your new trophies!

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How Can You Hack Your Snapchat Score and Increase it?  Methods You Must Know.


snapchat score booster


Unfortunately, you’re tired and weary of sending and opening snaps, then to beat your friends’ score, lucky for you there are multiple Snapchat score booster and Snapchat score hack tool. 


1. Snapchat Plus Plus

The first step is to, remove your Snapchat from the phone. Download AppValley, go to your phone settings and choose to change the permission to allow from Unknown Sources. After downloading successfully, click on the tab which is in the centre. 

Now, it’s time to click on the Hacked Apps category → Snapchat Plus Plus.

After loading the Snapchat Plus Plus in your smartphone log into the Snapchat account. Here, you can create “Groups” and add a bunch of celebrities and Snapchat influencers in your group. 

The Magic of this Snapchat score hack tool is that you can start sending snaps to the group and it will be delivered to each person giving you one point for every snap. The original version will only give one point even if you send it to the group. 

2. Add New Friends

Making friends is always one of the benefits. Now, how about if I say that adding new friends gives you a snap. If you know someone, then as for their snap username after formalities of becoming friends. Almost everyone has Snapchat nowadays. 

snapchat score booster


3. Hit up Celebrities

There is a breaking point for your friends as well after you spam them with endless snaps. The plan B for Snapchat score booster is to follow celebrities and send them countless snaps because they won’t even open your snaps. 

snapchat hack tool
That’s the best Snapchat score hack you find besides looking for third party hack tools. 

Is it Safe to Hack? What Will Happen if Snapchat Finds Out?

Honestly, there is no trick or third party Snapchat score hack tool on the internet to fool the strong Snapchat algorithm. There is no use of using any Snapchat score booster to generate 10,000 or so in one day.

Simply, the Snapchat algorithm cannot be hacked, the hack tool might take you to a spiral of answering surveys and then “BAM,” you’ll end up with multiple spams in your inbox. 


What do People Think About This? According to Internet Research and People’s Review.

Do you want to know what people think about Snapchat score booster and Snapchat score hack tool, then let’s see some of the popular opinions and reviews of the people online.

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snapchat score booster

The Bottom Line

Snapchat Score increase is not that hard if you know some tricks, as you see, it’s super easy. Although you could use AppValley, the Snapchat score hack tool, I recommend going for the original way – using Snapchat more. 

Just stay active enough, and it will pay off. If possible, continue in posting awesome content where you can reach the influencer status. Once you have enough snaps, start partnering with brands and advertise their products and services to earn more money.


1. Does sending snaps to yourself increase your score?

Sending yourself snaps does have its advantage because you can score points without annoying friends with multiple snaps and unnecessary shots. But opening your own snaps scores nothing.

2. Does someone know if you check their Snapchat score?

No, a person can only know if you check someone’s stories or take a screenshot.

3. Can Snapchat score increase or go up on its own?

No, the Snapchat score doesn’t boost on its own, you have to send and receive snaps to increase the score. Although, registering for Snapchat and sending your first snap to get you 6 points.

4. Who has the highest snap score in 2020?

Now, the highest Snapchat score is bagged by @sillyblackguy, who has 6 million. He gets 17,000 to 30,000 points per day.

5. How do you tell if someone is ignoring you on Snapchat?

It’s simple if you see a Snapchat score under the name, it means the person is following you. If you can’t see anything next to the username then the person is not following you.


Do let us know if you have found this article helpful in the comment section below!

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