Most people mind the bitty little buggers called Mosquitoes all of which they do is spread diseases and suck blood. Well then why don’t we just Kill all the Mosquitoes? Well as it turns out we have a lot of our top minds analyzing these bloodsuckers and identify so much that they have stated that we can’t just kill the whole species of mosquitoes. Apart from the ecological effect on the average ecosystem the methods of pulling it off may have huge impacts on the long run too.

Despite all the death and despair caused by these mosquitoes it turns out only a small amount of them even effect humans, a huge portion of them are not even in contact with most humans but the ones that are very close are causing havoc and widespread casualties as problems that we have to deal with on a regular basis. To our sad answers that we can’t wipe them all up we still have simple methods of preventing them from reproducing and even repelling them away which seems to do most of the trick. Given how most diseases are evolving and new strands of these are becoming more common in Third World Countries we may need a permanent solution before they actually wipe off a significant portion of our population.

Yellow Fever MosquitoSo how to prevent mosquito bites?

while the leading researchers are trying to work out the kinks and identifying the ones that we have to deal with right now most of the worlds population are still gonna come in contact with them. So for the time the best thing to do is follow simple instructions of preventing them from biting you:

  1. Stranding water is the breeding grounds for most of them. You might just wanna throw them out or change the ones that you need regularly. Also consider covering up the water storage to prevent them from contaminating your water supply. 
  2. Simply closing the windows and doors of your house during the evening might be the best thing you can do to prevent them from entering your premise and causing harm.
  3. Covering up you body parts by wearing clothing with longer sleeves and full trousers can provide protection while going out.
  4. Using repellent easily available in the market might be the simplest of solutions that you can use which are available as cream for your skin or even simple spray cans.
  5. If you are widespread by concerns it may be time to bring in the big guns and calling a pest control worker to inspect and take care of your problem.(You can administer pesticides on your own discretion but it is not advised)

Here’s a small informative video explaining things in a bit more depth in a really small amount of time how should we kill off by seeing this you will get Solution for our Mosquito problem and you will learn how to get prevent mosquito bites.

Courtesy: Buisness Insider Science Youtube Channel